Goals and Highlights: Lazio 2-1 Inter in 2020 Serie A
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Highlights from the match!

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Full Time | Lazio 2-1 Inter

Lazio overcame a goal from Ashley Young to win the match and confirm that they're a side that will fight for the Scudetto this year.
5:40 PMa year ago


Milinkovic sees the yellow card for fouling Alexis Sanchez in midfield.
5:36 PMa year ago


Four minutes of added time.
5:36 PMa year ago


Acerbi has to make a great sliding taclke to stop Lukaku from scoring!
5:32 PMa year ago

86' | Inter Substitution

Godín leaves the pitch. Alexis Sánchez comes on.
5:31 PMa year ago


Ciro Inmobile makes a great play!

On his first touch, he manages to end up one-on-one with Padelli, but the keeper is able to send the ball to corner kick!

5:29 PMa year ago


Inmobile and Correa had a good chance to score for Lazio, but they fail to be precise in their passing.
5:25 PMa year ago

78' | Lazio Substitution

Lucas Leiva leaves his place on the pitch for Cataldi.
5:25 PMa year ago

78' | Disallowed goal for Inter!

Eriksen sends a powerful shot that is stoped by Strakosha.

On the rebound, Young passed to Martínez who scored with a diving header scored. However, the Argentine striker was caught offside.

5:22 PMa year ago

76' | Inter Substitutions

Candreva and Brozovic are replaced by Moses and Eriksen.
5:20 PMa year ago


Lukaku sends a good cross looking for Vecino, but the defense does well to clear it.
5:16 PMa year ago

69' | Lazio GOOOOOOOAL!

Milinkovic shoots and beats Padelli!

This came after Inter had avoided the goal on three straight occasions!
5:12 PMa year ago


Ashley Young makes a great run down the middle. As he was getting ready to shoot, the sliding tackle from Luis Felipe stops him from creating danger.
5:09 PMa year ago

62' | Lazio Substitutions

Correa and Lazzari replace Caicedo and Jony.
5:04 PMa year ago


Lukaku went for goal again, but this time Acerbi sends it to corner kick.
5:04 PMa year ago


Felipe takes down Lautaro Martínez with a sliding tackle and is carded.
4:59 PMa year ago


Lukaku shoots over the bar and a good chance is wasted.
4:58 PMa year ago


Leiva sees the first yellow card of the match after a late challenge.
4:56 PMa year ago

49' | Lazio GOOOOOOOOAL!

Inmobile sends the keeper the wrong way and scores with a powerful shot!
4:55 PMa year ago

48' | Penalty for Lazio!

After a rebound inside the box, Padelli ends up tripping and leaving the goal free.

Inmobile was ready to score, but there's a contact with De Vrij and the referee signals for foul and a yellow card for the defender.

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The last 45 minutes of this match are underway!
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Half Time | Lazio 0-1 Inter

In a very well-played match, Inter has found the goal that is putting them back on top of the Serie A table.
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Two minutes of added time.
4:31 PMa year ago

43' | Inter GOOOOOOOOAL!

Candreva goes for goal and Strakosha leaves a rebound!

Ashley Yong finds the ball inside the box and hits a volley to put Inter in front!

4:29 PMa year ago


Milonkovic continues to create danger for Lazio. He earns his team a new corner when Skriniar stopped him from finding Inmobile.
4:25 PMa year ago


Jony places a cross right between the central defenders and the keeper. De Vrij has to stretch to send the ball to corner kick.
4:22 PMa year ago


Milinkovic attempts a through ball for Caicedo who then tries a heel pass for Inmobile, but he's unable to find the league's top-scorer.
4:16 PMa year ago


Candreva continues to find space down the right wing.

He now tries to shoot with his left, but the defense is well-positioned to deflect the ball to corner kick.

4:14 PMa year ago


Candreva sends a great cross that almost finds Lukaku.

The referee blows for an offensive foul and Lazio breathes!

4:11 PMa year ago


Inmobile goes for goal again! The ball is too high to worry the keeper.
4:10 PMa year ago


Inmobile drops the ball off with Lucas Leiva who tries a shot that goes over the bar.
4:09 PMa year ago


Maruzic with a very weak shot that ends up being easy for Padelli.
4:06 PMa year ago


Brozovic recovers the ball near Inter's box and takes the ball to the other box.

He assists Lukaku who shoots with his left foot to the near post, but Strakosha is there to save!

4:04 PMa year ago


After a series of attacking plays from Lazio, Inter now tries to attack a bit more.

Candreva sends a low-cross that Radu barely clears before Martínez could finish it.

3:57 PMa year ago


Inmobile makes a great run, but before he coudl finish it, Godín makes a good sliding tackle.
3:56 PMa year ago


Milinkovic with a powerful shot that hits the bar!
3:51 PMa year ago


From a corner kick, Godín heads the ball just over the crossbar!
3:48 PMa year ago

0' | Kick Off!

We're underway the match between Lazio and Inter!
3:45 PMa year ago
Both teams march onto the field as the Serie Anthem plays.

We're a few seconds from the start of the match!

3:38 PMa year ago
The teams have finished their pre-match workouts and are ready to step onto the pitch for the start of the match!
3:33 PMa year ago

Match History

In Serie A, Lazio has 41 victories against victories against Inter.

Meanwhile, Inter has achieved 70 wins over Lazio.

The teams have drawn 59 times.

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Lazio's bench for tonight's match

Anderson, Correa, Lukaku, Anderson, Proto, Bastos, Gabarrón, Lazzari, Cataldi, Vvro, Parolo, Adekanye, Guerrieri.
3:27 PMa year ago

Inter's bench for tonight

Handanovic, Stankovic, Berni, Sanchez, Moses, Ranocchia, Borja Valero, Eriksen, Agoumé, D'Ambrosio,  Biraghi, Bastoni
3:16 PMa year ago
Both teams have stepped onto the pitch to begin their warm ups!

We're just 30 minutes away from the start of our match!
3:09 PMa year ago
Gianluca Rocchi will be the referee in charge of conducting this match betwen Lazio and Inter.
3:05 PMa year ago
Only Liverpool (43) are currently on a longer run without defeat than both Lazio (18) and Inter (16) across Europe’s top five leagues.
3:01 PMa year ago

Inter: Starting XI

Padelli; Skriniar, de Vrij, Godín, Young, Candreva; Vecino, Brozovic, Barella; Lukaku, Martínez.

3:00 PMa year ago

Lazio: Starting XI

Strakosha; Acerbi, Felipe, Radu; Jony, Luis Alberto, Leiva, Milinkovic, Marusic; Inmobile, Caicedo.

2:56 PMa year ago
On the other hand, Inter will use their black-and-yellow kit in order to properly distinguish themselves from the home team tonight.

2:54 PMa year ago
Everything set in the home locker room for the start of the match.

Lazio will wear ther traditional sky blue uniform for this crucial encounter against Internazionale.

2:50 PMa year ago
With Juventus' 2-0 win over Brescia earlier today, the bianconeri are top of the table with 57 points

If Inter prevails tonight, they will re-gain the top.

A draw would leave Inter second and Lazio third, with a two-point lead for Juve.

A victory for Lazio would place them second and move the nerazzurri to the third position.

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We're an hour away from kick-off!
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Inter's One to Watch: Romelu Lukaku

The Belgian man currently has 17 goals in the season is one of Inter's most important players in offense.

His strength and finishing are huge assets for Interzionale. If the current leaders hope to continue in that position, he'll need to take advantage of any chances he gets during the game.

3:13 AMa year ago

Lazio's One to Watch: Ciro Inmobile

The Italian striker is the top goal-scorer of the current Serie A season with 25 goals.

If Lazio hopes to win tonight's match, Inmobile's performance will be crucial.

3:07 AMa year ago

Inter: Last Starting Lineup

Padelli; Skriniar, de Vrij, Godín, Young, Candreva; Vecino, Brozovic, Barella; Lukaku, Sánchez.
3:05 AMa year ago

Lazio: Last Starting Lineup

Strakosha; Acerbi, Felipe, Patric; Jony, Alberto, Parolo, Marusic, Leiva; Inmobile, Caicedo.
3:03 AMa year ago

How to watch Lazio vs Inter Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: Rai Italia Nord America and ESPN+

If you want to directly stream it: Serie A Pass.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Lazio to confirm themselves as title contenders!

Lazio is having an amazing Serie A season lead by coach Simone Inzaghi. After 23 matches, they sit on the third place of the table with 53 points just one point behind both Inter and Juventus.

A win tonight over Inter today would put them into serious title contention as they could reach the top if the table if Juventus were to drop points.

2:55 AMa year ago

Inter wants to stay on top!

Inter currently sits top of the table of the Serie A with 54 points after 23 matches played.

Last week they defeated Milan in the Derby Della Madonnina to extend their winning streak to three straight games.

If they hope to win the title, today's match is one that they'll need to win.

2:53 AMa year ago

Kick-Off Time

The Lazio vs Internazionale match will be played at the Stadio Olimpico, in Rome, Italy. The kick-off is scheduled at 14:45pm ET.


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