Goals, Highlights and Penalties: Monterrey 2(4)-(3)2 Al-Hilal in 2019 Club World Cup


11:35 AMa year ago

Penalties | Monterrey 4-3 Al-Hilal

Cárdenas scores and Monterrey wins the third place!
11:34 AMa year ago

Penalties | Monterrey 3-3 Al-Hilal

Kanno also misses his penalty. Cárdenas with the save!
11:34 AMa year ago

Penalties | Monterrey 3-3 Al-Hilal

Vásquez is off-target with his shot!
11:33 AMa year ago

Penalties | Monterrey 3-3 Al-Hilal

Jang scores with a good shot.
11:32 AMa year ago

Penalties | Monterrey 3-2 Al-Hilal

Funes Mori with a powerful strike down the middle to put Rayados in front.
11:31 AMa year ago

Penalties | Monterrey 2-2 Al-Hilal

Cárdenas stops the shot from Carlos Eduardo.
11:30 AMa year ago

Penalties | Monterrey 2-2 Al-Hilal

Stefan Medina with a perfect strike.
11:30 AMa year ago

Penalties | Monterrey 1-2 Al-Hilal

Giovinco scores
11:29 AMa year ago

Penalties | Monterrey 1-1 Al-Hilal

Jonathan González finishes it very close to the post.
11:28 AMa year ago

Penalties | Monterrey 0-1 Al-Hilal

Gomis makes the keeper dive the wrong way.
11:22 AMa year ago

End of Regulation | Monterrey 2-2 Al-Hilal

We'll have a penalty shootout to determine the third place of the 2019 Club World Cup!
11:21 AMa year ago


Gomis hits the post with his shot!
11:20 AMa year ago


Meza almost nets an own goal but the header is just wide.
11:17 AMa year ago


Four minutes of added time.
11:12 AMa year ago

85' | Monterrey Substitution

Medina replaces an injured González.
11:09 AMa year ago


Layún shoots wide.
11:07 AMa year ago


Meza tries again, but Al Maiouf is well-positioned to stop it.
11:04 AMa year ago


Meza with a very wide shot.
11:01 AMa year ago

74' | Al-Hilal Substitution

Kanno comes in instead of Otayf.
10:59 AMa year ago

73' | Monterrey Substitution

Pizarro replaces Mejía.
10:58 AMa year ago
10:58 AMa year ago


Funes Mori with a shot over the crossbar.
10:57 AMa year ago


Giovinco strikes, but Cárdenas with a great diving save.
10:56 AMa year ago


González almost scores with a heel kick!
10:55 AMa year ago

68' | Monterrey Substitution

Zaldívar is replaced by Funes Mori.
10:53 AMa year ago

66' | Al-Hilal GOOOOOAL!

Gomis equalizes it with a header. Cárdenas got a hand on it, but he was unable to keep it out.
10:52 AMa year ago


10:51 AMa year ago


Yellow card for Mejía after kicking a ball that belonged to Al-Hilal.
10:50 AMa year ago

62' | Al-Hilal Substituion

Cuéllar is replaced by Hatan.
10:49 AMa year ago
10:47 AMa year ago

60' | Monterrey GOOOOOOOOAL!

Zaldívar with a great assit for Meza. Meza calmly finishes with his left.
10:46 AMa year ago

59' | Al-Hilal Substituion

Gomis comes in instead of Khrbin.
10:45 AMa year ago


Layún strikes off-target.
10:43 AMa year ago

55' | Monterrey GOOOOOAL!

After a series of headers inside the box, González comes from behind to place it in the back of the net.
10:38 AMa year ago


Kharbin in a great position to score, but his attempt to chip the keper is bad and the chance is wasted.
10:37 AMa year ago


Header from Meza to the near post, but the defense saves on the goal line.
10:35 AMa year ago


González finds a cross on the far post. His header is easy for Al Maiouf.
10:33 AMa year ago

45' | Second Half Begins!

We're underway with the last 45 minutes of the third place match at the FIFA World Cup.
10:17 AMa year ago

Half Time | Monterrey 0-1 Al-Hilal

We go to the break with Al-Hilal in front in this third place match at the Club World Cup.
10:16 AMa year ago


A minute of added time for the first half.
10:14 AMa year ago


Meza shoots from distance.  The keeper is well positioned to save.
10:12 AMa year ago
10:11 AMa year ago


Omar Kharbin one-on-one with Cárdenas, but the Mexican keeper is there to save.
10:10 AMa year ago


Another header by Carlos Eduardo, but this time his attempt is over the crossbar.
10:06 AMa year ago

35' | Al-Hilal GOOOOOOAL!

Al Shahrani with a tremendous cross for Carlos Eduardo who finishes it with a diving header.
10:02 AMa year ago


Urretaviscaya carded for a strong challenge on Otayf.
9:59 AMa year ago


González attempts for goal, but can't find the target.
9:57 AMa year ago


Gutiérrez sends a good cross, but Zaldívar is just a few inches shy to head it.
9:51 AMa year ago


Zaldívar shoots over the bar.
9:49 AMa year ago


The game is very hard fought in midfield with little clarity from both teams.
9:44 AMa year ago


Through ball for González. He strikes with his weak foot, but Al Maiouf is there to save!
9:41 AMa year ago


Al Burayk with a low cross from the right wing. The defense and Cárdenas do well to stop the danger.
9:37 AMa year ago


González finds a rebound outside the box and shoots over the target.
9:35 AMa year ago


Giovinco attempts a shot, but it's very wide.
9:33 AMa year ago


First crossing attempt by Gutiérrez, but the defense is there to make the clearance.
9:30 AMa year ago

0' | Kickoff

We're underway with the third place match of the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup.
9:26 AMa year ago

Everything set for kick-off!

Both Monterrey and Al-Hilal prepare to step onto the pitch for this third place match.

The Mexican side will wear an all-black kit, while the Saudi team is in a completely white uniform.

9:24 AMa year ago

Monterrey: Starting XI

Cárdenas; Gutiérrez, Vásquez, Basanta, Layún; Mejía, J. González, A. González, Meza; Urretaviscaya, Záldivar.


9:17 AMa year ago
Rayados recognizes José María Basanta's career this afternoon with a small detail.


9:11 AMa year ago

Al-Hilal has made it to the stadium

The Asian champions are ready for the match against Monterrey.

9:07 AMa year ago
The continental titles that brought Al-Hilal, Monterrey, Flamengo and Liverpool to this Club World Cup are being exhibited outside Khalifa International Stadium.

9:03 AMa year ago

Nico Sánchez spoke about Monterrey's performance in the Club World Cup

"We have some youngsters who did so well that they must have been spotted by some big teams.

"That makes me proud. None of them were overawed or scared. They gave as good as they got.”

9:00 AMa year ago
The flags of Monterrey, Al-Hilal, Flamengo and Liverpool wave at Khalifa International Stadium as we get ready for this afternoon of football in Doha.


8:57 AMa year ago

Al-Hilal: Starting XI

Al Maiouf; Al Burayk,  Jang, Al Albulayhi, Shahrani;  Cuéllar,  Eduardo, Otayf, Salem; Omar K, Giovinco.

8:48 AMa year ago

Al-Hilal's captain Carlos Eduardo on tonight's match

"We’ll give our all to finish third, as our goal now is to end the tournament on the podium."
8:41 AMa year ago
In 2012, Rayados achieved third place in this tournament after beating Al Ahly from Egypt by a 2-0 scoreline.


8:38 AMa year ago

LIVE Coverage Begins

We're ready to bring you all the action from Doha! Don't go anywhere!
1:34 AMa year ago
Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Rayados Monterrey vs Al-Hilal match.
1:31 AMa year ago

Tonight's Officiating Team

Ovidiu Hategan will be in charge of officiating this match.

Octavian Sabre and Sebastian Gheorghe will assist him as linesmen.

Benoit Millot will be in charge of VAR.

1:31 AMa year ago

No extra time for this match

In case of a draw, the tournament rules state that the fifth place and third place matches have no extra time.

Instead, a penalty shootout should be held to determine the winner.

1:25 AMa year ago

Can Funes Mori win the Golden Boot?

Rogelio Funes Mori has two goals in this tournament. If he hopes to win the golden boot, he'll need to score at least once.

He's behind Bounedjah and Elhouni, who have three and are out of the tournament.

1:10 AMa year ago
The Khalifa International Stadium with its 40,000 sets will be the venue for this match.

The game between Monterrey and Al-Hilal will be the opener for the final match between Liverpool vs Flamengo.

1:06 AMa year ago

How to watch Rayados Monterrey vs Al-Hilal Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: Fox Deportes and Fox Sports 2.

If you want to directly stream it: Fox Sports streaming services.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

1:03 AMa year ago

Tournament Prize Money

The winner of this match between Monterrey and Al-Hilal will earn $USD 2.5 million, while the fourth-placed team prize will be of $USD 2 million.
12:57 AMa year ago

Al-Hilal: Last Lineup

Al Maiouf; Al Burayk,  Jang, Albulayhi, Shahrani;  Cuéllar,  Eduardo, Carrillo, Salem; Gomis, Giovinco.
12:56 AMa year ago

Rayados Monterrey: Last Lineup

Barvoero; Medina, Montes, Sánchez, Vangioni; Ortíz, Rodríguez, Gallardo, Pizarro; Pabón, Funes Morí.
12:52 AMa year ago

Al-Hilal will look to impress

Al-Hilal will face their third match at this Club World Cup trying to get the coveted bronze medal.

Their meeting against Flamengo was extremely physical during the first half and it really took a toll on them during the last 45 minutes.

Against Monterrey, they'll attempt to leave a lasting impression and make the podium.

12:41 AMa year ago

Can an alternative Rayados snatch the third place?

After a grueling match against Liverpool in which they lost in the very last minute, Rayados will come to this third place match with their mind somewhere else.

Marcelo Barovero, Carlos Rodríguez, Nicolás Sánchez, Leonel Vangioni, Dorlan Pabón and Vincent Janssen all travelled back to Mexico to focus on the 2019 Apertura Final vs América.

12:30 AMa year ago

Kick-off time

The Rayados Monterrey vs Al-Hilal match will be played at the Khalifa International Stadium, in Doha, Qatar. The kick-off is scheduled at 9:30am ET.


12:25 AMa year ago
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