Goals and Highlights: FC Juárez 2-1 Necaxa, 2020 Liga MX
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8:57 PM10 days ago

End game

Juárez 2-1 Necaxa
8:53 PM10 days ago


Baeza's free shot that goes over the bow
8:51 PM10 days ago


Lopez, of all people, is cautioned on the outskirts of the area
8:50 PM10 days ago


Add 5 more minutes
8:48 PM10 days ago


Quiroga's head goes over the frame
8:47 PM10 days ago


Shot from Leyva. Necaxa fence
8:43 PM10 days ago


Direct free throw that rejects Yosgart to the side.

Change of Juarez, goodbye Salgal, enters Rubio

8:41 PM10 days ago


Necaxa's last change. Arce leaves and Leiva enters
8:39 PM10 days ago


Necaxa has been unresponsive and Juarez's third most likely
8:36 PM10 days ago


Shot too far away from Sagal to cause any danger
8:33 PM10 days ago


Alvarez leaves and enters Salas instead of Necaxa
8:26 PM10 days ago


Heading off Juarez that doesn't cause any dangerous major.

Change of Necaxa. Chavez leaves and enters Madrigal

8:14 PM10 days ago

Goal of Juárez 2-1

8:10 PM10 days ago


Goooooal of Juárez

Rabuñal makes the 2-1 against the bad start of the goalkeeper

8:06 PM10 days ago


The second half starts
8:02 PM10 days ago

Half time

Juárez 1-1 Necaxa
7:47 PM10 days ago


Shot by Delgado that cuts Vazquez Mellado
7:46 PM10 days ago


Rolan leaves and Sandoval enters. First change of Juarez.
7:45 PM10 days ago

Goal of Juárez 1-1

7:44 PM10 days ago


Diego Rolan leaves the field injured
7:42 PM10 days ago


Goooooooooooooal of Juárez

Velazquez's strong header and stance to tie the game 1-1

7:39 PM10 days ago


A possible penalty from Yosgart is requested from Lezcano, but the whistle indicates a corner kick
7:38 PM10 days ago

Goal of Necaxa 1-0

7:34 PM10 days ago


Alvarez cautioned for a tough midfield entry
7:33 PM10 days ago


Goal of Necaxa

Goalkeeper's shot that defines Baeza for 1-0

7:30 PM10 days ago


The ball crashed into the post. Lezcano takes the shot that beats Yosgart, but fails to find the goal fortune
7:27 PM10 days ago


Quiroga's direct free kick, but reaches the hands of Vazquez Mellado
7:24 PM10 days ago


Rolan's delayed diagonal where they claimed a possible hand that the whistler ignored
7:18 PM10 days ago


Rolan's shot at the first post goes slightly off
7:15 PM10 days ago


Center on fixed tactical play that easily reaches Yosgart
7:14 PM10 days ago


Alvarez was looking to overflow, but was slowed down by the defensive
7:06 PM10 days ago


Heading a corner kick into the hands of Yosgart
7:04 PM10 days ago


Lezcano arrives at the baseline, but is stopped by the defense and commands a corner kick
7:03 PM10 days ago


The game begins
7:00 PM10 days ago

At this moment the Liga MX hymn is sung and the teams take to the field
6:56 PM10 days ago

We are minutes away from the start of the game at the border to close this date 5. Don't miss it.
6:55 PM10 days ago

Así calentó el Necaxa previo al quinto juego del Clausura 2020 de la Liga MX

6:50 PM10 days ago

In case of winning, Necaxa would be reaching the third position, only behind León and Pumas
6:48 PM10 days ago

The Bravos have been a team that has surprised due to its pleasant vertical football, combined with the fact that they defend well and, except in the game against Pumas, the defense has behaved at height
6:37 PM10 days ago

XI Necaxa

6:29 PM10 days ago

XI Juárez

6:26 PM10 days ago

Only one match in the MX League has been played by these two teams
6:21 PM10 days ago

Necaxa has become accustomed to being a good team as a visitor, having won in eight of the last ten occasions
6:20 PM10 days ago

Juarez has two consecutive victories against Morelia and America, where it has scored three goals in both games
6:17 PM10 days ago

This is how the Lightning arrived at the Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium
Photo: Rayos
Photo: Rayos
6:09 PM10 days ago

FC Juarez will have a midweek commitment when they visit the Dorados de Sinaloa for the quarterfinals of the MX Cup
6:03 PM10 days ago

Whatever happens, both teams will finish in the top eight after five dates
6:03 PM10 days ago

We close the curtain on round 5 of the MX League with two teams packed, as FC Juarez will host Necaxa
6:02 PM10 days ago

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Latest games

Final third In the last five games, Necaxa has the advantage with four wins and a draw, although this last result has been the only one in the Liga MX.
10:59 PM12 days ago

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10:59 PM12 days ago

Key player Necaxa

Few bet on him, but Quiroga has been one of the best reinforcements that have come in recent tournaments to Mexican football
10:59 PM12 days ago

Key player FC Juárez

Verticality at the front and contribution with much clarity is what gives Rolán to this team
10:58 PM12 days ago

Last lineup of Necaxa

Gutiérrez; Chávez, Noya, Alvarado, Sandoval; Delgado, Baeza, Arce, Álvarez; Quiroga, Chávez.
10:58 PM12 days ago

Last lineup of FC Juarez

Vázquez; Jiménez, Romo, Velázquez, López; Esquivel, Intriago, Rolán, Santos, Fernández; Lezcano.
10:58 PM12 days ago

The refereeing quartet

The central whistle of this FC Juarez vs Necaxa will be Jorge Antonio Perez Duran; Miguel Hernandez, first line; Cesar Cerritos, second line; Edgar Rangel, fourth assistant.
10:58 PM12 days ago

Last result: Necaxa

The Rayos salvage last-minute draw against Monterrey midweek
10:58 PM12 days ago

Last result: FC Juarez

The borderers have come from hitting America 3-1.
10:57 PM12 days ago

Necaxa: continue to score points

After a double-header where they scored four points, they will be looking to round it off with a win at the border
10:57 PM12 days ago

FC Juarez: maintaining inertia

The Bravos have won twice in a row and will be looking to pick up three in a row for the first time in their history.
10:57 PM12 days ago

Kick-off time

The FC Juárez vs Necaxa match will be played at the stadium Olímpico Benito Juárez, in Ciudad Juárez, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 9 pm ET.
10:57 PM12 days ago

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