Goals and Highlights: Monterrey 2-2 Santos Laguna, 2019 Liguilla  MX
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Change of Monterrey. Janssen leaves for Zaldívar
Change of Santos. Vázquez enters for Gorriarán
Good one, Gallardo! Furch arrived with danger and the Mexican appeared to deflect that ball.
Second change from Monterrey. Vangioni leaves the court and Gonzalez takes his place
Rayados' Goal! Pabón defines in an excellent way and from outside the area he scores the double.
Change of Monterrey. José María Basanta enters for Maxi Meza
Change of Santos. Adrián Lozano enters for Brian Lozano
Good crossing of Orrantia that diverts the spherical one that was to nothing to enter nal arc of Orozco
The ball comes as a surprise to Valdes, who is encouraged to shoot from half distance but his shot goes to the side.
Gallardo returns to center, but Rodriguez crosses and prevents the people of Monterrey get to the ball
Monterrey goal! Janssen scores the fourth of the night for the locals from the eleven steps
Penalty! Rivas fouls Cesar Montes inside the area and the whistle does not hesitate to signal the maximum penalty
Gallardo's shot that Orozco attacks but the ball stays in the area and Janssen counterremata but goes for a side and then points out of place.
Monterrey goal! Pabón reaches the finish line and sends the center, which Arteaga ends up sending to the bottom of its own door.
Furch is encouraged to shoot and Barovero excellent back is left with that ball without problems
Dorlan Pabón and Lozano leave after being reprimanded for words
What's going on? What's going on? Players on both sides are made of words after an alleged foul that was not marked.
Wow! near Scratched to get ahead on the scoreboard, with Pabón's center reaching Gallardo, but when it comes to finishing the ball goes over the goal.
Start the complementary part with the score tied at two goals
45+3'| Half time!
Ends the first half with a goal fair at BBVA, prior to the end of the first half Santos tied the match
Santos' goal! Castillo appears to take advantage of Furch's service and tie the match with a header.
Medina atento prevents Furch's pass from reaching its addressee
Close! Pabón cheers up again by sending a left-footed shot from outside the area and the ball is slightly deflected.
Everything's canceled! The play was not reviewed and Antonio Mohamed is reprimanded for urging people to encourage the team.
VAR! A possible pro-Monterrey hand will be reviewed
Janssen cheers up with a strong shot from outside the area, but the ball goes into the stands.
B-a-r-o-v-e-r-o! Castillo finishes off inside the area and the archer appears, then the visitors appear again but the attentive archer stops again.
Stephan Medina's good reaction prevents Castillo from arriving in danger
Nico Sanchez! The Argentinian rises inside the area and finishes off alone, but the ball goes sideways.
Gallardo is crossed in a timely manner and avoids gunfire by visitors.
Near Furch! The striker turned around inside the home area, but failed to give direction to the ball.
Santos' goal! Furch controlled and came easily to Barovero's area to define, leaving Barovero with no chance.
That was the second goal of the locals, who go about everything in this encounter!
Overruled! Carlos Rodriguez's third goal doesn't count for a hand
VAR! The referee reviews the play of the third goal by a possible hand
12'| Monterrey goal!
Rayados goes with everything! Janssen catches the away defence badly and gives the ball to Carlos Rodriguez who sends the ball to the back.
Uff! Barovero intervenes perfectly and prevents Castillo from firing.
Rayados' Goal! Nico Sanchez finishes inside the area and broadens the advantage for the locals
Monterrey goal! Pabón receives the ball outside the area after a corner shot and from there takes advantage sending a fire and Orozco can not get the ball out.
Scratches let go first! Janssen serves the ball to Meza, who squanders after a bale of Orozco
Santos and Rayados league kicks off in Monterrey
The opening ceremony starts at the BBVA Stadium!
There was a change in the lineup of Monterrey, left the starting eleven Rodolfo Pizarro for a slight discomfort and takes his place Maxi Meza
The visiting goalkeeper prepares for the clash between Monterrey and Santos, will he receive goals tonight?
We are less than 15 minutes away from the kickoff. Are you ready for this battle?


Santos Bench players:
Acevedo, Abella, Torres, Vázquez, Lozano, Aguirre, Rivero
Rayados Bench players:
Cárdenas, Gutiérrez, Basanta, Jonathan González, Maxi Meza, Zaldívar; Alvarado
Visiting fans already present in Monterrey to support Santos
Santos LineUp |
Orozco; Arteaga, Rodríguez, Dória; Orrantía, Valdés, Gorriarán, Lozano, Rivas; Furch, Castillo
Monterrey LineUp |
Barovero; Montes, Sánchez, Vangioni, Gallardo, Medina; Ortíz, Rodríguez; Pabón, Janssen, Pizarro.


This is what the field looks like in Monterrey for this match, of which the fans of both teams have many expectations.
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The Warriors have already made an appearance at BBVA for today's meeting
The dressing room of the Rayados is already ready prior to the duel of the quarterfinals of Ida
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Santos Last LineUp |
Vargas; Nervo, Govea, Angulo, Zaldívar, Martínez, Cardona, Cuero, Reyes, Isijara, Barceló
Monterrey Last Lineup
Barovero; Montes, Sánchez, Gallardo ,Layún, Medina, Celso Ortíz, Rodríguez; Funes Mori, Dorlan Pabón, Pizarro
The northerners to impose
On the other hand Tigres will begin its way with the strong fall of Nahuél, where the directed by the 'Tuca' Ferretti will have the opportunity to take advantage in the quarter-finals of first leg.
Scratched to the load
Monterrey entered the 'Fiesta Grande' agonically, so he will look for a surprise and along with his team will leave with everything looking for a hypothetical end.
Kick-off Time
The match will be played at the Victoria stadium, in city, country. The kick-off is scheduled at 09:00pm ET.
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