Goals and Highlights: Monterrey 3-2 Al Sadd, 2019 Club World Cup
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Full Time | Monterrey 3-2 Al Sadd

Rayados goes on to face Liverpool in the Club World Cup semifinal.
2:21 PMa year ago


Gallardo with a shot looking for the far post, but the keeper denis him!
2:18 PMa year ago


Six minutes of added time for this match.
2:17 PMa year ago

88' | Al Sadd GOOOOOOAL!

Abdelkarim scores with a shot that leaves Barovero with no chance.
2:12 PMa year ago


Saad saves Al Sadd from receiving the fourth goal.
2:08 PMa year ago


Young with a shot just wide from the target!
2:08 PMa year ago
2:05 PMa year ago

77' | Monterrey GOOOOOOAL!

Gallado assists Rodríguez inside the box. The shot is imposible for Saad.
2:03 PMa year ago


Tarek is cautioned for fouling a newly entered Meza.


1:58 PMa year ago


Pizarro with a shot just wide from the target!
1:56 PMa year ago


1:54 PMa year ago

66' | Al Sadd GOOOOOOOAL!

Bounedjah heads it and leaves Barovero without a chance!


1:53 PMa year ago


Afif looks to score, but his shot is just wide!
1:48 PMa year ago


Sánchez with a yellow card for a late sliding tackle.
1:46 PMa year ago


Funes Mori with a one-on-one against Saad, but the keeper responds well.
1:43 PMa year ago


Jonathan Rodríguez carded for kicking a rival.
1:41 PMa year ago


Pabón again has a chance to make the third goal, but the defense deflects his shot.


1:39 PMa year ago


Dorlan Pabón almost makes it 3-0, but his shot is just wide from the goal.
1:39 PMa year ago


Tae Hee shoots wide from the target.
1:33 PMa year ago

45' | Second Half Begins

We're underway with the last 45 minutes of the match.
1:20 PMa year ago

Funes Mori with the 2-0


1:19 PMa year ago

Half Time | Monterey 2-0 Al Sadd

Despite having less possession, Monterrey goes to the break with a comfortable lead.
1:16 PMa year ago

45' | Monterrey GOOOOOOAL!

Gabi tries to pass back to the keeper, but he leaves Funes Mori alone who finishes it without trouble.
1:15 PMa year ago


Salem attempts a shot, but it's off-target.
1:12 PMa year ago


Pedro gets admonished for a foul from behind  on González.
1:07 PMa year ago


B-Khoukhi is now carded for fouling Funes Mori.
1:02 PMa year ago


Bounedjah is carded for faking a foul.
1:00 PMa year ago


Abdelkarim with an off-target shot.
12:59 PMa year ago


Dispara Afif de zurda y Barovero reacciona bien.
12:57 PMa year ago


Pabón goes for goal from a free kick, but Saad punches it away.
12:56 PMa year ago

Vangioni's amazing shot for the 1-0


12:52 PMa year ago

22' | Monterrey GOOOOOOOAL!

Vangioni strikes from long distance. The ball hits the post and goes in!
12:51 PMa year ago


Saad tried to clear the ball, but his punch left the ball inside the box. The defense struggles to get the ball out.
12:48 PMa year ago


Al Sadd with quick passes looking to harm Monhterrey. Barover is there to save a one-on-one situation with Tae Hee.
12:43 PMa year ago


Shot by Dorlan Pabón deflected by Saad.
12:41 PMa year ago


Salida rapida para Al Sadd, pero Afif no logra encontrar la pelota en el último pase.
12:37 PMa year ago


Tae Hee goes for goal from a free-kick. The ball is wide.
12:33 PMa year ago


Afif tries a chipped shot over Barovero, but the keeper does well to save.
12:32 PMa year ago


Gallardo with the first shot of the evening. It hits the bar!
12:30 PMa year ago

0' | Kick Off

The game between Monterrey and Al Sadd is underway!
12:26 PMa year ago

Everything set for kick-off

Both teams step onto the pitch for the game!
12:22 PMa year ago

Mohamed with his thoughts on the game

12:20 PMa year ago

Fans from Tamaulipas making their presence felt

12:17 PMa year ago

Large amouns of Monterrey fans have traveled to Qatar.

12:16 PMa year ago
Rayados participates for the fourth time in Club World Cup, matching Tuzos and Barcelona

Only  Auckland City (9), Real Madrid (5) and Al Ahly SC (5) have more appearances.


12:13 PMa year ago

Rayados: Starting XI

Barovero; Medina, Montes, Sánchez, Vangioni; González, Rodríguez, Pizarro, Gallardo; Pabón, Funes Mori.


12:08 PMa year ago

Monterrey will debut their conmemorative shirt for the event

12:02 PMa year ago

Al Sadd: Starting XI

Saad; Al Haydos, B-Khoukhi, Tarek, Pedro, Abdelkarim, Gabi, Tae Hee, Salem, Afif, Bounedjah.


11:58 AMa year ago

Mohamed will try to win his second international title

11:55 AMa year ago
This will be Monterrey's fourth Club World Cup appearance. Their best result came in 2012 when they reached the third place.
11:52 AMa year ago
Monterrey currently sits atop the Mexican league as they have the 2019 Apertura final on the 26th and 29th against América.
11:48 AMa year ago
The winner of this match will advance to the semifinals against Liverpool, UEFA champion.
11:27 AMa year ago
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A youngster for Janssen

William Mejia will carry the #94 in the Club World Cup occupying the place left vacant by Vincent Janssen due to injury; he belongs to Monterrey U-20.

11:23 AMa year ago

Looking to make history

When Rayados sets a foot on the pitch, the Mexican team will have an opportunity to make history. There has never been a squad from CONCACAF confederation that reaches the Club World Cup Final.
11:22 AMa year ago
"We’re preparing in the knowledge that we’ll be facing first class teams that will have moments when they are on top during games. So, when that happens, we need to know how to defend – even though we’ll try to stay in the ascendancy for as long as we can. That's why we're well prepared: to be aggressive in our opponents’ half and get forward. At the other end, in terms of defense, we need to improve," said Mohamed in press conference.
11:22 AMa year ago

Mohamed speaks

"The group we have is of excellent pedigree and is supported by a huge fan base. Now it’s up to me and my coaching staff to harness all that in the best possible way in these final weeks of the year."

11:22 AMa year ago

Projected Al-Sadd Lineup

Saad Al Sheeb; Ro Ro, Jung Wooyoung, Boualem Khoukhi, Abdelkarim Hassan; Salem Al Hajri, Gabi; Abdulaziz Al Ansari, Nam Taehee, Akram Afif; Baghdad Bounedjah.
11:21 AMa year ago
The roster of Rayados is more expensive than Al Sadd's one by 56.22 million dollars.
11:20 AMa year ago

Favorite for today

Rayados de Monterrey has gone unbeaten in 12 straight matches and is the favorite given a 50% chance to beat Al Sadd.
11:20 AMa year ago

Monterrey: Previous Starting XI

Bavero, Montes, Sánchez, Vangioni, Gallardo; Medina, Ortiz, Rodrígquez, Pabón; Jansenn, Pizarro.
11:19 AMa year ago

Kick-off time

The Monterrey vs Al-Sadd match will be played at  Jassim bin Hamad Stadium in Doha, Qatar. The kick-off is scheduled at 12:30pm ET.
11:19 AMa year ago
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