Goals and Highlights: Queretaro 2-3 Necaxa, 2019 Liguilla Liga MX
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Finish the game. Necaxa comes from behind and defeats Queretaro 2-3 in the second leg of the quarterfinals. The overall finish 6-2 in favor of Necaxa over Gallos Blancos.
Change of Necaxa. Jesus Angulo leaves, Eduardo Herrera enters.
90' Necaxa Goal
Shot from outside the Maxi Salas area, Necaxa turned it around.
Jordi Cortizo's shot that diverts Hugo González.
Change of Necaxa. Luis Gallegos leaves, Maximiliano Salas enters.
86' Necaxa Goal
Jesús Angulo assists Luis Gallegos who puts the ball unreachable for Gil Alcalá.
78' Necaxa Goal
Cristian Calderón's head-strike in a corner kick.
Angulo's hand to hand with Alcalá who sends the Querétaro's goalkeeper to corner shot.
Jesús Escoboza's free kick that goes above the goal.
Cristian Calderón's shot that goes by a side of the goal of Alcalá.
Kevin Mercado's center shot that goes sideways.
Change of Querétaro. Jordi Cortizo enters, Marcel Ruíz leaves.
Change of Necaxa. Kevin Mercado enters, Juan Delgado exits.
Marcel Ruíz's auction that goes off course.
Change of Querétaro. Fabián Castillo enters, Ayron del Valle exits.
Auction inside the Jesús Angulo area that goes to the crossbar. The rebound is left to Mauro Quiroga and goes above the goal.
Post. Luis Gallegos fired from outside the area.
Gil Alcalá's great save that avoids Juan Delgado's goal.
Jesus Escoboza's cross shot that passes only centimeters from Hugo Gonzalez's goal.
Great reflexes of Gil Alcalá that avoids Enrique López's autogol.
Yellow card for Ayron del Valle for a foul on Calderón.
Start the second half.
Change of Querétaro. Enter Omar Arellano, exit Clifford Aboagye.
The first half ends. Querétaro beat Necaxa 2-0, but the Rayos are still at the top of the overall score (2-3).
Yellow card for Clifford Aboagye for cutting a counter-attack.
The referee reviews Luis Romo's foul in the VAR and decides to show him a red card.
Yellow card for Luis Romo.
Add two minutes.
Ricardo Chávez slams his head just above Gil Alcalá's goal.
Finish inside Jeison Lucumí's area, which is very far from the goal.
Jesus Angulo falls inside the area, but the referee does not mark a penalty.
Video Goal | QRO 2-0 NEC
Jeison Lucumí brought Gallos Blancos closer to the overall score, with the second goal of the night.
Yellow card for Juan Delgado for lack of Jesus Escoboza.
Video Goal | QRO 1-0 NEC
Marcel Ruiz opened the scoring with this header.
Luis Gallegos is yellow carded for a foul on Marcel Ruiz.
Jesús Escoboza's volleyball auction that Hugo González pulls out with his foot.
Filtered pass to Ayron del Valle, but Hugo Gonzalez anticipates to cut the ball.
16' Queretaro goal
Center of Escoboza that is diverted by Peña and leaves only Lucumí that pushes headlong.
Cristian Calderón's foul that goes without goal direction.
Luis Romo's shot from outside the area, Hugo Gonzalez taking a corner kick.
4' Queretaro Goal
Center of Ayron del Valle and finishes off from head to second post Marcel Ruiz.
Querétaro asked for a penalty for a foul against Ayron del Valle, but nothing is marked.
Start the game.
Querétaro and Necaxa are already on the court with the protocol ceremony.
Queretaro Necaxa: LIVE
Necaxa lineup
H. González; F. Meza, R. Noyá, A. Peña, C. Calderón; C. Baeza, F. Gallegos, J. Angulo, R. Chávez; J. Delgado, M. Quiroga 

Querétaro lineup
G. Alcalá; J. Gómez, E. López, L. Romo, J. Escoboza; J. Sierra, C. Aboagye, M. Ruiz, J. Lucumí; A. Del Valle, A. Loba.

Little by little Queretaro's fans are arriving at the Corregidora Stadium for the quarter-final return game.

Stadistics of the defensive wings: Jimmy Gomez (Queretaro) and Ricardo Chavez (Necaxa).

The dressing room of Gallos Blancos adorned to give encouragement to the soccer players. 

This is how the Rayos arrived at Corregidora Stadium.

Necaxa left his hotel with the support of his fans. 

With the result of the first leg favorable for Necaxa (3-0), Querétaro needs to score at least three goals to qualify.

Great postcard gives the Corregidora Stadium that will host the match between Queretaro and Necaxa.

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Necaxa Key player
Hugo González, Necaxa goalkeeper. A great season has had the Mexican team, keeping the zero in eight games of the season. This Saturday his saves and security must be key, as it will live a major siege by the disadvantage that has the rival.
Photo: VAVEL
Photo: VAVEL
Queretaro Key Player
Ayron del Valle, forward of Querétaro. Goals are what the team of Gallos Blancos needs, so the responsibility falls on the Colombian. He only scored two in the regular tournament, but it must be his great awakening on Saturday night to contribute to the goal quota and dream of qualification.
Photo: VAVEL
Photo: VAVEL
Necaxa last lineup
H. González; C. Calderón, A. Peña, R. Noyá, F. Meza; C. Baeza, F. Gallegos, J. Angulo, R. Chávez; J. Delgado, M. Quiroga
Queretaro last lineup
G. Alcalá; G. Corral, L. Romo, J. Pereira, J. Escoboza; J. Sierra, J. Lucumí, C. Aboagye; A. Loba, A. Del Valle, E. Triverio. 
Fernando Hernandez will be the central referee. José López and Jimmy Acosta will serve as assistants. Jorge Perez will be the fourth referee.
Photo: VAVEL
Photo: VAVEL
Necaxa, without overconfidence
The advantage so wide that the 'Hydrorayas' took in the first leg should not be synonymous with excess advantage. Necaxa must go for the away goal, to sentence the series and not predict the ticket to the semifinals.
Photo: VAVEL
Photo: VAVEL
Querétaro, by a miracle
One disappointment ended up being the first leg of the White Roosters. Without deserving it, they ended up losing (3-0) to Necaxa in the first leg. In addition to the adverse scoreboard have the disadvantage that did not score a visiting goal. They will have to appeal to a perfect game to reach their second semi-final in history.
Photo: VAVEL
Photo: VAVEL
The return of the quarter-finals will take place at the Corregidora Stadium. Queretaro will be looking for a 3-0 win over Necaxa to achieve the miracle of the semi-finals.
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