Neymar jokes with Beckham about playing at Inter Miami
Photo via Getty Images

In a conversation published by "Otro", Beckham jokes with Neymar about the Brazilian playing at Inter Miami. The MLS franchise debuts this season in the league. Currently, Neymar plays for PSG and there were rumors of a possible departure for Barcelona.

"I'll get you to sign a paper later. A blank paper. It will be a contract for Miami for 10 years from now. We won't pay much, but ... closed?", said Beckham.

"I asked to play on his team. I want to. I told him already. I said that one day I will play there", answered Neymar.

Neymar said he's a fan of David Beckham and that he's inspired by the former soccer player of the LA Galaxy. The athlete said he likes everything from the style to the way he plays. Beckham responded to the compliments.

"I copied several of his haircuts. Many. We mirror it. I think David is one of the most stylish guys in the world, so we have to copy, right? We aren't handsome like him, but we have to copy".

"One thing I say about fashion is that when I did that, I needed to go well in the field. If I wasn't well in the field, they criticized me even more. And your thing is that you are always right. It's an important part of being who we are. We like fashion, we are different in that sense. It's more common now than it was 10 years ago", said Beckham.