Goals and Highlights: Rayadas 1-0 Tigres, 2019 Final Liga MX Femenil
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End game
Rayadas 1-0 Tigres
Elizondo's head cap that passes slightly deviated, Cerca Tigres
Six more minutes are added
Mercado's closed collection that rejects the defensive
Change of Tigres. Gómez Junco enters and leaves Martínez
Tigres owns the match, but still can't find the equaliser
Rangel comes out and Solis comes in. Change of Tigers
Ovalle's shot to the first post that saves the regiomontana goalkeeper.
Head of Monsiváis to the hands of Solís
Lopez comes in and goes Evangelista. Change of Rayadas
Strong shock in which Rebeca Bernal is lying on the field
Elizondo comes in and Cortés is gone. Change of Tigers
Bernal's direct free kick into the hands of the goalkeeper.

Monterrey change. Garza leaves and Aguas enters

Cortés medium distance shot going up
Nancy Antonio's service that covers Lozoya again
Advance position, but in front of a great save by Lozoya
Ovalle cross shot and Lozoya's great shortcut
Starts the second half
Gol Rayadas 1-0
Half time
Rayadas 1-0 Tigres
Atajadón de Lozoya after Cruz's shot at point-blank range
Monsiváis medium-distance shot passing near the arch
Distant shot of Rayadas that does not frighten Solis
Goooooooooooooal of Rayadas

Garza steals the ball and Evangelista defines the cross for the 1-0

Scratched Goal for Desiree that is out of place
Out of place Tigers, which continues with the domain
Nancy Antonio's center shot that passes through the entire area
Very deviant shot by Lizbeth Ovalle
Great Belen Cruz fault in the area that manages to save Lozoya
Tigers already dominates the game, but fails to disturb the frame of Lozoya with some clear choice
Monsiváis' counter-attack culminating in a very deflected shot
Collection of closed corner shot that Lozoya manages to deflect
First of danger with the head of Monsiváis that remains high and the ball arrives with facility to the goalkeeper
First minutes of inaccuracy, disputed with force and very ríspido
Start the final
The Mexican national anthem is sung right now
Now yes, both teams jump on the field of play in the protocol of the MX Women's League
We're minutes away from the start of the game. A good start for BBVA
In the 2019 Clausura, Tigres defeated Rayadas 3-2 in the overall score to win its second championship.
Both Rayadas and Tigres are in the top 4 in best offensives and best defensives.
It should be remembered that Desiree Monsiváis became the scoring champion after scoring 17 goals.
Monterrey has only lost twice in the championship, curiously one of their defeats was in the regular season when they lost against Tigres 3-2.
XI Tigres
Solís; Espinoza, Luna, Cortés, Antonio; Mercado, Rangel, Ovalle, Ferral; Martínez, Cruz.
XI Rayadas
Lozoya; Bernal. Mejía, Rajunov, Cadena, Hernández; Garza, Valdez, Evangelista, Monsiváis; Solís.
In case you missed it, this was Tigers' arrival at the stadium.
This is the place where Monterrey will try to be champion for the first time

Tigres scored in the second leg of the semifinals to Pachuca to access this instance
Monterrey comes from eliminating America after beating them 4-3 on the global scoreboard
The last two finals between the two if played in the "Steel Giant" with victory for the felines in the two games
This is how the Rayadas arrived at BBVA Stadium
In the first leg they drew 1-1, remembering that there is no longer a visitor's goal or position in the overall table.
Rayadas and Tigres were positions one and two, respectively.
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Latest games
In the first leg, Tigres and Rayadas tied for a goal with goals from Cruz and Mejía.

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Key player Tigres
Belem Cruz not only contributes with goals, but also adds to the attack for the development of the plays
Key player Rayadas
Desiree Monsiváis was the scorer of the season and will be the main weapon to get the first title
Where and how to watch Rayadas vs Tigres online and live
The match will be broadcast on Fox Sports.

Rayadas vs Tigres can be tuned from Fox Sports App's live streams. If you want to watch the game live on the internet, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

Last lineup of Tigres
Solís; Espinoza, Luna, Cortés, Antonio; Mercado, Rangel, Ovalle, Martínez, Cruz.
Last lineup of Rayadas
Lozoya; Bernal, Mejía, Rajunov, Cadena; Hernández, Garza, Valdez, Evangelista, Monsiváis, Solis.
The Arbitration Quartet
The central whistle of this Rayadas vs Tigres will be Karen Hernandez Andrade; Mayra Alejandra Mora, first row; Jessica Fernanda Morales Morales, second row; Diana Sthepania Perez Borja, fourth assistant.
Tigres: repeating history
The felines will look for his bicampeonato and the third title of the League Female MX before Rayadas
Rayadas: getting rid of malaria
Third round final they will play in their stadium, but this time they hope to beat their arch-rivals.
Kick-off time
The Rayadas vs Tigres match will be played at the stadium BBVA, in Nuevo León, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 06:00 pm ET.
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