Highlights and goals: Necaxa 2-3 Querétaro on 2020 Liga MX



Good rejection by Ventura Alvarado, who prevents the Queretaro striker from getting to the ball


Doorman! Marcel Ruiz is encouraged to shoot, but Alonzo throws himself well and avoids the fourth


Five minutes are added


Change of Querétaro. Release of Ariel Nahuelpan, the author of the double, by Enrique Triverio


Kadete! Good header from the Spaniard, but the ball goes sideways


Quiroga heads in, but the ball goes wide of the Alcalá goal


Goal by Necaxa! Maxi Salas scores the second from the eleven steps


Penalty! The whistle signals the maximum penalty in favour of the home crowd


VAR! The referee will check a play where Orejuela reaches into the visitors' area to deflect the ball


Change of visitors. Enter Omar Arellano for Betsiel Hernández 


Change of Querétaro. Enter Enrique López by Fabian Castillo 


Change of Necaxa. Enter Maxi Meza for Álvarez


He's leaving! Victor Manuel Vucetich is expelled from the game 


Excellent defensive intervention that prevents Madrigal from finishing off within the queretana area


Angel Alonzo! The archer appears and deflects the flash that Nahuelpan sent and avoids the visitors' room


Everything continues its course, both Velazquez and Madrigal continue in the game


Strong clash of heads between Madrigal and Julian Velazquez in the area of Alcala, enter assists from both teams


Second change of Necaxa. Enter Kevin Mercado for Claudio Baeza


Trallazo de Quiroga, but Alcalá reads the play well and has no problems with the ball


Good intervention by Ventura Alvarado that prevents the center from reaching the player from Querétaro


Doorman! Alonzo keeps Lucumi from scoring the fourth, after a good center by Betsiel


Quiroga shot that crashes into the feathered defense

A change was recorded before the start of the complementary part

Change of Necaxa. Yerko Leiva leaves, Luis Madrigal enters


Querétaro goal! Ariel Nahuelpan after a good pass, defines inside the area to score his double after 18 seconds that starts the second half


The complementary part starts in Aguascalientes


End of the first part, Querétaro wins it in Aguascalientes


Lucumi reached the finish line and command trallazo that was diverted


Goal by Necaxa! The 'Fideo' Alvarez went into the area of Alcala and defined excellent for the first


Goo... Nothing! Nahuelpan's finish that tasted like the third, but the whistle cancels out the goal


Round trip game, very hard fought in half court by both teams


Phew! Jaime Gomez shoots inside the box, but Alonzo manages to keep that ball


Queretaro goal! Great service by Betsiel Hernandez arriving in Nahuelpan that defines with a cannon shot from the edge of the area


Doorman! Quiroga gets up and inside the area he shoots a header, but the attentive goalkeeper keeps the ball


Quiroga's head shot that goes off the Alcalá Arch


Good rejection by Gonzalez that prevents the Queretaro player from contacting the ball inside Alonzo's area


Good pressure from Lucumi, but he can't control the ball 


Querétaro goal! Jaime Gómez appears inside the area and after lowering the ball with his chest, he shoots and scores the first


The penultimate match of the sixth day begins!


The teams are on the court and the protocol is already in place

The court is in good shape for this afternoon's duel

This is what the stadium looks like this afternoon, and we... We're here!

Querétaro already warming up before the start of the match at the Victoria Stadium


Querétaro: LineUp |

G. Alcalá; J. Velázquez, J. Aguilar, F. Castillo, B. Hernández; C. Aboagye, M. Ruíz, J. Orejuela, J. Gómez; J. Lucumí, A. Nahuelpan.

Necaxa: LineUp |

A. Alonzo; R. Sandoval, R. Noya, J. González, V. Alvarado; F. Arce, Y. Leiva, C. Baeza; D. Álvarez


Be sure to check the numbers these teams arrive with 

Estos son los números que han dejado los enfrentamientos entre estos equipos

Querétaro is also already present at the Victoria Stadium, where it will seek to emerge triumphant


Necaxa is already at home for this afternoon's duel

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Querétaro: Last LineUp |

G. Alcalá; E. López, J. Velázquez, J. Aguilar, F. Castillo; C. Aboagye, M. Ruíz, J. Perlaza, J. Gómez;J. Lucumí, A. Nahuelpan

Necaxa: Last LineUp |

Y. Gutiérrez; R. Sandoval, R. Noya, J. González, V. Alvarado; F. Arce, C. Baeza; D. Álvarez, M. Quiroga, J. Delgado, D. Chávez

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Querétaro will go all out for victory

The feathered ones arrive at the sixth day injured, since in their last game disputed against America, the queretanos fell two goals to one, reason why, this day will look for to leave victorious of the Victoria Stadium

Necaxa seeks to add

The Rayos del Necaxa arrive at this encounter after falling against Juarez in the Olympic Benito Juarez two goals to one, for which they arrive injured to this game and will look for that the three points stay at home

Kick-off time |

The Necaxa vs Querétaro match will be played at the Victoria stadium, in Aguascalientes, Ags. The kick-off is scheduled at 05:00pm ET.

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