Highlights and goals: Pachuca 2-2 Toluca on 2020 Copa MX


8:03 PM7 days ago


The first leg ends with the score at two, everything will be defined in the Nemesio Diez
7:54 PM7 days ago


No way! Orona stumbles into the area and fails to contact the ball, missing the opportunity for the double
7:54 PM7 days ago


Pachuca goal! After a rebound from Garcia, Orona shoots inside the area and scores the equalizer 
7:53 PM7 days ago


Near Toluca! Toluca take advantage of a bad start by Ustari and the ball ends up at the feet of Salinas who shoots and the ball goes wide
7:49 PM7 days ago


Pachuca are on top of Toluca, but the attentive defence takes out any ball that enters the area
7:45 PM7 days ago


Change of Toluca due to injury. Adrian Mora enters and Diego Rosales leaves on a stretcher
7:40 PM7 days ago


Toluca goal! Excellent drop by Leon who leaves the ball to Pardo, this defines excellent within the area and Ustari fails to do anything for the ball 
7:32 PM7 days ago


Change of Tuzos. Luis Chavez leaves and Kazim Richards takes his place
7:29 PM7 days ago


Good rejection from Tobio prevents Pachuca from generating dangerous play
7:26 PM7 days ago


Sauro is ready to send a shot, but the ball goes to the stands
7:22 PM7 days ago


Change of Pachuca. Josué Gómez leaves and Antonio Figueroa takes his place
7:22 PM7 days ago


Change of Toluca. Javier Güémez joins from Rigonato
7:22 PM7 days ago


Change of Pachuca. Enter Sambueza for Juan Iturbe
7:17 PM7 days ago


Toluca presses hard, but Ustari at the back avoids any attack
7:09 PM7 days ago


Hidalgo Stadium Complement begins
7:02 PM7 days ago


First half ends in Pachuca, the match is tied at one goal
6:45 PM7 days ago


Close Pachuca! Excellent center by Aguirre, but Garcia gets that ball
6:44 PM7 days ago


Pachuca goal! Franco Jara shoots inside the area and beats the goalkeeper of Toluca
6:41 PM7 days ago


Ustari again! Mancuello finishes and the Tuzos goalkeeper avoids the second 
6:34 PM7 days ago


Doorman! Ustari with a slap avoids Estrada's second 
6:29 PM7 days ago


He stopped it! Luis Garcia saves Franco Jara's shot and prevents the match from being tied
6:25 PM7 days ago


Penalty for Pachuca! Sauro fouls Jara inside the area and scores the maximum penalty for the locals
6:23 PM7 days ago


Alvarez's excellent header avoids Toluca's second
6:22 PM7 days ago


Iturbe is encouraged to shoot at Garcia's goal, but Sauro intervenes well and avoids the tie
6:21 PM7 days ago


Toluca goal! Estrada appears who takes advantage of a mistake by Ustari, who enters the area and defines to score the first
6:20 PM7 days ago


Phew! Good serve for Estrada, but he doesn't get to the ball and he misses
6:19 PM7 days ago


Toluca donates the ball, but fails to generate danger in the Pachuca area
6:19 PM7 days ago


Excellent intervention by Rosales to prevent Pachuca from generating danger
6:10 PM7 days ago


In the first few minutes none of the teams manage to hurt themselves
6:08 PM7 days ago


Shares start up in Pachuca 
6:02 PM7 days ago

The start-up protocol is already in place!
6:02 PM7 days ago

Toluca: LineUp |

L. García; O. Tobio, D. Rosales, R. Ruíz, G. Sauro, R. Salinas; D. Rigonato, F. Mancuello; M. Estrada,G. León, J. Gamboa


6:01 PM7 days ago

Oachuca: LineUp |

O. Ustari; D. Maldonado, R. López, K. Álvarez, E. Orona; E. Aguirre, J. Hernández, L. Chávez; J. Iturbe, F. Jara, J. Gómez



5:59 PM7 days ago

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Devils already warming up for their match against Pachuca
5:40 PM7 days ago

These are the numbers of the previous matches between these teams
5:34 PM7 days ago

Toluca now in the Hidalgo Stadium, ready for the first quarter-final
5:33 PM7 days ago

Pachuca says it's ready for today's showdown with Toluca, who celebrate their 103rd birthday
5:32 PM7 days ago

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Toluca: Last LineUp |

L. García; J. Maidana, R. Ruíz, G. Sauro; D. Rigonato, J. Güémez, K. Escamilla, K. Castañeda; M. Estrada, C. Cisneros, J. Gamboa.
12:26 PM7 days ago

Pachuca: Last LineUp |

C. Moreno; D. Maldonado, M. Tapias, R. López, V. Mora, E. Orona; F. Figueroa, P. López; K. Richards, R. de la Rosa, J. Gómez.
12:25 PM7 days ago

Toluca goes for everything

On the other hand, those directed by 'Chepo' de la Torre will try to finish tonight's match with victory, since, although they have not started the tournament in a good way, they are looking for the Cup to breathe in front of their people
12:20 PM7 days ago

Pachuca will try to get a good result

Los Tuzos have not had a good start to the season, so they will try to reach the final in the MX Cup and thus give joy to their fans, so tonight they will go with everything to leave with the advantage of the Bella Airosa
12:18 PM7 days ago

Kick-Off Time

The Pachuca vs Toluca match will be played at the Hidalgo stadium, in Pachuca, Hidalgo. The kick-off is scheduled at 07:00pm ET.

12:14 PM7 days ago

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