Penalty kicks and Highlights: Toluca (5) 3-2 (3) Atlas, 2020 Copa MX
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10:18 PM10 months ago


10:03 PM10 months ago

Penaltis | Toluca 5-4 Atlas

Javier Güemez scores. Toluca eliminates the Atlas.
10:01 PM10 months ago

Penaltis | Toluca 4-4 Atlas

Edgar Zaldívar scores
10:00 PM10 months ago

Penaltis | Toluca 4-2 Atlas

Richard Ruiz scores
9:59 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Toluca 3-2 Atlas

Lorenzo Reyes fails, Garcia cuts.
9:59 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Toluca 3-2 Atlas

Diego Rigonato scores.
9:58 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Toluca 2-2 Atlas

Scores Javier Abella.
9:57 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Toluca 2-1 Atlas

Alexis Canelo scores
9:56 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Toluca 1-1 Atlas

Scores Jesus Isijara.
9:56 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Toluca 1-0 Atlas

Penalties | Leo Fernandez hits the shot.
9:51 PM10 months ago


Finish the game. The winner of the series will be defined in penalties.
9:47 PM10 months ago


Free throw shot by Leo Fernandez that goes to the crossbar.
9:46 PM10 months ago


Add 4 minutes.
9:44 PM10 months ago

87' Toluca Goal

Goal by Javier Güemez, makes it unreachable for Edgar Hernández.
9:43 PM10 months ago

Toluca Video goal

Diego Rigonato scored his first goal for Toluca and brings the Red Devils closer to qualifying.


9:41 PM10 months ago


Javier Hernandez entered the area but could not score.
9:35 PM10 months ago


Jairo Torres leaves, Alejandro Gómez enters.
9:33 PM10 months ago

76' Toluca goal

Center by Leo Fernández, Diego Rigonato finishes off.
9:29 PM10 months ago


Change of Toluca. Javier Hernandez enters, Kevin Castañeda leaves.
9:29 PM10 months ago


Yellow card for Javier Güemez.
9:27 PM10 months ago


Cristopher Trejo's filtered pass to Javier Correa and finishes off the outside net.
9:24 PM10 months ago


New change of Toluca. Leo Fernandez enters, Michael Estrada leaves.
9:19 PM10 months ago


Change of Atlas. Mauricio Cuero leaves, Jesús Isijara enters.
9:15 PM10 months ago


Change of Toluca. Alexis Canelo enters, Alexis Canelo leaves.
9:14 PM10 months ago


Estrada's header in the small area and a great save by Edgar Hernandez to avoid the goal.
9:14 PM10 months ago

Atlas video goal

Germán Conti headed home to turn the score around in Atlas' favour.
9:08 PM10 months ago


Shot by Michael Estrada stopped by Edgar Hernandez.
9:06 PM10 months ago

49' Atlas Goal

Heading shot by Germán Conti who defeats goalkeeper Luis García.
9:05 PM10 months ago


Out-of-area test Javier Correa and Luis Garcia make a great save for a corner kick.
9:04 PM10 months ago


Shot from outside Mauricio Cuero's box that goes in through the side of the goal.
9:01 PM10 months ago


Start the second half.
8:46 PM10 months ago


The first half is over. Toluca and Atlas are tied at one goal, the Rojinegros still have the advantage on the overall score.
8:42 PM10 months ago


Shot by the young Juan Gamboa, who is tackled by Edgar Hernandez.
8:39 PM10 months ago

Atlas Video Goal

Javier Correa's perfect free-kick collection puts Atlas back in the lead on the overall scoreboard.
8:33 PM10 months ago


Shot deflected by the defense on attempt by Kevin Castaneda.
8:32 PM10 months ago


Yellow card for Jonathan Maidana.
8:31 PM10 months ago


Javier Guemez sees a shot from outside the box that goes in through the side of the goal.
8:30 PM10 months ago

28' Atlas Goal

GOLAZO by Javier Correa. Free throw that puts it in the angle.
8:28 PM10 months ago

Toluca video goal

Michael Estrada put Toluca ahead with a header.
8:22 PM10 months ago


Diego Rigonato is yellow carded for a foul on Jeremy Marquez.
8:20 PM10 months ago


Yellow card for Martin Nervo.
8:18 PM10 months ago

16' Toluca Goal

Center by the right side and Michael Estrada head shot.
8:15 PM10 months ago


Yellow card for Michael Estrada. 
8:04 PM10 months ago


Gaston Sauro's head shot goes over the top of the goal.
8:03 PM10 months ago


First opportunity for Toluca. Estrada's filtered pass to Gamboa, but the red-and-black defense gets the chance.
8:00 PM10 months ago


The match starts at Nemesio Diez Stadium.
7:56 PM10 months ago
Toluca and Atlas take to the field of the Nemesio Diez Stadium to carry out the protocol ceremony.
7:37 PM10 months ago

Atlas lineup

E. Hernández; J. Abella, M. Nervo (c), I. Govea, G. Conti, J. Torres; E. Zaldívar, J. Márquez; M. Cuero, C. Trejo, J. Correa.
7:35 PM10 months ago

Toluca lineup

L. García; R. Ruíz, J. Maidana (c), G. Suaro, D. Rigonato; J. Güemez, K. Escamilla, K. Castañeda, C. Cisneros; J. Gamboa, M. Estrada.
7:27 PM10 months ago
Such was the arrival of Atlas at the Nemesio Diez Stadium.

7:17 PM10 months ago
Face to face between two young players from Toluca and Atlas.

7:10 PM10 months ago
The historic confrontation between Diablos and Rojinegros in the MX Cup is only one game long. From last Wednesday in Guadalajara.

7:08 PM10 months ago
Toluca are already at home looking to turn the tie around.

8:08 PM10 months ago
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Toluca key player

Michael Estrada, Toluca striker. The Ecuadorian striker has had few minutes so far this semester with Los Diablos. The opportunity to show why he arrived is presented to him by being the figurehead for scoring the necessary goals in the play-offs. He has shown great speed, but still needs to prove his effectiveness in front of goal.
Photo:José Acosta / VAVEL
Photo:José Acosta / VAVEL
8:05 PM10 months ago

Atlas, last lineup

J. Hernández; U. Cardona, A. Gómez, G. Conti, M. Nervo, J. Isijara; E. Rivera, E. Zaldívar, J. Torres; I. Jeraldino, J. Correa.
8:04 PM10 months ago

Toluca, last lineup

L. García; D. Rosales, J. Maidana, G. Sauro, D. Rigonato; J. Güemez, K. Escamilla, G. León, K. Castañeda, C. Cisneros; M. Estrada.
8:03 PM10 months ago

The refereeing quartet

Luis Enrique Santander will be the central referee. Andrés Hernández and Jorge Sánchez will act as assistants. Louis Vielmas will be the fourth referee.
Photo: Luis Aguirre / VAVEL
Photo: Luis Aguirre / VAVEL
7:59 PM10 months ago

Atlas, managing the advantage

The team from Guadalajara has the advantage of going to hell to try to make it to the first round of direct elimination. The Rojinegros must pose an intelligent game, neither so defensive nor so offensive, must be a balance of the two. With a very serious team, Leandro Cufré's team will surely have to move forward.
Photo: Mediotiempo
Photo: Mediotiempo
7:57 PM10 months ago

Toluca, to go or not to go for the MX Cup?

In the first leg game played at the Jalisco Stadium, 'Chepo' de la Torre proposed a scheme where he changed his whole team from the one that had been playing in Liga Mx and it didn't work out at all. Now with the adverse result, we will have to wait which is the team that plays for the Devils. A combination between regulars and substitutes could be the key to pass the round.
Photo: José Acosta / VAVEL
Photo: José Acosta / VAVEL
7:49 PM10 months ago

Kick-off time: 8:00pm ET

The Toluca vs Atlas match will be played at the Estadio Nemesio Diez, in Toluca, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00pm ET.
7:36 PM10 months ago
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