Goals and Highlights: Xolos de Tijuana 3-1 Monarcas Morelia in 2020 Copa MX
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9:54 PM8 days ago

Full Time | Xolos 3-1 Monarcas

Tijuana takes a strong lead in the first leg of the Quarterfinals.
9:51 PM8 days ago


Three minutes are added.
9:49 PM8 days ago

Video goal Xolos


That's how Erick Torres converted the penalty to make it 3-1.



9:47 PM8 days ago


Change of Xolos. Enter Bryan Angulo, exit Erick Torres.
9:46 PM8 days ago

Video goal Xolos

This was the score that made the game 2-1, courtesy of Bryan Colula.



9:45 PM8 days ago


Erick 'Cubo' Torres converts the penalty into a goal by putting the ball into the side of the net. Sebastian Sosa had no answer.
9:42 PM8 days ago


Sosa drops the ball on a shot and Vargas sweeps over Lainez to take a penalty.
9:40 PM8 days ago


Bryan Colula's header that goes into the nets after a double action corner kick. 2-1 wins Tijuana.
9:38 PM8 days ago


Yellow card for Mario Osuna.
9:35 PM8 days ago


Lainez makes a long shot that perfectly covers Osuna. Xolos starts to get close to the frame again.
9:34 PM8 days ago


Xolos tries to penetrate Monarcas' defense, however there are few spaces. The plays do not pay off.
9:29 PM8 days ago

Video goal Monarcas

With this score by Martin Rodriguez, Monarcas equalized the shares in Caliente Stadium.



9:24 PM8 days ago


The tie is here! Martín Rodríguez receives the ball at the second post, cuts it out and sends it into the back with a powerful shot that was impossible for the goalkeeper to handle. Monarcas Morelia have tied it up.
9:21 PM8 days ago


Change of Monarchs. Luis Mendoza leaves for the entrance of Lucas Villafañez.
9:17 PM8 days ago


Change of Xolos. Enter Miller Bolaños at the site of Cesar Falletti.
9:16 PM8 days ago


Rodriguez shoots inside the area but they deflect the ball. Corner shot for Morelia.
9:15 PM8 days ago


Monarcas starts to take possession of the ball, Aristeguieta tried to head it but anticipated Higuera.
9:11 PM8 days ago


Aristeguieta commits a foul on Monarcas' corner kick. 
9:06 PM8 days ago


Change of Monarchs. Fernando Aristeguieta and Martín Rodríguez enter the field; Aldo Rocha and Gabriel Achillier leave the field.
9:03 PM8 days ago

Santos goal video

Leandro Gonzalez put the Tijuana Xolos team ahead on this play.



8:56 PM8 days ago


Finish the first half! With a goal by Leandro Gonzalez, Xolos beats Monarcas by the smallest of margins.
8:47 PM8 days ago


Shot by Mario Osuna and goes over the Higuera frame. Monarcas wants to show his response.
8:43 PM8 days ago


Xolos dominates the encounter with constant approximations. The second score is close.
8:39 PM8 days ago


Mauro Lainez commits a foul on Aldo Rocha and is shown the yellow card.
8:32 PM8 days ago


Warning for Luis Mendoza.
8:30 PM8 days ago


Vegas makes a long shot that gets the goalkeeper into trouble, who ends up solving it in a tight manner. There's a corner shot for Monarcas.
8:29 PM8 days ago

That was the goal with which Xolos went ahead on the scoreboard.




8:26 PM8 days ago


Leandro Gonzalez gets up in an aerial ball, takes advantage of a bad score and heads to open the scoreboard. 1-0!
8:22 PM8 days ago

15' Forgiven Torres!

Erick Torres went one-on-one against Sebastian Sosa, but he made the wrong decision and when he made the cut, the ball was too long. Wasted opportunity for Xolos. 
8:17 PM8 days ago


Vegas fouls Falletti on three quarters of a court. There's a free kick for Xolos.
8:14 PM8 days ago


Huerta makes a half-round shot that is stopped by Xolos' goalkeeper. First arrival from Morelia.
8:12 PM8 days ago


Falletti's header passing over Sosa's goal.
8:08 PM8 days ago


Sebastian Sosa intervenes in the centre to collect a free kick. 
8:04 PM8 days ago

The game is on!

The quarterfinals begin in the Caliente Stadium. Xolos of Tijuana hosts Monarcas Morelia. 
8:01 PM8 days ago

Updated information

Santos Laguna and Rayados de Monterrey finished their match level on zero goals. Everything will be left for the return game in the city of Monterrey.
7:55 PM8 days ago

Minutes away from starting

The teams have finished their warm-up, and the match will begin shortly.
7:51 PM8 days ago

Such was the arrival of Monarcas Morelia at the Caliente Stadium.



7:38 PM8 days ago

Official data between Xolos and Monarcas

22 official games have been played by Xolos and Monarcas.

17 League
2 Liguilla
3 Cup

8 Cattle - Tijuana
6 Ties
8 Cattle - Monarchs

7:21 PM8 days ago

Monarcas Morelia's confirmed line-up

Sosa; Medina, Vegas, Vargas, Ortíz; Jara, Achillier, Osuna, Mendoza, Rocha; Huerta.
7:17 PM8 days ago

Xolos de Tijuana's confirmed line-up

Higuera; Silva, González, Colula, Rivera; Castro, Cruz, Lainez, Gamíz; Torres y Falletti.
7:16 PM8 days ago

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Monarcas Morelia: Last Lineup

Sosa; Medina, Vargas, Vegas, Achillier; Rodríguez, Millar, Mendoza, Rocha; Huera, Aristeguieta.
8:42 PM9 days ago

Xolos de Tijuana: Last Lineup

Higuera; Silva, Loroña, Torres, Colula; Castro, Gamíz, Sánchez, Sepúlveda; Angulo, Falletti.
8:41 PM9 days ago

Monarcas Morelia: team news

Meanwhile, Monarcas Morelia beat Atlas of Guadalajara as visitors at the Jalisco Stadium with a great performance by Fernando Aristeguieta and Jorge Valdivia, which represented the first victory of the tournament.
8:41 PM9 days ago

Xolos de Tijuana: team news

Xolos of Tijuana drew 1-1 with the Diablos of Toluca last weekend in Round 5 of the Clausura 2020. The game was played at the Estadio Caliente and earned Quinteros a point.
8:39 PM9 days ago

Monarchs want semi-finals

For its part, the Monarchy of Pablo Guede qualified for the knockout round in third place by adding 12 units, while in the Round of 16 accounted for the Chiapas Coffee Growers by an overall score of 3-2.
8:35 PM9 days ago

The reinvidication in Copa MX

The team directed by Gustavo Quinteros seeks to transcend in the cup competition. Los Xolos finished sixth overall with nine points and left Atletico de San Luis in the last round.
8:34 PM9 days ago

Kick-off time

Xolos de Tijuana vs Monarcas Morelia match will be played at the Caliente Stadium, in Tijuana, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 09:00pm ET.
8:32 PM9 days ago

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