Goals, Summary and Penalties: Morelia 3(3) - (2) 0 Cafetaleros


11:24 PM10 months ago
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11:11 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Doorman!

Sosa saves the shot and that's how Morelia qualify for the quarterfinals
11:11 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Goal of the 'Quick' Mendoza!

The player scores the one that gives the advantage to the locals
11:10 PM10 months ago

Penalties |Cafetaleros fail again!

Martinez sends her to the stands!
11:08 PM10 months ago

Penalties |He cut her off!

Carlos Lopez cuts off Achilier's shot
11:07 PM10 months ago

Penalties |Venegaaas!

The Cafetaleros player scores the second penalty
11:06 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Morelia goal!

Aristeguieta scores the second for Morelia
11:05 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Goal of the Cafetaleros!

Monge ties the series
11:04 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Monarcas' goal!

Aldo Rocha sends his shot to the bottom of the net
11:03 PM10 months ago

Penalties | Cafetaleros fail first

He blew it up!!  Diaz sends his shot from the eleven steps into the stands
10:56 PM10 months ago

90+6'| Penalties!!

The match ends with the overall score being equal, everything will be defined from the eleven steps
10:52 PM10 months ago


Good, Achilier! The defense avoids danger in its area by deflecting the ball
10:42 PM10 months ago


Change of Morelia. Shaggy Martínez joins for Paolo Medina
10:35 PM10 months ago


He blew it up! Millar's auction that's going to the stands
10:34 PM10 months ago


Change of Morelia. Rodriguez leaves and Sansores takes his place


10:34 PM10 months ago


Change of Morelia. Enter Valdivia for César Huerta
10:34 PM10 months ago


Change of Coffee Growers. Enter Celaya by Luis Telles
10:17 PM10 months ago


Morelia goal! Aristeguieta ties the global with a header that the goalkeeper does not reach
10:16 PM10 months ago


Change of Cafetaleros. Imperiale leaves for Zamorano
10:13 PM10 months ago


Vargas! The free kicker was a few minutes away from scoring Morelia's third
10:11 PM10 months ago


Well Venegas that prevents Aristeguieta from making contact with the spherical
10:11 PM10 months ago


Center of Imperiales that diverts Rocha
10:06 PM10 months ago


Aristeguieta! The Venezuelan steals the ball and shoots, but the ball goes over the goal
10:04 PM10 months ago


Start the complement in the Morelos
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9:50 PM10 months ago


The first half is over, Morelia is winning momentarily
9:48 PM10 months ago


Doorman! Lopez deflects a ball that goes right to goal by Millar
9:45 PM10 months ago


Morelia goal! After Medina's cross, Rocha appears inside the area with a shot that is embedded in the back of the net
9:44 PM10 months ago


Rejection of Coffee Farmers after a shot by Millar
9:41 PM10 months ago


This is chaos! People get on the court and the whistler tries to calm them all down
9:40 PM10 months ago


He's leaving! The whistler expels the DT of Cafetaleros, Diego de la Torre
9:39 PM10 months ago


Phew! Center hits the post by the Monarchy and then Rocha appears but the goalkeeper avoids the second
9:33 PM10 months ago


Good center by Paolo Medina, but the defense is well stopped and rejects the danger
9:21 PM10 months ago


Good, Sosa! The goalkeeper comes out well and gets a dangerous ball
9:18 PM10 months ago


Close! Aristeguieta finishes off inside the area but fails to give direction to her shot and goes off to the side
9:18 PM10 months ago


Morelia goal! Rocha scores from eleven paces and Morelia already wins 
9:12 PM10 months ago


Penalty for Morelia! The referee points to a foul on Aristeguieta inside the box
9:09 PM10 months ago


Close to Morelia! Millar's auction that doesn't enter the arch of Cafetaleros
9:05 PM10 months ago


The match started stuck in a half-court full of fouls by both teams
8:59 PM10 months ago


Start the meeting back in Morelia!
8:57 PM10 months ago
Startup protocol is now in effect!
8:47 PM10 months ago

Cafetaleros: LineUp |

C. López; L. Venegas, L. Jacques; N. Olguín, N. Monge, F. Illanes, L. Cortés, L. Télles, E. García; I. Díaz, D. Imperiale.


8:44 PM10 months ago

Monarcas: LineUp |

S. Sosa; P. Medina, C. Vargas, S. Vegas, G. Achilier; M. Rodríguez, R. Millar, L. Mendoza, A. Rocha; C. Huerta, F. Aristeguieta
8:31 PM10 months ago
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8:16 PM10 months ago
The yellow and red dressing room is ready to receive the locals!
8:15 PM10 months ago
Cafetaleros also already have a presence at the Morelos Stadium, where they will be looking to sneak into the quarter-finals
8:13 PM10 months ago
Morelia ready for second leg of Round of 16
10:53 AM10 months ago
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10:51 AM10 months ago

How to watch Monarcas Morelia vs Cafetaleros Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TVC Deportes.

If you want to directly stream it: .

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

10:49 AM10 months ago

Cafetaleros: Last LineUp |

C. López: L. Venegas, L. Jacques; N. Monge, S. QAlmeida, L Cortés, J. Celaya, A. Zamorano, E. García; C. Bermúdez, I. Díaz
10:38 AM10 months ago

Monarcas: Last LineUp |

L. Malagón; P. Medina, C. Vargas, G. Achilier; M. Osuna, L. Villafañez, R. Méraz; C. Huerta, F. Aristeguieta, C. Ferreira, A. García.
10:32 AM10 months ago

Coffee farmers to keep the edge

Cafetaleros arrive with a three-goal margin in their favour and will be looking to either maintain the lead or increase it and qualify for the next round 
10:27 AM10 months ago

Morelia will seek to turn the tide

The locals are coming into this match with the overall score against them, as they lost four goals to one at Victor Manuel Reyna, so they will be looking for at least three goals tonight to tie the score and determine qualification on penalties
10:22 AM10 months ago

Kick-off time

The Monarcas Morelia vs Cafetaleros match will be played at the Morelos stadium, in Morelia, Michoacán. The kick-off is scheduled at 09:00pm ET.