Goals and Highlights: Toluca 2-2 Santos Laguna, 2019 Liga MX


Finish the match! The match ends in a draw, with Toluca eliminated and Santos as overall leader of the competition.
Whew! Excellent play by Santos that ends up serving the ball to Vazquez who sends his shot to the stands.
Ball filtered for Games, but the player fails to reach and misses the opportunity
Shot by Richard Ruiz who Acevedo controls
Last change from Toluca. William Da Silva leaves with a standing ova and enters Chalá
Unbelievable! Aguirre is only in front of Talavera, but he sends the spherical to the side.
Very good arrival of Canelo, but Abella attentive avoids its arrival
Excellent center of Lozano that the forward does not take advantage and misses a good opportunity
Change of premises. Sale Gigliotti and Adrian Mora takes his place
Last change of visitors. Enter Bryan Garnica instead of Valdés
Lozano's flash that Talavera dominates without problems
Second change of Santos. Eduardo Aguirre enters for Castillo
Ríos shoots from a long distance, but the ball goes over the opponent's goal.
Change of saints. Ulises Rivas leaves for Vázquez
Change of Toluca. Oswaldo León leaves by Luis Hernández


Jonathan Maidana is sent off for double yellow and Toluca is left with 10
Start the complementary part, the match remains tied!
First half ends in Toluca, a very busy duel in Nemesio Diez
Good late service, but Ruiz appears and avoids danger in the Scarlet goal
Santos' goal! After service, the ball is loose in the area and Games takes advantage and draws the match
Toluca's goal! William Da Silva wins the ball after an arrival of Santos leaving only Acevedo, who leaves and does nothing to avoid the second.
Toluca keep up the pressure in the visitors' area, but Santos, standing well behind, avoids the second goal.
Very good arrival of Canelo that delays the ball, but the service reaches the defense that avoids the danger.
Richard Ruiz arrived with danger but the defense is crossed and the ball arrives quietly at the hands of Acevedo.
Toluca's goal! Gigliotti appears inside the area and with a close header defeats Acevedo.
Santos' goal! Diego Valdes gets a shot from the edge of the big area and Talavera can't do anything for that ball.
Strong foul in favor of Santos in the boundaries of the area by Maidana
Start the meeting in Toluca!
In the Nemesio there is a minute of silence before the beginning for the death of Jorge Vergara.
The teams are already jumping to the court for startup protocol!
Santos LineUp |
Acevedo; Abella, Torres, Arteaga, Díaz; Valdés, Rivas, Lozano, Games; Castillo, Rivero
Toluca LineUp |
Talavera; Maidana, Ruíz, Sauro, Salinas; Da Silva, Rigonato, Ríos; Gigliotti, Canelo, León
Santos also prepares to face the penultimate match of Matchday 19
Toluca already warms up before the match
The Torreon and also arrived at the stadium for their last meeting of the regular phase
Everything is ready in the field of Nemesio Diez for the last duel of the year of the Diablos Rojos
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Santos Last LineUp |
Orozco; Doria, Rodríguez, Orrantía, Arteaga; Castillo, Gorriarán, Rivas, Lozano; Valdés, Furch.
Toluca Last LineUp |
Talavera; Ruíz, Sauro, Mora, Chala; Pardo, Maidana, Da Silva, Rigonato; Hernández, Canelo.
La cuarteta arbitral
El árbitro central de este Santos vs Puebla será Fernando Hernández; Alberto Morín, primer línea; Karen Díaz, segundo línea; Mario Vargas, cuarto asistente.
Santos looking to make it to Liguilla
The Torreon come to this duel as general leaders, a situation that will not change, so its sole objective will be to achieve a good encounter and thus arrive in good spirits to the final phase.
Toluca seeks to close with dignity
The 'Diablos Rojos' will seek to close this tournament so irregular they have had with a victory, this after the dismissal of Ricardo Antonio Lavolpe of the Scarlet technical direction
Kick-off time
The Toluca vs Santos match will be played at the Nemesio Diez Stadium, in Toluca, Estado de México. The kick-off is scheduled at 12:00pm ET.

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