Goals and Highlights: Atlas 1-3 Monarcas Morelia, 2020 Liga MX
Image: VAVEL


10:17 PM12 days ago


Acosta's shot that goes way off
10:06 PM12 days ago


Morelia goal! Aristeguieta appears behind Valdivia's center and extends the advantage
10:02 PM12 days ago


Change of Morelia. Quick' Mendoza by Mario Osuna
10:00 PM12 days ago


Well Abella back that bursts the spherical and prevents the generation of danger
10:00 PM12 days ago


Monarchs forgive! Play that the visitors do not take advantage and after a series of passes inside the area of Atlas, they end up giving the ball to Vargas
9:59 PM12 days ago


He's going! Jairo Torres is thrown out by a strong entry on Aldo Rocha
9:56 PM12 days ago


VAR! Guerrero to review in video arbitration a possible expulsion on Torres
9:56 PM12 days ago


Change of Morelia. Lucas Villafañez joins for Martín Rodríguez
9:53 PM12 days ago


That good center of Jeraldino, but better Sosa who attentive reaches that spherical
9:51 PM12 days ago


Last change of Atlas. Isijara leaves and Mauricio Cuero enters in his place
9:49 PM12 days ago


Morelia goal! Great play by Morelia that ends in a header by Achilier and scores the second
9:45 PM12 days ago


Doorman! Sosa guesses the direction of Jeraldino's shot and prevents Atlas from getting ahead of the game
9:40 PM12 days ago


Penalty for Atlas! The whistle signals the maximum penalty in favour of the locals
9:38 PM12 days ago


VAR! The referee will check a play in the Morelia area, where the visiting player contacted his hand with the ball
9:37 PM12 days ago


Atlas' good play culminates in Correa's shot, but the attentive defence prevents the ball from reaching the goal
9:37 PM12 days ago

This was Correa's celebration after scoring the equalizer

9:33 PM12 days ago


Correa's left-handed shot and the ball goes over the side of the goal
9:24 PM12 days ago


Atlas goal! A big mistake by Sosa who tries to send a service to Jara, Luciano Acosta appears stealing the ball, he puts a centre for Correa and the latter finishes off 
9:23 PM12 days ago


The second half begins in the Jalisco stadium


9:18 PM12 days ago


Change of Atlas before the start of the second half. Manuel Balda leaves and Jairo Torres takes his place
9:17 PM12 days ago


End of the first part, Monarcas goes to the dressing room with the advantage

9:03 PM12 days ago


Dangerous play by Luciano Acosta, but he puts the ball well forward and ends up in the hands of Sosa
9:02 PM12 days ago


Good, Saldivar! The defender cuts well a dangerous ball that went right to Vargas' goal
8:59 PM12 days ago


Change of Atlas. Lorenzo Reyes leaves due to injury, Edgar Saldivar joins
8:53 PM12 days ago


Morelia goal! Ortíz appears after Aristeguieta's Chilean and slightly deflects the ball to enter the goal
8:52 PM12 days ago


Phew! Arrival from Morelia, but they can't connect well with the ball and Vargas deflects that ball

8:52 PM12 days ago


Defense! Good center of Valdivia, which Nervo manages to divert and avoid the danger
8:45 PM12 days ago


Both Atlas and Morelia have had moves in the opposition's area, but without generating any major danger


8:39 PM12 days ago


Vargas! Trallazo de Valdivia and the archer avoids the first one with a great save
8:32 PM12 days ago


What a good move! Excellent wall of Jeraldino that leaves the ball in Correa, this last one sends his shot to the stands
8:29 PM12 days ago


No team has managed to have dangerous arrivals in the first few minutes
8:23 PM12 days ago


Day five of the tournament kicks off!
8:16 PM12 days ago

It's time!

The teams are already jumping into the field for the startup protocol
8:12 PM12 days ago

Atlas already jumps to warm up before the match against Morelia



8:00 PM12 days ago

Monarcas: LineUp |

S. Sosa; S. Vegas, J. Ortíz, G. Jara, G. Achilier; J. Valdivia, M. Rodríguez, L. Mendoza, A. Rocha; F. Aristeguieta, M. Sansores

7:58 PM12 days ago

Atlas: LineUp

C. Vargas; H. Nervo, I. Govea, J. Abella, G. Conti; M. Balda, L. Reyes, J. Isijara; I. Jeraldino, L. Acosta, M. Correa


7:58 PM12 days ago

We're already inside the stadium! There's less than an hour to go before the game starts

7:44 PM12 days ago

Atlas has a head start when talking about the matches between these teams, check out how many victories they have had
7:31 PM12 days ago

Morelia arrives at Jalisco Stadium to play its fifth match
7:21 PM12 days ago

We're already at the Jalisco stadium!

Be sure to follow the best information about the game in VAVEL

7:19 PM12 days ago

The Red and Black dressing room is ready to receive the locals


7:17 PM12 days ago

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How to watch Atlas vs Monarcas Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TV Azteca, Fox Sports.

If you want to directly stream it: TV Azteca App, Fox Sports App.

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2:23 PM12 days ago

Monarcas: Last LineUp |

S. Sosa; E. Velarde, S. Vegas, J. Martínez, G. Achilier; J. Valdivia, M. Rodríguez, R. Millar, L. Mendoza; A. Rocha, F. Aristeguieta
2:22 PM12 days ago

Atlas: Last LineUp |

C. Vargas; H. Nervo, I. Govea, J. Abella; I. Torres, U. Cardona, L. Reyes, A. Márquez; I. Jeraldino, L. QAcosta, C. Trejo
2:18 PM12 days ago

Monarchs need to win

The red and yellow team is urging for a victory, since out of five games played they have only added one unit, the last game they lost in the final minutes against Leon


2:14 PM12 days ago

2:10 PM12 days ago

Atlas will seek to establish itself with its hobby

The Red-and-black team arrives to this duel after beating Xolos in Jalisco, two goals to one, it is important to remember that in this duel there was no entrance of the fans since it was behind closed doors after the stadium was banned because of the homophobic shout


2:01 PM12 days ago

Kick-off time |

The Atlas vs Monarcas match will be played at the Jalisco stadium, in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The kick-off is scheduled at 09:15pm ET.
1:59 PM12 days ago

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