Goals and Highlighs: Monarcas Morelia 0-1 Toluca, 2020 LigaMX
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12:21 AMa year ago

Summary of the match

12:01 AMa year ago


Finish the game! Toluca defeats Monarcas Morelia 1-0 at Morelos Stadium
12:00 AMa year ago


Sebastian Sosa saves Monarcas Morelia again. 
11:56 PMa year ago


The referee adds 4 minutes in Morelos Stadium. 
11:54 PMa year ago


Close the gap! Cesar Huerta almost made his debut with the Monarcas Morelia shirt, but to Toluca's great fortune, the ball went past Alfredo Talavera's goal. 
11:53 PMa year ago


Toluca change: William Da Silva leaves and Mexican midfielder Javier Guemez enters.
11:50 PMa year ago


The Monarcas Morelia players asked for the maximum penalty inside the area, however, the central judge continued with the actions.
11:46 PMa year ago


With ten minutes remaining, Monarcas Morelia failed to draw the match despite the possession of the ball and the constant pressure in the goal of Alfredo Talavera.
11:44 PMa year ago


Another pole! José Ortíz sent his shot to the crossbar of the rival goal, this, after an excellent center of Cándido Ramírez. The locals close to drawing the match. 
11:39 PMa year ago


Post! Fernando Aristiguieta came close to drawing the match after a shot that went in the direction of the goal post by Alfredo Talavera. Toluca is saved. 
11:37 PMa year ago


With 20 minutes remaining, Toluca continue to win 1-0 against Monarcas Morelia at the Morelos Stadium. The final stretch of the match is coming up. 
11:31 PMa year ago


Visitor change: Leonardo Fernandez leaves the pitch and Kevin Escamilla enters in his place. Toluca will be looking to continue their lead at the Estadio Morelos. 
11:25 PMa year ago


Close the gap! Miguel Sansores had a chance to equalise the match, however, Toluca's defence refused to take the shot at the corner.
11:23 PMa year ago


Double save by Sebastian Sosa! The Monarcas Morelia goalkeeper saved his team twice and prevented the Red Devils from scoring a second goal for Toluca. 
11:21 PMa year ago


The locals are looking to score the match based on crosses, however, Toluca's defense has been focused on every play to avoid the Monarcas Morelia goal. 
11:18 PMa year ago


Long distance shot by Monarcas Morelia, however, the ball passed over the bow of Alfredo Talavera. 
11:15 PMa year ago


Monarcas Morelia players ask for a possible penalty inside the riva area, this, after a hand in the defense of Toluca. 
11:13 PMa year ago


A dangerous cross from Monarcas Morelia, however, Adrian Mora was alert inside the area and sent the ball into the corner. 
11:10 PMa year ago


Start the second half! Monarcas Morelia will look to tie the game as quickly as possible, while Toluca will try to increase the score at Morelos Stadium.
10:58 PMa year ago


Finish the first half! The Toluca Red Devils go into half-time with a lead and the home fans show their displeasure after the first 45 minutes of play. 
10:55 PMa year ago


Nailed inside the area by Luis Mendoza. The central judge decides to warn the Monarcas Morelia player with the yellow card after trying to deceive him.
10:53 PMa year ago


The action of the match stops for a moment after a strong header between Cándido Ramírez and Adrián Mora. The assistants are already attending to both players.
10:50 PMa year ago


The Monarcas Morelia squad came close to generating a dangerous arrival, however, Rodrigo Millan's pass was not effective.
10:46 PMa year ago


Toluca goal! After an error in the home team's defence, Emanuel Gigliotti scores the first goal of the night and puts Toluca ahead at the Morelos Stadium.
10:41 PMa year ago


Another fault of Monarcas Morelia. In less than three minutes, the visitors have to open the scoring again with a set-piece.
10:36 PMa year ago


After a half-hour at the Morelos Stadium, Monarcas Morelia and Toluca both drew goalless in the match. The special guest has not yet arrived.
10:33 PMa year ago


Alfredo Talavera! The experienced Mexican goalkeeper saves the visiting team after a monarchy corner kick.
10:30 PMa year ago


Yellow card! After the VAR review, the central judge decides to remove the red card from Chalá and only show him the yellow card.
10:15 PMa year ago


Monarcas Morelia start the game with the possession of the ball, however, the offensive of the locals has not managed to generate danger in the goal of Alfredo Talavera.
10:10 PMa year ago


Game on! The ball is now rolling in Morelos Stadium. Monarcas Morelia and the red devils Toluca in search of their first victory in 2020. 
10:07 PMa year ago
Toluca lineup: Talavera, Chalá, Mora, Hernández, Salinas, Fernández, Da Silva, Ríos, Pardo, Gigliotti and Canelo.  
10:04 PMa year ago
Both squads are already on the field! Monarcas Morelia and Toluca's diablos rojos are about to open the 2020 Clausura of LigaMX.
5:18 PMa year ago
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How to watch Monarcas Morelia vs Toluca Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: Azteca 7.

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Key player: Toluca

Edgar Pardo: The Colombian midfielder is one of the most dangerous players in the team, where he has a nose for goal.

5:16 PMa year ago

Key player: Monarcas Morelia

Sebastián Sosa: The Uruguayan goalkeeper is one of the best attackers in Liga MX, making him a nightmare for rival strikers.

5:15 PMa year ago
For their part, Toluca was strengthened by the addition of Carlos Cisneros, Michael Estrada, Javier Güémez and Kevin Escamilla.
5:15 PMa year ago
Monarcas Morelia, looking to build on the success of the previous tournament, were strengthened by players such as Cesar Huerta, Martin Rodriguez, Carlos Vargas and Jorge 'Mago' Valdivia.
5:15 PMa year ago

Monarcas will be looking to repeat last year's run

Under the guidance of Pablo Guede, Morelia will try to emulate what they achieved in the 2019 Apertura, in which the Michoacán-based team reached the semifinals of the tournament.

5:12 PMa year ago

Refereeing team

The central referee for the match between Monarcas Morelia and Toluca will be Jorge Isaac Rojas; Enriquez Isaac Bustos, assistant 1; Jorge Antonio Sanchez, assistant 2; Victor Alfonso Caceres, fourth official.
5:11 PMa year ago

Toluca, forced back into the spotlight

After two successive failed attempts to qualify for Mexican football's biggest party, Toluca's Diablos Rojos have the priority of returning to the Liguilla and fighting for the Clausura 2020 title.

5:08 PMa year ago
After the football fast, today Liga MX returns, where the first match of the tournament will take place at El Coloso del Quinceo.
5:06 PMa year ago

Kick-off time

The Monarcas Morelia vs Toluca match will be played at the stadium name, in city, country. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.
5:03 PMa year ago
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