Result & Highlights: Dorados 0-0 FC Juárez, 2020 Copa MX
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10:20 PM7 days ago


Finish the game. Goalless draw between Dorados and FC Juarez in the first leg of the MX Cup quarterfinals.
9:54 PM7 days ago


Yellow card for Aldrete, player of Juárez.
9:50 PM7 days ago


Auction in the small area by Jonathan Gonzalez, who ends up tackling Palos.
9:49 PM7 days ago


Five minutes are added.
9:49 PM7 days ago


Last change of Juarez. Enter Jefferson Intriago, exit Edy Brambilia.
9:40 PM7 days ago


A great save by Luis Lopez to avoid Aldrete's shot in the small area.
9:37 PM7 days ago


Try Brian Rubio with a volley shot on the edge of the side area.
9:34 PM7 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Dario Lezcano going over the top of the goal.
9:31 PM7 days ago


Change by injury. Zuniga out and Juarez in.
9:29 PM7 days ago


Zuñiga's offensive foul cuts off the advance of dorados.
9:28 PM7 days ago


Yellow card for Elio Castro.
9:23 PM7 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Jonathan Gonzalez, who is tackled with problems by Enrique Palos.
9:23 PM7 days ago


New change of FC Juarez. Dario Lezcano enters, Leandro Carrijo leaves.
9:22 PM7 days ago


Change of Dorados. Zuniga enters, Zanatta leaves.
9:16 PM7 days ago


Change of FC Juarez. Mauro Fernandez enters, Gael Sandoval leaves.
9:11 PM7 days ago


Volley shot by Roberto Martinez going off the side.
9:11 PM7 days ago


A great save by Luis Lopez that avoids the great goal that Brian Rubio was scoring from outside the area.
9:06 PM7 days ago


Start the second half.
9:03 PM7 days ago


The first half is over. Dorados and Fc Juarez tie without a goal.
8:47 PM7 days ago


Shot in the small area by Brian Rubio going into the net on the outside.
8:46 PM7 days ago


Jonathan Gonzalez is injured, but will have no problem returning to the field.
8:36 PM7 days ago


Shot from outside the box by Jonathan Gonzalez going over the top of the goal.
8:26 PM7 days ago


Yellow card for Francisco Nevarez.
8:16 PM7 days ago


Great start by Enrique Palos who avoids De la Cruz's goal.
8:16 PM7 days ago


Shot to the crossbar by Gonzalez. FC Juarez is saved.
8:15 PM7 days ago


Heading off a corner shot by Castro stopping Palos.
8:05 PM7 days ago


Head-on collision between Castro and Lopez, party stops.
8:02 PM7 days ago


Start the match.
8:00 PM7 days ago

Dorados and Juarez are already on the court in Culiacan to carry out the protocol ceremony.
7:57 PM7 days ago

FC Juárez starting XI

7:39 PM7 days ago

Dorados starting XI

7:37 PM7 days ago

This is how the Dorados de Sinaloa came to 'La Pecera'.

7:28 PM7 days ago

The record between Dorados and FC Juarez in the MX Cup gives the team from the border the advantage with three victories, for a win on the side of the Big Fish.

7:20 PM7 days ago

After last night's events. Today the Dorados Stadium is ready to receive the first leg in the quarterfinals for the game between Dorados and FC Juarez.

7:13 PM7 days ago

Yesterday there was an embargo of material things from the Dorados Stadium due to problems with the SHCP of the previous administration of the team. Today the game will take place without any problem.

7:08 PM7 days ago

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Photo: Noroeste
Photo: Noroeste
4:40 PM8 days ago

How to watch Dorados vs FC Juárez Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN Deportes.

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN Play.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

4:39 PM8 days ago

Dorados Key Player

Amaury Escoto, striker for Dorados. One of the most experienced pieces of the Sinaloa team is their center forward. Escoto knows what it's like to play in this competition and will be the most important player to take advantage of at home. Against a very strong defense, Amaury will have to take advantage of the few options he has to score.
Photo: Sopitas
Photo: Sopitas
4:34 PM8 days ago

FC Juárez Key Player

Gael Sandoval, FC Juarez midfielder. Among the many reinforcements that arrived for this season, Gael Sandoval's is one of the most interesting additions. Sandoval is living his second stage with Bravos and wants to take advantage of his quality to take a new look at his career. In Culiacan, Gael should be the driving force behind FC Juarez's offense.
Photo: El Diario de Chihuahua
Photo: El Diario de Chihuahua
4:31 PM8 days ago

Last lineup Dorados

L. López; J. Meza, J. Chávez, R. Monges, C. Villanueva; P. Jaquez, A. Domínguez, F. Contreras, J. González; A. Escoto, R. Rubin.
4:28 PM8 days ago

Last lineup FC Juarez

E. Palos; E. Borelli, E. Castro, V. Velázquez, F. Nevarez; W. Mendieta, M. Rabuñal, E. Brambila; R. Aldrete, B. Rubio, Á. Sagal.
4:25 PM8 days ago

The refereeing quartet

Juan Andrés Esquivel will be the central referee. Eder Contreras and Manuel Martinez will act as assistants. Jesús Ruíz will be the fourth referee.
4:23 PM8 days ago

FC Juarez, the MX Cup is a showcase

One of the teams that has generated the most surprises so far in the MX League is the Bravos de Juárez, which is ranked among the four best teams in the regular tournament. In the MX Cup, they are in the quarterfinals after turning around Querétaro in the playoffs. They will be looking for a win in someone else's backyard so they can go home with an advantage.
Photo: Mediotiempo
Photo: Mediotiempo
4:20 PM8 days ago

Dorados to continue surprising

Although the Dorados were one of the four best teams in the first phase of the MX Cup, nobody expected what happened a few weeks ago. Dorados eliminated Chivas on penalties in the Round of 16. Now the dream of the 'Culichi' team is to lift this trophy again.
Photo: Récord
Photo: Récord
4:17 PM8 days ago

Kick-off time: 22pm ET

The Dorados vs FC Juárez match will be played at the Estadio Dorados, in Culiacán, Sinaloa. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.
4:07 PM8 days ago

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