Goals, highlights and penalty kicks: Virginia (6) 3-3 (7) Georgetown, 2019 NCAA Men’s College Cup
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The key moment as seen from the stands!

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9:12 PMa year ago

The Hoyas are National Champions!

9:09 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 6-7 Georgetown

Gunnnarsson's shoot is blocked and Georgetown wins the national title!
9:08 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 6-7 Georgetown

Rocha makes it 7-6 for Georgetown!
9:08 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 6-6 Georgetown

Halsey keeps Virginia in the game by scoring his penalty.
9:07 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 5-6 Georgetown

Daniel Wu scores the sixth penalty for Georgetown.
9:06 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 5-5 Georgetown

Croft scores and we'll have a sudden death!
9:06 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 4-5 Georgetown

Fischer shoots and it's in after a deflection from the keeper.
9:05 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 4-4 Georgetown

Ueland scores and we're equalized.
9:05 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 3-4 Georgetown

Polvara scores and we're 4-3
9:03 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 3-3 Georgetown

Donasiyano scores to make it 3-3.
9:03 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 2-3 Georgetown

Another goal from Georgetown to put them back in the lead.
9:02 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 2-2 Georgetown

Steedman shoots right down the middle and it's tied at two.
9:01 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 1-2 Georgetown

Riviere puts Georgetown back in the lead!
9:00 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 1-1 Georgetown

Bell ties it up with a classy finnish!
8:59 PMa year ago

Penalty Shootout | Virginia 0-1 Georgetown

O'Hearn scores the first penalty of the series.
8:53 PMa year ago

End of Overtime | Virginia 3-3 Georgetown

We'll find our champions from the spot! Penaly shoot-out coming up!
8:51 PMa year ago


A deflected ball almost finds Shutler's goal.  One minute to go in this final!
8:47 PMa year ago


Kessler makes a huge block with a sliding tackle inside the box!
8:41 PMa year ago


Free kick for Georgetown. The cross is straight at Shutler's position.
8:34 PMa year ago

End of First Overtime | Virginia 3-3 Georgetown

Another 10 minutes to see if we can find a winner. If no team scores, we'll have a penalty shoot out!
8:33 PMa year ago


Foul on Montes just outside the tox. Georgetown will have 12 seconds to try to score.
8:32 PMa year ago


Virginia looking to cause trouble for Georgetown, but again Romero responds.
8:27 PMa year ago


Rothrock hits a volley looking for the near post, but Shutler is there to make the save!
8:24 PMa year ago

90' | OverTime Begins!

We start the first 10 minutes of overtime. As a reminder, under college soccer rules, next goal wins.
8:21 PMa year ago


8:18 PMa year ago

End of Regular Time | Virginia 3-3 Georgetown

We'll go to overtime to decide the 2019 Men's College Cup champion!
8:14 PMa year ago


Two minutes until the end of regular time. We'll go to overtime if no team is able to score in the following 120 seconds.
8:12 PMa year ago


8:10 PMa year ago

86' | Virginia GOOOOOOOAL!

Dike uses his power to win the ball inside the 5 yard box and scores the equalizer!
8:08 PMa year ago


Virginia looks very tired as they try to equalize. Georgetown looks to hit them on the break to finish it off.
8:05 PMa year ago

Dodson's goals to put Georgetown on the lead!


8:02 PMa year ago

81' | Georgetown GOOOOOOAL!

Achara assists Dodson who finishes it calmly!
7:59 PMa year ago


Afamefuma must leave the match. The Virginia player does not look to be in good shape after the coliision in the previous play.
7:55 PMa year ago


Strong collision on the field. Afamefuma sees the yellow card as the referee interprets the foul's from him.
7:51 PMa year ago


Good cross looking for Ueland, but he's unable to contact the ball and the chance is wasted.
7:50 PMa year ago


Virginia getting men forward. It seems they want to finish it before we reach extra time.
7:45 PMa year ago


The match is again very rocky in midfield. Both teams struggle to reach the opposing box.
7:39 PMa year ago


Virginia now looks for the goal that would give them their eighth national title. Romero was able to intercept two crosses before any more danger was created.
7:33 PMa year ago


7:33 PMa year ago

60' | Virgiina GOOOOOOAL!

Steedman shoots towards the far post. The ball hits the upright and goes in!
7:29 PMa year ago


Montes looking for a ball inside the box to make the third goal for Georgetown, but Ueland is there to save.
7:23 PMa year ago


New header straight at Shutler's position.
7:23 PMa year ago


Dodson attempts a shot to the near post, but Kessler is there to slide and send it to corner kick.
7:21 PMa year ago


Ueland sees the yellow card after a late challenge.
7:17 PMa year ago

45'| Second Half Begins

The second half of this 2019 College Cup Final  is underway!
7:15 PMa year ago

Families enjoying the game in Cary!

6:58 PMa year ago

Half Time | Virginia 1-2 Georgetown

We go to the break with Georgetown on the lead. The game has had plenty of scoring chances.
6:55 PMa year ago


Wu again with a great block as Donasiyano attempted to shoot with his left.
6:54 PMa year ago


The game has shifted to be a very hard fought one in midfield. Both teams struggling to create any offense in the last few minutes.
6:49 PMa year ago


Dike makes a good run down the left wing. He looks to cross and create more danger, but the ball is straight at Wu's position.
6:43 PMa year ago


Long ball looking for Montes, but he's caught offside!
6:41 PMa year ago


Dike leaves the ball for Crofts, but the shot fails to find the target.
6:39 PMa year ago


Gunnarsson with a shot that is just wide from the goal after taking a deflection from a defender.
6:38 PMa year ago


Virginia pressuring higher up the pitch to attempt to gain an equalizer.
6:35 PMa year ago

Wu with the goal to put Georgetown on the lead


6:33 PMa year ago

22' | Georgetown GOOOOOOOAL!

Long ball for Dodso who heads it inside the box. Daniel Wu finds the ball with no one marking him and makes it 1-2.
6:32 PMa year ago

Rothrock's equalizer!


6:30 PMa year ago


Nealis with a good cross looking for Riviere and Dodson, but Shutler is again there to make the save.
6:29 PMa year ago


Shutler reads the play well to get to the ball before Riviere could create any danger.
6:28 PMa year ago


Donasiyano with a shot straight to Romero's hands.
6:26 PMa year ago

17' | Georgetown GOOOOOOOAL!

Rothrock gets to the ball inside the box after a temmate's shot is blocked. He pushes it in to equalize!
6:23 PMa year ago


Gunnarson fails to get to a good ball from Steedman.
6:22 PMa year ago

Bell's goal for the 1-0

6:21 PMa year ago


Crofts make a great sliding tackle to deny Montes of a clear scoring chance!
6:19 PMa year ago

10' | Virginia GOOOOOOOAL!

Bell finds a rebound outside the box and he doesn't hesitate to strike it. Wu changes the direction of the ball with a touch which leaves Romero without a chance.
6:15 PMa year ago


Gunnarsson shoots, but the ball is blocked before it could reach the target.
6:13 PMa year ago


First shot by Riviere, but it's well over the crossbar.
6:10 PMa year ago

0' | Kick Off

We're underway with the final of the 2019 Men's College Cup!
6:06 PMa year ago

Georgetown: Starting XI

Romero; Hope-Gund, Rothrock, O'Hearn, Wu; Zawadski, Montes, Fischer, Dodson; Nealis, Riviere.


6:01 PMa year ago

Both finalists are finishing up their warm-ups

5:56 PMa year ago

The pitch looks to be in good form after lots of rainfall during the weekend


5:52 PMa year ago

Fans begin to take their places at MedWake Soccer Park

5:42 PMa year ago

Coach Wiese with his final thoughts prior to the match

5:37 PMa year ago

The National Championship Trophy will be awarded to tonight's winner.

5:35 PMa year ago

Tonight's match will be played with this ball

5:31 PMa year ago

Virginia: Starting XI

Shutler; Ueland, Kessler, Afamefuna; Donasiyano; Bell, Halsey, Steedman, Croftis; Dike, Gunnarson.

5:27 PMa year ago
While the Virginia Cavaliers are appearing in the College Cup for the 13th occassion, the Hoyas are enjoying their first visit since they lost in the 2012 final to Indiana.
5:23 PMa year ago

Just like at home!

Virginia has won 11 of its past 12 games at WakeMed Soccer Park, including the NCAA finals in 2004 and '14.


5:21 PMa year ago

Previous Meeting

The last game between these teams was on December 6, 2014, when Virginia ousted Georgetown in a penalty-kick shootout in the NCAA quarterfinals in Washington, D.C.


5:17 PMa year ago

The Georgetown men have made their arrival


5:15 PMa year ago

The stage is set for tonight's match

5:13 PMa year ago

Montes is a very proud member of the Hoyas


5:12 PMa year ago

Dike and company make their arrival to the stadium


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LIVE Coverage Begins!

We're under an hour from kick off in this national championship match between the Hoyas and the Cavaliers. Who will prevail?
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1:15 PMa year ago
The home of the USL Championship's North Carolina FC and of the NWSL's North Carolina Courage is set to host the 2019 NCAA College Cup.


Last friday, rain was very intense. We'll have to see how well the pitch holds with such an amount of water.



1:12 PMa year ago

Afamefuna previews the match!


1:08 PMa year ago

Georgetown: Last lineup

Nikopolidis; Hope-Gund, Rothrock, O'Hearn, Wu; Zawadski, Montes, Fischer, Dodson; Nealis, Riviere.
1:06 PMa year ago

Virginia: Last Lineup

Shutler; Ueland, Kessler, Afamefuna; Donasiyano; Bell, Halsey, Steedman, Croftis; Dike, Gunnarson.


1:03 PMa year ago

Everything set to crown a national champion

12:59 PMa year ago

How to watch Virginia vs Georgetown Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, tune in to ESPN U.

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN's streaming services.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Virginia's semifinal was a difficult one. The game started with Wake Forest attempting to gain an advantage, but Dike's two goals were enough to cool them down.

During the final minutes of the match, Virginia really struggle to defend their 2-1 lead.

12:51 PMa year ago
A comfortable 2-0 win over Stanford was enough to put Georgetown into the national championship.

An early goal from Zawadski paved the way, while McCune's goal on the 67th minute sealed the victory.

12:40 PMa year ago

Kick-Off Time

The Virginia vs Georgetown match will be played at the WakeMed Soccer Park, in Cary, North Carolina. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:00pm ET.

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