Highlights and goals: Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey on 2020 Copa MX


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7:54 PM7 days ago

End of the game

That is the end of the game in Torreón. Everything will be defined in the second leg match. Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:53 PM7 days ago


RED CARD! Santos' coach, Jorge Almada, is ejected.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:52 PM7 days ago


There will be 4 minutes of edditional time for this game.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:49 PM7 days ago


Change by Monterrey.

Out: Vincent Janssen

In: Eduardo Banda

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:48 PM7 days ago


Santos has the ball for a longer time, but Monterrey's approaches seem more dangerous.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:43 PM7 days ago


Yellow card. Monterrey's coach, Antonio Mohamed, is warned.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:38 PM7 days ago



Between fouls and collisions, the second half has been very stuck for both teams.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey


7:37 PM7 days ago


Yellow card. Santos' Octavio Rivero is warned.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:34 PM7 days ago


Change by Santos.

Out: Diego Valdés

In: Fernando Gorriarán

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:33 PM7 days ago


Change by Monterrey.

Out: Aké Loba

In: César Montes

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:29 PM7 days ago


Rayados begins to take control of the game.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:27 PM7 days ago


The game is stopped due to a ball shot suffered by Hugo Rodríguez.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:23 PM7 days ago


Couple of changes by Santos.

Out: Carlos Orrantia; Eduardo Aguirre

In: Brian Lozano; Eryc Castillo

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:19 PM7 days ago


Rayados comes close to the first goal, but it all ends on a goal kick.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:16 PM7 days ago


There are still no dangerous plays in this second half's start.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:13 PM7 days ago


Yellow card. Monterrey's Jonathan González is warned.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:08 PM7 days ago

Start of the second half

The second half is already being played in Torreón.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

7:03 PM7 days ago

Half time

That's the end of the first half at Corona Stadium.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:47 PM7 days ago

45' First half

1 more minute will be played before halftime.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:46 PM7 days ago

40' First half

Santos has had more chances to score in this first half.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:41 PM7 days ago

35' First half

Rayados has changed its tactical lineup a little after the Kranevitter's exit. There's more people in midfield.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:37 PM7 days ago

33' First half

Change by Monerrey.

Out: Matías Kranevitter

In: Jesús Gallardo

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:35 PM7 days ago

30' First half

The home team seems to be more confident after 30 minutes.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:31 PM7 days ago

27' First half

Now, both teams have had good chances to attack.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:28 PM7 days ago

24' First half

Octavio Rivero comes close to scoring the first for Santos. Great save by Luis Cárdenas.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:26 PM7 days ago

20' First half

Luis Cárdenas saves the penalty shot by Diego Valdés.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:22 PM7 days ago

18' First half

PENALTY FOR SANTOS! Edson Gutiérrez hits the ball with his left hand.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:21 PM7 days ago

15' Primer tiempo

Rayados starts to push from high up in the Santos' side of the field.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:16 PM7 days ago

15' First half

Dangerous shot by Arturo Gonzalez. Monterrey knocks on the door.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:14 PM7 days ago

10' First half

Both teams continue to study each other.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:11 PM7 days ago

07' First half

Diego Valdes makes the first shot on goal of the match.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:09 PM7 days ago

5' First half

Monterrey seems to be better off on the field.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:06 PM7 days ago

Game starts!

The ball is already rolling on the field of Corona Stadium.

Santos 0 - 0 Monterrey

6:01 PM7 days ago

Rayados lineup

These are the 11 players who will take on the field for Monterrey.

Picture: Rayados de Monterey
Picture: Rayados de Monterey
5:54 PM7 days ago

Stay tuned!

We are just minutes away from the match between Santos Laguna and Rayados de Monterrey.

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5:49 PM7 days ago

Debut at Corona Stadium

Matias Kranevitter as a member of Monterrey in tonight's game.


5:42 PM7 days ago

Santos lineup

Santos will start the match with these 11 players:

C. Acevedo; G. Arteaga, F. Torres, H. Rodríguez, J. Díaz; A. Cervantes, E. Orrantia, A. Lozano, D. Valdés; E. Aguirre, O. Rivero.


5:31 PM7 days ago

Santos, slightly favorite

According to the betting sites, the home team has a small advantage for tonight's game.

If you bet on Santos and he wins, you'll get $35 for every $100. On the other hand, if Rayados wins, those who bet on the Antonio Mohamed's team will get $90 for every $100.

5:16 PM7 days ago

Who you got?

Santos wants to make the best of its home advantage to get a good result for the second leg, but faces Monterrey, who has the best offense in the tournament.

5:07 PM7 days ago

They're already home.

The 'Guerreros' are already in the Corona Stadium to play against Rayados.


5:03 PM7 days ago

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6:10 PM8 days ago

Santos needs to make the most of its home

Santos will have to take advantage of his home status if it is to stand a chance in the return match.

An unfavourable result would be very difficult for Jorge Almada's players to overcome in the Stell Giant of Monterrey.

6:04 PM8 days ago

They want a safe return

Monterrey has the advantage of closing this quarterfinal key at home.

However, Antonio Mohamed's squad will be keen to avoid any complications, so his players will need to be at their best when they visit Santos.

6:01 PM8 days ago

Rayados' path

In the round of 16, Monterrey beat Celaya 3 - 4 in the first leg.

When they received the return leg, the team of Antonio Mohamed had no problem and won by 3 - 0, ensuring a favorable 7 - 3 aggregate.

5:57 PM8 days ago

How did Santos get here?

Jorge Almada's team faced Pumas in the round of 16.

Santos defeated the capital's team by 4 - 2 in the first leg and, although they fell by 2 - 1 in the second game, the 5 - 4 aggregate was enough for the Torreón team to advance to the next round.

5:53 PM8 days ago

Last playoff

At the end of last year, Santos and Rayados met in the quarterfinals of Liga MX.

The Monterrey team won by an aggregate score of 6 - 3, thus eliminating the number one team in the Apertura 2019 tournament.

5:47 PM8 days ago

How to watch Santos Laguna vs Rayados de Monterrey Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: Fox Deportes.

If you want to directly stream it: Fox Play.

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5:43 PM8 days ago

Key player Monterrey

Vincent Janssen is top scorer in this edition of Copa MX.

The Dutchman has five goals, so Santos' defence will have to pay special attention to the 'Bull'.

5:35 PM8 days ago

Key player Santos

Octavio Rivero has been the most productive player for Santos in this cup tournament.

The Uruguayan striker has three goals in his three games, making him the top scorer of the Laguna team in this competition.

5:32 PM8 days ago

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