Highlights and goals: USWNT 4-0 Mexico, 2020 Preolympic CONCACAF
Photo: VAVEL



Finish the game. The United States defeats Mexico 4-0 and the American team will be in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
10:04 PM11 days ago


Add two minutes.
10:02 PM11 days ago


Horan shot in the small area and managed to stop Alvarado.
9:59 PM11 days ago


Change of Mexico. Jaqueline Ovalle leaves, Diana Evangelista enters.
9:54 PM11 days ago


Rose Lavelle comes out. Enter Lindsey Horan.
9:48 PM11 days ago

72' USA Goal

Great definition from above by Christen Press.
9:45 PM11 days ago


Tobin Heath's head shot from Alvarado.
9:44 PM11 days ago


Change from the United States. Megan Rapinoe out, Lynn Williams in.
9:43 PM11 days ago


Change of Mexico. Enter Kenti Robles. Bianca Sierra leaves.
9:42 PM11 days ago

66' USA Goal

Free throw charged by Samantah Mewis.
9:40 PM11 days ago


Yellow card for Blanca Sierra, free kick for the United States.
9:37 PM11 days ago


Incredible failure by Carlie Loyd who misses with the goal open in the small area.
9:32 PM11 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Kiana Palacios, which is easily stopped by the U.S. goalkeeper
9:24 PM11 days ago


Volley shot by Carlie Loyd that goes over the frame.
9:21 PM11 days ago


Bissel Dawn shoots in a pre-fabricated move that goes one way.
9:20 PM11 days ago


Jimena Lopez is missing from Loyd. Dangerous free throw for the United States.
9:18 PM11 days ago


Start the second half.
9:17 PM11 days ago


The first half is over. The United States defeats Mexico 2-0 thanks to goals from Lavelle and Heath.
9:00 PM11 days ago


Weak finish by Kiana Palacios stopping the goalkeeper.
8:57 PM11 days ago


Carlie Loyd's center shot that covers in a good way Alvarado.
8:46 PM11 days ago


Daniela Espinosa's dangerous center, the U.S. defense manages to cover the pass.
8:43 PM11 days ago


Shot inside the area by  Rose Lavell's passing through the side of the goal.
8:40 PM11 days ago


Shot by Rose Labell, hit on Farias and cut off Alvarado.
8:36 PM11 days ago

13' USA Goal

Goal in fixed tactics. Cobra Megan Rapinoe takes the corner and Tobin Heath is on first post.
8:30 PM11 days ago

4' USA Goal

Rose Lavelle enters the area and cross-fire opens the scoreboard.
8:21 PM11 days ago


Goal annulled to the United States for out of place.
8:19 PM11 days ago


Julie Ertz's head shot that goes through the side.
8:18 PM11 days ago


Shot by Megan Rapinoe going over the top of Alvarado's wall.
8:17 PM11 days ago


Start the match.
8:15 PM11 days ago

Now the U.S. National Anthem is being sung.
8:11 PM11 days ago

The Mexican National Anthem is playing.
8:10 PM11 days ago

Both teams are off to the Carson field for the National Anthem ceremony.
8:04 PM11 days ago

Starting XI México

7:48 PM11 days ago

Starting XI USA

7:46 PM11 days ago

Mexico will be playing in their white uniform tonight.

7:44 PM11 days ago

Last lineup USWNT

Naeher; Dunn, Sonnett, Mewis, Dahlkemper, Krieger, Ertz, Horan, Lloyd, McDonald, Press. 
12:33 PM11 days ago

Last lineup Mexico

Alvarado, Sierra, Farias, Orejel, López, Mayor, Bernal, Ovalle, Mercado, Espinosa, Cuellar


12:29 PM11 days ago

Mexico goes for the surprise

It is a miracle that the Mexican team was able to get a draw in the semi-final against the United States. Cristopher Cuellar's team will try to return to the Olympic Games and give a world surprise by defeating the best team in the world.

12:24 PM11 days ago

USWNT with an overwhelming step

The United States team had an overwhelming success in the group phase. They scored more than four goals per game and finished first in their group. Now they will be looking for their ticket to the Olympics against Mexico. 

12:20 PM11 days ago

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