Ibrahimovic reportedly declined to play at Chelsea to represent LA Galaxy
Photo: Valerio Pennicino / Getty Images

Conte is the current coach of Inter Milan and Zlatan is playing at Milan. However, when they were in the Premier League, Chelsea and Manchester United respectively, Conte tried to persuade Ibra to sign with his team. The Swedish soccer player declined the invitation and went to play in the United States.

“I welcome back Ibrahimovic, he is a great champion. He knows well there was a moment when I tried to convince him to come to Chelsea, but he was in a recovery phase and eventually he didn't feel like accepting. He is a person I have a lot of respect for. I think he can give AC Milan a lot and he can bring personality by making the environment more responsible. For a coach, it's important to find players in teams who can convey your word. Players who know what you want, who lead the team. When a coach has those kind of players then things get a lot easier", said.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic suffered a cruciate ligament injury during a match between Manchester United and Anderlecht in 2017. When he recovered, Ibra went to play for LA Galaxy and this season was to play for Milan.