Goals and Highlights: Querétaro 1-2 América , 2020 Liga MX
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7:11 PM10 days ago

Resumen| J5| Querétaro vs América| Clausura 2020

7:07 PM10 days ago

90' + 5, GAME OVER! 
America takes the three points from Corregidora. 
6:57 PM10 days ago

90´ +3
Yellow card for Giovani Dos Santos of América.
6:54 PM10 days ago

90´ +2
Change of America Sale López, Enter Sánchez. 
6:53 PM10 days ago

90´ + 1
Querétaro takes a powerful shot that passes by. 
6:52 PM10 days ago

Five minutes will be added to the meeting. 
6:52 PM10 days ago

Yellow card for Gonzalez de América.
6:46 PM10 days ago

80' CHANGE! 
Out, Henry Martin, In: Santigo Caséres 
6:43 PM10 days ago

Yellow card for Ariel Nahuelpan from Querétaro. 
6:40 PM10 days ago

73' GOAL! 
Andrés Ibargüen's double and he says goodbye to the game. 
6:37 PM10 days ago

Lopez leaves, Orejuela enters.
6:34 PM10 days ago

Querétaro missed a play that hit the outside. Match worked in half court no one wants to make mistakes. 
6:33 PM10 days ago

Querétaro woke up and fired a shot that Guillermo Ochoa perfectly controlled.
6:28 PM10 days ago

63' CHANGE! Exit; Jeison Lucumí, Enter Paolo Yrizar de Querétaro.
6:23 PM10 days ago

The visitors touch the ball but it lacks creativity. 
6:23 PM10 days ago

Long-distance America is trying to surprise. 
6:11 PM10 days ago

47´ America continues to hurt from the backlash.
6:08 PM10 days ago

Yellow card for Enrique López from Querétaro.
6:08 PM10 days ago

Changes are expected in the starting eleven
6:06 PM10 days ago

In the final part Querétaro tied the score. 
5:53 PM10 days ago

45' GOAL! Nahuelpan heads in the last seconds of the first half to make the goal that ties the game.
5:48 PM10 days ago

Three more minutes of action is added.
5:47 PM10 days ago

America doesn't want to go out with a goal and is looking to increase the lead by air and by land.  
5:46 PM10 days ago

Querétaro tries the counterpunch but lacks ideas. 
5:43 PM10 days ago

America takes control of the ball. Querétaro plays in the defensive zone to contain the attacks.
5:39 PM10 days ago

Richar Sanchez settles down and turns his head. Querétaro's defense is attacked by the visiting offense. 
5:34 PM10 days ago

27' GOAL! 
America makes the first Ibargüen sends in a superb score. 
5:31 PM10 days ago

Match locked on the half-court.  
5:24 PM10 days ago

Cordova crosses over with his head and passes by. 
5:19 PM10 days ago

Querétaro was saved. Henry Martin failed to determine.
5:18 PM10 days ago

Querétaro in touching play by little surprise. Ochoa's second intervention in the match. 
5:14 PM10 days ago

The local back line stops the America from hitting. 
5:11 PM10 days ago

Querétaro also plays an approach. 
5:09 PM10 days ago

Paul Aguilar pulls out the rosy post. 
5:07 PM10 days ago

Paul Aguilar pulls out the rosy post. 
5:07 PM10 days ago

Nahuelpan already tried the first one. It goes over the frame. 
5:04 PM10 days ago

5:01 PM10 days ago


XI Querétaro | lcalá; Castillo, Velázquez, López, Aguilar; Ruíz, Gómez, Aboagye, Perlaza; Lucumí, Nahuelpan.
4:54 PM10 days ago


XI América | Ochoa; Aguilar, Valdez, Aguilera, Fuentes; Ibargüen, González, R. Sánchez, Córdova; Giovani; Martín.
4:52 PM10 days ago

That's what Corregidora Stadium looks like! 

Querétaro looking to stay on top. 

4:49 PM10 days ago

The facilities of the Corregidora were armored. To avoid lawsuits 600 elements will watch over the followers of Querétaro and America. 
4:27 PM10 days ago

America is already in Corregidora Stadium.
4:00 PM10 days ago

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11:56 AM10 days ago

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11:55 AM10 days ago

Querétaro; Last Lineup

Querétaro; Alcalá, Velázquez, Castillo, Hernández, López, Aboagye, Ruiz, Perlaza, Gómez, Lucumí y Triverio.
11:53 AM10 days ago

América; Last Lineup

América; Ochoa, Aguilar, Valdez, Aguilera, Fuentes, Sánchez, Córodova, Suárez, Ibargüen, Dos Santos, Martín.
11:50 AM10 days ago

Arbitration Body

Central Referee Querétaro vs America; will be Oscar Macias.

Assisted by Kiabek Espinoza and Antonio Sanchez from the lines. 

Fourth official will be Alfonso Caceres.

11:45 AM10 days ago

The movement around the Corregidora Stadium prior to the Querétaro vs America J5 match has already begun.
11:38 AM10 days ago


For this encounter in the field of Roosters a full one is expected due to the proximity that has both cities and the amount of fans who summon. 
11:35 AM10 days ago


America will not travel with a full complement of staff. Escoboza suffered a sprain in a training crash. 
11:32 AM10 days ago

Querétaro knows how to sing loudly in the present Clausura 2020. In their only home game, they beat Xolos de Tijuana 3-0.
11:17 AM10 days ago

America has won by the slightest of margins in the J1 against Puebla as an away team, as well as another draw in the J3 against Xolos at the Caliente Stadium, remaining undefeated in this year's Clausura 2020. 
11:14 AM10 days ago

On the one hand, the Querétaro team wants to confirm their good progress and climb to the top of the tournament. They are currently in second place and a victory would be crucial, while the America team is in ninth place with 7 points and knows that if they miss out on more points, the final stretch of the tournament will cost them. 
11:11 AM10 days ago

Querétaro and América' team will play this match at the Corregidora Stadium's court, located in the capital city, which has a capacity for more than 30 thousand people. The time for the dispute will be 19:00 hrs. ET
11:06 AM10 days ago

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