Goals and Highlights: Necaxa 3-0 Queretaro in Liguilla Liga MX 2019
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Finish the game. Necaxa has a great advantage over Queretaro in the first leg of the quarterfinals.
90' Necaxa Goal
Eduardo Herrera's head finish to Salas pass.
Add 5 minutes.
Change of Necaxa, the last one. Enter Maximiliano Salas, Jesus Angulo leaves.
Hugo Gonzalez was injured, but he's returning.
Change of Necaxa. Eduardo Herrera enters, Mauro Quiroga leaves.
Little fight between the teams. Jesús Escoboza and Cristian Calderón are yellow carded. 
82' Necaxa Goal
Goal of Felipe Gallegos. Collects free kick and puts it in the angle.
Yellow card for Claudio Baeza for complaints to the referee.
Gil Alcalá's great save that took the second goal from Cristian Calderón.
Mauro Quiroga's head cap that goes along one side.
Last change from Querétaro. Jair Pereira leaves, Enrique López enters.
First change of Necaxa. Juan Delgado leaves, Kevin Mercado enters.
Fabián Castillo's shot that has no goal direction.
Yellow card for Luis Gallegos. Free throw for Cocks.
Hugo Gonzalez rejects a dangerous Arellano center.
Changes in Querétaro. Fabián Castillo and Omar Arellano enter, Ayron Del Valle and Enrique Triverio leave.
The goal was checked in the VAR and was considered good.
51' Necaxa Goal
It rebounds Alcalá and is pushed by Cristian Calderón.
Start the second half.
The first half ends.
They were asking for a penalty against Gallos Blancos, but nothing is marked.
Double header that ends Juan Delgado over the arch of Queretaro.
Hugo Gonzalez's great shortcut! Aké Loba overflowed on the right flank, sent back diagonal that Clifford Aboagye finished off and the Necaxa goalkeeper blocked.
Yellow card for Fernando Meza del Necaxa.
Necaxa fans celebrate Mauro Quiroga's scoring championship with striker masks.
Escoboza fires from outside the area and goes to the side.
Try Jordan Sierra from outside the area and the attempt goes above the goal.
The intensity of the match it started with has decreased.
New head finish by Mauro Quiroga that goes over the frame.
Danger-free shot for Necaxa, glued to the right side.
Ricardo Chávez's center shot that stops Alcalá.
Incredible Ayron Del Valle fault. Corral took a free-kick and the South American headed alone into the area above the frame.
Mauro Quiroga's head finish that stops Gil Alcalá.
Start the match.
This is what the Victoria Stadium entrance looks like just minutes before the start of the match.

Querétaro lineup
G. Alcalá; J. Escoboza, J. Pereira, L. Romo, G. Corral; J. Sierra, J. Lucumí, C. Aboagye; A. Del Valle, A. Loba, E. Triverio. 

Necaxa lineup
H. González; C. Calderón, A. Peña, R. Noyá, F. Meza; F. Gallegos, C. Baeza, R. Chávez, J. Angulo; J. Delgado, M. Quiroga. 

Ready lineups for this game
The Necaxa's mascota is outside Victoria Stadium. 

Hugo Gonzalez de Necaxa and Gil Alcala de Queretaro are expected to meet in a great goalkeeper duel. The Gallos Blancos were among the best defenders and the Rayos were among the best offensives.

Mauro Quiroga's figure has made a big impact on Necaxa's fans. Through the streets of Aguascalientes travels the 'QuirogaMovil' that has a giant figure of the goleo champion.

The Necaxa Rays have arrived at your home. This will be the second consecutive league that qualify under the command of Memo Vazquez. A Necaxa coach had not achieved this since 2001 when they were led by Raul Arias.

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Querétaro Key Player
Alonso Escoboza, midfielder from Querétaro. A great season is signing the Mexican midfielder on his return to the Primera Division. Being polyvalent in the field between the lateral and the winger is a valuable weapon for Victor Manuel Vucetich. It should be unbalanced on the right, where Necaxa is very solid on the opposite flank.
Photo: MSN
Photo: MSN
Necaxa Key player
Kevin Mercado, Necaxa midfielder. A great closing of the tournament has had the South American player who has won the title thanks to his explosive speed. He took over the left flank and is the perfect complement for Cristian Calderon. Key will be the crosses he can send looking for the scoring champion: Mauro Quiroga.
Photo: Gerardo Cano / VAVEL
Photo: Gerardo Cano / VAVEL
Gallos closes with a comeback at home
It seemed that Queretaro would have the same fate as their rival Necaxa in Matchday 19, they gave a great demonstration in the second half against Morelia. They overcame a minimal deficit to beat Monarcas (1-3), in a great performance by Ivorian Aké Loba who came in on change and scored two goals.
Photo: Sopitas
Photo: Sopitas
Disastrous end of season for the Rayos
When Necaxa had the opportunity to secure second place overall against Puebla at the Estadio Cuauhtémoc. A surprise 3-0 defeat to Puebla showed several problems for Memo Vazquez's team. Tabó's double and Cavallini's one more decreed the goal for the Rayos.
Photo: Cancha
Photo: Cancha
Referees Quartet
The central referee will be Diego Motaño. His assistants are Andrés Hernández and José Martínez. Meanwhile, Eduardo Galván will be the fourth referee.
Queretaro last lineup
G. Alcalá; J. Gómez, J. Pereira, L. Romo, J. Escoboza; J. Sierra, C. Aboagye, J. Lucumí, M. Ruíz; E. Triverio, A. Del Valle.


Necaxa last lineup
H. González; F. Meza, V. Alvarado, R. Noyá, C. Calderón; C. Baeza, F. Gallegos, J. Angulo, K. Mercado; M. Salas, M. Quiroga.
Querétaro, illusion and good football combined
Very few could have bet that Queretaro would get into the fight for the title because of the squad they have. But with an extraordinary work of Víctor Manuel Vucetich as technical director has taken them to their best tournament in points. They will try to be the black horse of the tournament and dream of their first championship.
Photo: Publimetro
Photo: Publimetro
Necaxa, to resolve doubts
Necaxa's team arrives with many questions to this group stage because of the rumors that involve the team with the imminent departure of coach Guillermo Vazquez and a couple of players. It is necessary to overcome all this, to be able to compete of good form and that the team of Aguascalientes is competitive against Querétaro.
Photo: Marca
Photo: Marca
In what is perceived as the most even match of the Liguilla Quarters between fourth place (Queretaro) and fifth place (Necaxa). Both teams were the big surprises in this Apertura 2019 and one of them, will have a great opportunity to reach the semi-finals. The first step will be in Aguascalientes.
Photo: AS México
Photo: AS México
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