Highlights and goals: Pachuca 2-0 Pumas, 2019 Liga MX 2019
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End game
Pachuca 2-0 Pumas
Murillo's head that sends Saldívar to shot of corner
De la Rosa's shot that manages to deflect the defensive.
Dávila leaves and Chávez enters in another change of Martín Palermo
Gonzalez's auctions that go out deviated
Iturbe deviated shot going sideways
Change Pachuca

Calsavilla in and out Ibarra

Change of Pumas

Mora leaves and Barragán enters

Change of Pachuca

Barreiro leaves and Cabral enters

Near Pachuca. De la Rosa auction that saves the goalkeeper
Change of Pumas.

Mendoza left and Iturbe entered

Goooooooooooal of Pachuca

De la Rosa's finish after Sambueza's pass to double the advantage

Ibarra takes out the auction that goes up. The Tuzos follow closely
Carlos Gonzalez is lying on the playing field
Guzmán cross shot passing close by
Definition of erroneous Ibarra, although there was already out of place
Starts the second half
Change Pumas

Enter Angulo, exit Jáquez

Half time
Pachuca 1-0 Pumas
One more minute is added
Goal of Pachuca 1-0
Mora's head that goes over the crossbar
Brief conato of bronca that does not pass to major
Gooooooooooal of Pachuca

Grave error of the defensive that takes advantage of De la Rosa to send it to the bottom of the nets

Aguirre's mid-range shot going up.
Tuzos clear shot saves Saldívar with his foot
Rey passes in the middle and Gonzalez nods again, but Pachuca's defense rejects
De la Rosa's shot that goes off course, even though it was out of place.
Center of Rubens that arrives easily to Saldívar
Shooting of Mozo who tackles Rey with some problems
Alan Mendoza's shot that goes way up.
Poisonous center of Guzmán rejecting the defensive in the big area
Dávila's shot that is touched by the defensive and arrives without problems to the goalkeeper of Pumas
Loose center of Guzmán that arrives easy to Saldívar
Carlos Gonzalez is lying on the field after a strong clash
The match begins
At the moment the protocol of the MX League is being developed
Monterrey beat Atlas and with it both Pachuca and Pumas have been left out, however, do not miss the game LIVE because both teams will seek a dignified farewell to the tournament.
The man to be followed by the Pumas is Felipe Mora

This is how Pumas warm up before their match against Pachuca

Since Matchday 1 Pumas fails to win as a visitor, on that occasion defeated San Luis
So came the Pumas to this stadium to face the last game of the season
XI Pumas
Saldívar; Mendoza, Quintana, Jaquez, Mozo; Malcorra, Vigón, Iniestra, Mendoza; González, Mora
XI Pachuca
Rey; López, Barreiro, Murillo, Aguirre; Sambueza, Hernández, Ibarra, Guzmán, Dávila; De la Rosa.
Several rumors have emerged in recent days indicating that Franco Jara may be next reinforcement of Pumas, although the player denied it
Pachuca comes from equal in his last game 0-0 against Tigres
Pumas let go of their qualification last matchday by drawing at home 1-1 against Juarez
In the morning at U20, Pumas beat Pachuca 2-1.

At half-time, Monterrey defeats Atlas 2-0, a result that would leave these two teams out.
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Latest games
The balance of the last five games in the "Bella Airosa" has been even with three wins for the Tuzos and two for the capital.
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Key player Pumas
Alan Mozo has given depth on the sides of the university and has been called to junior teams in recent months
Key player Pachuca
Despite the campaign of the Tuzos, Jara has been one of the "best" by scoring eight goals this championship.
Last lineup of Pumas
Saldívar; Mozo, Jáquez, Quintana, Mendoza; B Mendoza, Iniestra, Escamilla, Malcorra; Mora, González.
Last lineup of Pachuca
Rey; Aguirre, Murillo, Barreiro, López; Guzmán, Sambueza, Hernández, Ibarra; Dávila, Jara.
Pumas: leave with honour
Should Pumas no longer be able to advance, Michel's charges will be forced to bid Apertura 2019 farewell with victory.

Pachuca: Close decently
The Tuzos have suffered two consecutive defeats at home and will seek to give a joy to their fans


Both teams have a chance to qualify, but they depend heavily on Monterrey not beating Atlas and Tijuana not defeating León.
Kick-off time
The León vs Toluca match will be played at the stadium Hidalgo, in Pachuca, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 pm ET.


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