Goals and Highlights: Rayados Monterrey 1-2 Liverpool, 2019 Club World Cup
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3:33 PM2 years ago
3:29 PM2 years ago
The game is over, thank you very much for joining us in the live broadcast of the semifinal between Rayados Monterrey and Liverpool through VAVEL USA. See you next time!
3:24 PM2 years ago
Liverpool will face Flamengo in the final.

Rayados will seek third place against Al-Hilal.

Both games next Sunday.

3:22 PM2 years ago

93' End game

Game's over. Great game of Rayados against Liverpool, however takes a last-minute defeat by scoreboard of 1-2.
3:21 PM2 years ago


Layún sends a very strong center that passes by.
3:20 PM2 years ago



Roberto pushes the ball after a great collective play by Liverpool.

3:18 PM2 years ago


It's missing about Alexander Arnold in his own field.
3:16 PM2 years ago


Vangioni's sweep to send the ball to Liverpool.
3:15 PM2 years ago


Corner shot for Rayados who ends up walking around the area.
3:14 PM2 years ago


Come in: Roberto Firmino

Come out: Origi

3:13 PM2 years ago


Foul on Vangioni in own campio.
3:11 PM2 years ago


Celso Ortiz is cared for in the middle of the field after a cramp.
3:10 PM2 years ago

81' Rayados change

Come in: Maximiliano Meza

Come out: Dorlan Pabon

3:09 PM2 years ago


Out of place in Liverpool after an arrival by Salah and a big bale of Barovero.
3:09 PM2 years ago


Strong shot by Mané that ends in the hands of Marcelo Barovero.
3:07 PM2 years ago

78' Rayados change

Come in: Miguel Layun

Come out: Cesar Montes

3:06 PM2 years ago


Head after the corner kick that ends in Becker's hands.
3:05 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Rayados ending in a corner kick.
3:05 PM2 years ago

75' Reprimand

Yellow card for Antonio Mohamed and Jurgen Klopp after being made of words between them.
3:03 PM2 years ago

74' Liverpool change

Come in: Alexander Arnold

Come out: Milner

3:02 PM2 years ago


Milner's center that ends up bouncing on Mané and exits on one side of the arch.
2:59 PM2 years ago


Liverpool corner kick that ended up deflected to one side of the goal.
2:59 PM2 years ago


Corner shot of Rayados that ends in a header above the goal.
2:57 PM2 years ago

67' Liverpool change

Come in: Sadio Mane

Come out: Xerdan Shaqiri

2:56 PM2 years ago


Funes Mori's shot diverted by Becker for corner shot.
2:55 PM2 years ago


Salah's shot that remains in Barovero's domain.
2:54 PM2 years ago


Dorlan's shot that goes off course after a great collective play.
2:51 PM2 years ago


Head diverted from Gallardo to one side of Becker's goal.
2:50 PM2 years ago


Out of Lverpool after the corner kick.
2:49 PM2 years ago


Center diverted by Gallardo to send a corner shot.
2:48 PM2 years ago


Sideways shot by Oxlade-Chamberlain .
2:47 PM2 years ago

58' Reprimand

Joe Gómez is booked after a foul on Funes Mori.
2:46 PM2 years ago


Keita's shot that's bounced off Marcelo Barovero.
2:45 PM2 years ago


Corner shot that ends in the domain of Rayados in midfield without danger.
2:44 PM2 years ago


Milner's ground center that is cut by Gallardo to send a corner shot.
2:41 PM2 years ago


Good defensive cut by Nico Sanchez after a deep pass from Liverpool.
2:40 PM2 years ago


Long filtered pass to Salah that reaches Barovero's hands.
2:39 PM2 years ago


Another shot from Dorlan Pabon from the right and stopped by the Brazilian goalkeeper.
2:38 PM2 years ago


Free throw shot by Dorlan Pabón who is stopped by Becker.
2:37 PM2 years ago


Rodolfo Pizarro is missing and there is a direct free kick for Rayados.
2:36 PM2 years ago


Robertson's shot that was deflected over Barovero's arch.
2:34 PM2 years ago

Second half.

Start the second 45 minutes
2:33 PM2 years ago
Rogelio's score in this match was the number 100 wearing the colors of Rayados. 


2:18 PM2 years ago


The first 45 minutes end at the Jalifa International Stadium.

Rayados 1-1 Liverpool.

2:14 PM2 years ago


Marcelo Barovero's great shrinkage after a dangerous arrival by Keita.
2:13 PM2 years ago


41' Dorlan Pabón's moving center that is cut by the defense.
2:08 PM2 years ago


Dorlan Pabon's shot after a great pass by Charly Rodriguez. Allison deflects perfectly to avoid the goal.
2:05 PM2 years ago


Nico Sanchez loses a ball in midfield, but manages to recover the mark against Mohamed Salah.
2:03 PM2 years ago

Jesus Gallardo's shot that passes over Allison's arch.

2:02 PM2 years ago

Foul on Rodolfo Pizarro in his own court.

1:58 PM2 years ago
26' Shot by Dorlan Pabón who is arrested by Allison Becker.
1:54 PM2 years ago
23' Milner's shot after an excellent play by Mohamed Salah who is arrested by Marcelo Barovero.
1:53 PM2 years ago
21' Pass from Mohamed Salah to Keita found by Marcelo Barovero.
1:52 PM2 years ago
20' Filtered pass to Rodolfo Pizarro which is cut by Allison Becker.
1:49 PM2 years ago
18' Strong head-to-head clash between Milner and Gallardo in midfield.
1:49 PM2 years ago
17' Foul on Dorlan Pabón in his own area.
1:48 PM2 years ago
16' Joe Gomez sends a forward pass that goes down the left side.
1:45 PM2 years ago
13'  GOOOOOOOOOL by Rogelio Funes Mori.

Funes Mori finds the ball after a rebound to the center of Allison Becker.

1:43 PM2 years ago

Pass filtered by Mohamed Salah and finds the midfielder between two defenders.

1:39 PM2 years ago
7' Lionel Vangioni's foul on Mohamed Salah in three quarter-finals.
1:38 PM2 years ago
6' Rayados starts with a high pressure on Liverpool, preventing them from playing with ease.
1:36 PM2 years ago
4' Deflected shot from Xerdan Shaqiri to Marcelo Barovero's goal.
1:34 PM2 years ago
2' Foul by Origi on Nico Sánchez and Lionel Vangioni.
1:33 PM2 years ago
1' Foul by Nico Sánchez on Origi in midfield.
1:31 PM2 years ago
0' The match between Rayados and Liverpool starts.
1:26 PM2 years ago
The two teams take to the field for the pre-ceremony.
1:16 PM2 years ago
This was the arrival of Rayados at the Jalifa International Stadium.


12:52 PM2 years ago
These are the initial eleven players by Rayados.
Photo: Rayados Oficial
Photo: Rayados Oficial
12:48 PM2 years ago
These are Liverpool's starting eleven players. Virgil Van Dijk is not called up.


12:36 PM2 years ago
English player James Milner is in his 200th game for Liverpool today against Rayados.
12:30 PM2 years ago
Rayados has already left for the Jalifa International Stadium to dispute this commitment.


12:38 AM2 years ago

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55 years ago

The first clash between these teams was 55 years ago. Rayados and Liverpool played a friendly match in Chicago in 1964. The score was 3-0 in favor of the England team.
(Photo: @ChicagoTribune)
(Photo: @ChicagoTribune)
12:31 AM2 years ago

Key player Liverpool

Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian striker is one of the best players of recent years. He will be a key player in this match.
(Photo: Liverpool)
(Photo: Liverpool)
12:28 AM2 years ago

Key player Rayados Monterrey

Rodolfo Pizarro, the Mexican midfielder, is having one of the best moments of his career. The last game was named the MVP of the match.
(Photo: FIFA)
(Photo: FIFA)
12:20 AM2 years ago
The team from London had a great dinner in Doha prior to their duel with Rayados.
12:17 AM2 years ago
Rayados coach Antonio Mohamed and defender Nicolas Sanchez spoke at a press conference about their duel with Liverpool.
12:14 AM2 years ago

Liverpool's bet

The team from England decided to bet everything on the Club World Cup and left an alternative team in London to face the quarterfinals of the EFL Cup against Aston Villa. The result was a 5-0 defeat and the elimination of the cup.
12:10 AM2 years ago

The road of Rayados

The Mexican team advanced to the semifinals after defeating Xavi Hernandez's Al-Sadd 3-2. Leonel Vangioni, Rogelio Funes Mori and Carlos Rodríguez scored for the Rayados.
12:07 AM2 years ago

Liverpool: the best of the moment

The team coached by Jürgen Klopp want to continue demonstrating that they are the best team of the moment and want to do it advancing to the final of the tournament.
12:05 AM2 years ago

Rayados Monterrey: for the surprise

Antonio Mohamed's team will seek the surprise of the year and eliminate the current leader of the Premier League.
12:00 AM2 years ago

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