Goals and Highlights: Cruz Azul 3-1 Pachuca in Liga MX Clausura 2020
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Goals and Highlights: Cruz Azul 3-1 Pachuca

6:08 PM11 days ago

With this result, Cruz Azul reached seven units and Pachuca were left with four. On the sixth date, the 'Máquina' will visit Chivas, while Pachuca will host Puebla.
6:06 PM11 days ago

Finish the game!

There's no time for more.
5:59 PM11 days ago


For double yellow cardboard, Luis Chávez is expelled and leaves Pachuca with 10 elements
5:58 PM11 days ago


Se añaden seis minutos
5:53 PM11 days ago


Third movement of Cruz Azul: Santiago Giménez leaves and Orbelín Pineda enters
5:53 PM11 days ago


Last change for Pachuca: Cristian Souza enters for Raul Lopez
5:52 PM11 days ago


Gustavo Cabral joins the warned
5:51 PM11 days ago


Juan Escobar defines below and increases the difference in the score
5:49 PM11 days ago


Jonathan Rodriguez defines perfectly and gives the advantage to the sky-blue team
5:46 PM11 days ago


After checking in the VAR, Saul Silva scores penalty for Cruz Azul for a foul on Hernandez by Tapia
5:44 PM11 days ago


Second change of Pachuca: Juan Iturbe enters for Víctor Dávila
5:38 PM11 days ago


After checking in the VAR, for an iron on Oscar Murillo, Pablo Ceppelini leaves expelled.
5:38 PM11 days ago


First movement of Pachuca: Kazim Richards leaves and Franco Jara enters
5:31 PM11 days ago


Second change of 'La Máquina': Pablo Ceppelini enters and Roberto Alvarado leaves
5:26 PM11 days ago


First movement of Cruz Azul: Juan Escobar enters through Igor Lichnovsky, who leaves through injury
5:22 PM11 days ago


Santiago Giménez defines satin and cross to even the score
5:20 PM11 days ago


Luis Chávez passes the 'Tuzos' after finishing off with the head
5:17 PM11 days ago


Powerful shot by Luis Chávez that Corona manages to repel with his fists
5:11 PM11 days ago


Start the supplemental part!
5:07 PM11 days ago


Finish the first half!
4:51 PM11 days ago


Good collective play by Pachuca that ends with a shot by Dávila that is contained by Corona
4:50 PM11 days ago


Almost! Victor Davila's header hits the left post of Cruz Azul
4:47 PM11 days ago


Good intervention by Oscar Murillo to prevent Santiago Giménez from controlling the ball and profiling it towards the visiting area
4:37 PM11 days ago


Again, the collation stops for the medical assistance to come in, now to attend Gustavo Cabral
4:33 PM11 days ago


For a strong entrance on Pablo Aguilar, Luis Chávez takes the first preventive card of the meeting
4:26 PM11 days ago


Erick Aguirre's header passing over the top of the local goal
4:23 PM11 days ago


Party stops for Victor Davila to get medical attention
4:16 PM11 days ago


Shot at half height by Jonathan Rodriguez that Alfonso Blanco controls with both hands
4:13 PM11 days ago


Victor Davila's shot no longer counts after an offside by Kazim Richards, who had assisted him
4:12 PM11 days ago


The action starts in the Estadio Azteca!
4:05 PM11 days ago

The 22 protagonists are already on the pitch 
4:03 PM11 days ago

Pachuca: Substitutes

O. Ustari; B. Galindo, E. Orona, C. Souza, J. Iturbe, F. Jara y J. Gómez
3:52 PM11 days ago

Cruz Azul: Substitutes

S. Jurado; J. Escobar, P. Ceppelini, A. Castro, M. Domínguez, O. Pineda y L. Passerini
3:51 PM11 days ago

Pachuca: Lineup

A. Blanco; M. Tapias, R. López, G. Cabral, O. Murillo, R. Sambueza, E. Aguirre, J. Hernández (C), L. Chávez, V. Dávila y K. Richards.
3:39 PM11 days ago

Cruz Azul: Lineup

J. Corona; J. Domínguez, I. Lichnovsky, L. Romo, A. Aldrete, P. Aguilar, E. Hernández, R. Baca, R. Alvarado, J. Rodríguez y S. Giménez
3:38 PM11 days ago

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11:47 AM11 days ago

How to watch Cruz Azul vs Pachuca Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: Univisión.

If you want to directly stream it: TUDN App.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

11:46 AM11 days ago

Pachuca: Last lineup

A. Blanco; M. Tapias, G. Cabral, O. Murillo, R. López; R. Sambueza, J. Hernández (C), L. Chávez, E. Aguirre; K. Richards y V. Dávila.
11:43 AM11 days ago

Cruz Azul: Last lineup

J. Corona (C); J. Domínguez, I. Lichnovsky, P. Aguilar, A. Aldrete; E. Hernández, L. Romo, R. Baca, R. Alvarado; J. Rodríguez y S. Giménez.
11:43 AM11 days ago

Pachuca: team news

In the face of this party, Miguel Tapias spoke of his work in Paulo Pezzolano's
11:42 AM11 days ago

Cruz Azul: team news

 These are the elements called for by 'La Máquina' to confront Pachuca
11:36 AM11 days ago

To be more regular

Pachuca, for their part, are also accumulating points, having won one, drawn one and lost one.
The previous Saturday they beat Tigres 2-0 at home, with goals from Richards and Gutierrez.
11:31 AM11 days ago

In search of more constancy

Cruz Azul's team has four points, the product of one win, one draw and two losses.
Last week, they let the win go when they drew with Toluca at Nemesio Diez at the last minute.
11:29 AM11 days ago

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