Goals and Highlights: Atletico San Luis 2-2 Chivas Guadalajara in 2020 Liga MX


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8:09 PMa month ago

8:08 PMa month ago

The goal that equalized the game

8:04 PMa month ago

Full Time | Atletico San Luis 2-2 Chivas Guadalajara

A San Luis side that played better was able to get the draw in the last minutes of the game after Chivas had gone in front with two penalties.
8:00 PMa month ago


Last attempt for San Luis. The header goes above the goal.
7:58 PMa month ago

90'+1' | Atletico de San Luis GOOOOOOOOAL!

Berterame finds a rebound outside the box and shoots near the post. Rodríguez dives but is unable to get it out!
7:55 PMa month ago


Ibáñez heads the ball down inside the box looking for Pineda. The ball was going inside the goal, but Toño Rodríguez saves it with his right foot.
7:53 PMa month ago


Luis Reyes takes a free-kick looking for goal, but the attempt is too high to worry Rodríguez.
7:50 PMa month ago

83' | San Luis Substitution

Javier Cortés is replaced by Diego Pineda.
7:47 PMa month ago

79' | San Luis Substitution

Anderson Julio leaves his place for Ian González
7:43 PMa month ago


Ibáñez had assisted Berterame, but he has a bad control and the chance is wasted.
7:40 PMa month ago


Anderson Julio is able to reach the ball to try a header, but he's caught offside!
7:36 PMa month ago

72' | San Luis Substitution

Castro replaces Gallegos
7:35 PMa month ago


Catalán shoots wide.
7:33 PMa month ago

70' | Chivas Substitution

Vásquez comes in instead of Beltrán.
7:33 PMa month ago


Briseño does a great coverage to stop Ibáñez from scoring his second goal of the evening.
7:30 PMa month ago


Ponce shoots very wide from the target.
7:29 PMa month ago


Antuna saves Chivas twice with two headers right on the goal line!
7:25 PMa month ago

Ibáñez with the 1-2

7:24 PMa month ago


Escalante this time with the shot that is also deflected to corner kick.
7:22 PMa month ago

57' | Chivas Substitution

López leaves to allow Brizuela to come in.
7:21 PMa month ago


San Luis continues pressuring. Gallegos shoots from outside the box, but the ball is deflected to corner kick!
7:20 PMa month ago

55' | San Luis GOOOOOOAL!

Ibañez sends Rodríguez the wrong way to make it 1-2!
7:19 PMa month ago

53' | Penalty for San Luis!

The referee sees that Madueña pushes an opposing player and signals for a penalty kick.
7:17 PMa month ago


Beltrán has to be tended by the medical team as he seems to be injured after blocking a shot.
7:14 PMa month ago


Antuna shoots, but Rodríguez dives to make the save!
7:08 PMa month ago

45' | Start of the Second Half

We're underway with the last 45 minutes of the match between Atletico San Luis and Chivas.
7:08 PMa month ago

Half Time stats of San Luis vs Chivas


7:02 PMa month ago

Half Time | Atletico San Luis 0-2 Chivas Guadalajara

We go to the break with Chivas in front through two penalties.
6:53 PMa month ago


Ibañez dribbled twice inside the box, but as he was about to put the finishing touch, Briseño gets his head in the way to stop him from scoring.
6:50 PMa month ago

The goal from Peralta for the 2-0


6:47 PMa month ago


Five minutes of added time.
6:47 PMa month ago


Berterame strikes with his right from outside the box, but the ball ends up wide.
6:46 PMa month ago

42' | VAR Check: No penalty!

There's no contact between the players and the referee has to go back on his decision.
6:44 PMa month ago

39' | Penalty for San Luis!

The referee decides to signal a penalty for San Luis for a foul inside the box.

He'll have to review it using VAR.

6:42 PMa month ago

36' | Chivas GOOOOOOOOAL!

Peralta takes the penalty masterfully and Chivas is up by two!
6:38 PMa month ago

31' | VAR Check: Penalty for Chivas!

Escalante slides inside the box to get the ball from Peralta.

The referee reviews the play to see if there's a foul on the play.

He decides it's a penalty kick.

6:35 PMa month ago

31' | Chivas Substitution

An injured Mier is replaced by Antonio Briseño.
6:33 PMa month ago


Ibañez has a chance to shoot inside the box, but a sliding tackle from Mier saves Chivas.
6:32 PMa month ago


Cortés attempts a shot, but this time his attempt is wide.
6:29 PMa month ago


All of the San Luis players and a big portion of the stadium argue there's a handball inside the box after a shot from Berterame.
6:27 PMa month ago


Dangerous cross from Cortés. Rodríguez has to run a few yards to get to it and punches it out.
6:23 PMa month ago

López's goal for the 1-0

6:21 PMa month ago


Reyes looks for a shot from a distance, but Toño Rodríguez is there to make the save.
6:19 PMa month ago

15' | Chivas GOOOOOOOOAL!

López shoots with his left. Despite Rodríguez's best efforts, the ball goes in. Chivas is in front!
6:17 PMa month ago

13' | Penalty for Chivas!

Long ball looking for Antuna. The referee sees a contact from Escalante on the Chivas player and decides to signal for a penalty kick.
6:15 PMa month ago


Berterame has a chance to score after a good cross from Ibañez. Toño Rodríguez stops it with his left foot.
6:13 PMa month ago


Cortés with the first shot of the evening. The ball is over the crossbar.
6:10 PMa month ago


First few minutes of very hard fought in the midfield area. None of teams is able to create any danger yet.
6:07 PMa month ago

0' | Kick Off

We're underway with the match between Atletico San Luis and Chivas!
6:02 PMa month ago

Both teams step onto the pitch and we're just about ready to get this match underway!
5:59 PMa month ago

As both teams finish their warm ups, sun begins to set in San Luis.  We're minutes from the start of this exciting Liga MX match.

5:56 PMa month ago

Clear skies are expected for tonight's match between San Luis and Guadalajara.

We're 15 minutes away from kick off at Estadio Alfonso Lastras.

5:47 PMa month ago

This was the arrival of Chivas to the stadium where they hope to get their second win of the tournament.

5:46 PMa month ago

Chivas: Starting XI

Rodríguez;  Madueña, Ponce, Mier, Ponce; Molina, Beltrán, López, Antuna, Calderón; Peralta.

5:35 PMa month ago

Atletico San Luis: Starting XI

Rodríguez: Catalán, León, Escalantes, Reyes; Cortés, Gallegos, Julio, Mayada; Ibañez, Berterame.

5:26 PMa month ago

Fans have started arriving to Estadio Alfonso Lastras for tonight's match. The stadium might reach its full capacity well after the match has started as Friday is a busy traffic night in San Luis Potosí.

5:24 PMa month ago

The home team has made its arrival to Estadio Alfonso Lastras where they hope to win this important Liga MX match.

5:20 PMa month ago

Chivas will debut their all-white third uniform in their match against Atlético San Luis tonight.

5:17 PMa month ago

Mario de Luna, Dionicio Escalante, Óscar Macías & Diego Hernández are current players members of the teams that have defended both shirts.
5:11 PMa month ago

Last Meeting

The most recent duel between Guadalajara and San Luis was in Matchday 4 of 2019 Apertura.  Chivas won 3-0 at Estadio Akron.
5:08 PMa month ago

LIVE Coverage Begins

Our LIVE coverage begins from Estadio Alfonso Lastras. Don't miss a detail from Atletico San Luis vs Chivas Guadalajara!
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10:59 AMa month ago

Chivas: Last Starting Line Up

Rodríguez; Sánchez, Mier, Sepúlveda, Ponce; Molina, Beltrán, Brizuela, López, Antuna; Cisneros.
10:55 AMa month ago

Atletico San Luis: Last Starting Line Up

Rodríguez; Catalán, Reyes, Escalante, León; Castro, Gallegos, Cortés, Mayada; Berterame, Ibañez.
10:55 AMa month ago

Anderson Julio from Atlético de San Luis seems excited to play against Guadalajara.

The player from Ecuador expressed that he's thrilled to be in a league as strong as Liga MX and said that he hopes to score against Chivas.

10:53 AMa month ago

Chivas arrived last night at their hotel in San Luis Potosí to a huge reaction to the fans that were waiting for them.

It will be the first time that Chivas plays at Estadio Alfonso Lastras since the 2012 Apertura.


10:50 AMa month ago

Tonight's Officiating Team

The  referee of this Atletico San Luis vs Chivas match will be Fernado Guerrero.

Alberto Morín & Jorge Antonio Sánchez will be the assistant referees.

Louis Adrián Vielmas will serve as the fourth official.
10:47 AMa month ago

To stay strong

San Luis has had a surprising start and remains undefeated after three games of the 2020 Clausura.

Their debut was a 0-0 away from home against Tigres. Then they beat Cruz Azul at home by a 2-1 and kept the momentum going with a 1-1 draw in Aguascalientes facing Necaxa.

A win tonight would place them temporarily top of the league.

10:45 AMa month ago

Chivas looks to win again

Chivas arrives to this game with six undefeated games in Liga MX.

Despite a strong start against FC Juárez, Guadalajara has not been able to get another victory and will look to do so tonight against San Luis.

The injuries of Macías, Vega, Sánchez and the the one-game suspension of Cisneros will cause some changes in the starting line up from Luis Fernando Tena.

10:38 AMa month ago

The Atletico San Luis vs Chivas Guadalajara match will be played at the Estadio Alfonso Lastras, in San Luis, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00pm ET.

10:34 AMa month ago

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