Goals and Highlights: León 3-1 Querétaro 2020 Liga MX
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The match ends, Leon takes the three points at the start of the tournament
Three more minutes are added 
Last change of the premises, the quarryman Saúl Zamora enters by Ismael Sosa
Osvaldo Rodriguez gets the yellow one after raising his elbow too much making contact with Gomez
Second change of Lion. Yairo Moreno leaves on a stretcher for Osvaldo Rodríguez
Last change of Querétaro. Enter Jordi Cortizo by Marcel Ruíz 
Lion's Goal! Angel Mena throws the ball into the middle and Alcala wins and scores his double
Penalty for Leon! Kadete López pulls Pedro Aquino into the box and scores another penalty
First change of Lion. Enter Joe Campbell for Ramos, who was hurt
Phew! Excellent long-distance shot by Aboagye, but Cota cuts back and then the bird interferes to avoid the tie
Dimension again! Velazquez tries to shoot in the area, but the attentive goalkeeper keeps the ball
Gallos continue to arrive, this time Lucumi arrived, but Navarro avoids the danger
Cote! Shot by Jaime Gomez that the goalkeeper deflects 
Double change of Querétaro. Enter Ariel Nahuelpan and Omar Arellano by Enrique Triverio and Salvador Manriquez
 Preventive card for Fabián Castillo for a strong foul on Ángel Mena
Manriquez appears again to prevent further danger in the arc of Alcalá
Start the complementary part, Querétaro will try to turn the scoreboard 
The first half ends, Leon manages to turn the score around and wins momentarily
Goal of the Beast! Leo Ramos appears inside the area and heads-off, Alcalá can't do anything for that ball
All right, Roosters! A series of shots from Leon, but the defensive rear avoided all danger
Center of Gómez too long, Navarro deflects well upside down
Good, Manriquez! The defender squeezes well on the mark and prevents further danger
Montes shooting that Alcalá controls well
Good mark by Yairo Moreno and William Tesillo to end up taking the ball off Castillo
This is what the Nou Camp looks like tonight and VAVEL is present
Lion's Goal! Angel Mena scores the tie from the eleven steps 
Penalty! The referee points to the penalty after seeing the play, Leon has a chance to tie the game
VAR! The whistle will check a possible hand of Julian Velazquez and penalty against the visitors
Jaime Gómez hurts in the Alcalá area after playing the ball, but gets up without problems
Good ball for Castillo, but Cota goes ahead and takes that ball out of his zone
Querétaro goal! After de Gómes' pass, Fabián Castillo bounces the ball into the back of Cota's net.
Uff! León begins to arrive in danger, but Querétaro well behind avoids his onslaught
The match in Leon starts
The teams are taking the field!
This is the story of the clashes between these teams
Leon also jumps onto the pitch to warm up
The Queretanos are already warming up on the field
Querétaro LineUp |
G. Alcalá; J. Velázquez, F. Castillo, E. López, S. Manríquez; C. Aboagye, M. Ruíz, J. Suárez, J. Gómez; J. Lucumí, E. Triverio
León LineUp |
R. Cota; F. Navarro, W. Tesillo, S. Barreiro; L. Montes, Y. Moreno, A. Mena, J. Meneses, P. Aquino; I. Sosa, L. Ramos


Prior to this duel, Querétaro unveiled its new sweater, both local and visiting, which will be sponsored by Charly
Querétaro is also present at the stadium ready to start the tournament
The players from Leon have already arrived to play the first game of the season
Nou Camp Stadium is ready for the start of the 2020 Clausura tournament
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On the other hand, Querétaro suffered the casualties of Luis Romo, Jordan Sierra, Javier Gûémez and Alonso Escoboza, among the most prominent, on the other hand acquired 9 players, two of them foreigners, the arrival of Ariel Nahuelpan and Julián Velázquez are most striking
León had only three additions, Stiven Barreiro, Sebastián Fassi and Nico Sosa, the latter being the one with the highest expectations.
Querétaro fails to beat Leon
There are three games in which the locals have repeated the same dose to the Albiazules, as they have taken the game with four goals for and zero against, so Queretaro will seek to break that bad streak
Many doubts in Gallos
On the other hand, Querétaro arrives to this 2020 Closing with many casualties of its spine, new owner and even president, so until this meeting will see that this Rooster is done
Leon starts this competition with his mind set on the group stage, and more so for the way they were eliminated, as VAR was in charge of cancelling the goal that was taking them to the semi-finals.
Kick-off Time
The León vs Querétaro match will be played at the Nou Camp Stadium, in León, Guanajuato. The kick-off is scheduled at 07:00pm ET.

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