Highlights and goals: Xolos Femenil 1-4 Chivas Femenil, 2020 Liga MX Femenil
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10:46 PM2 months ago


Add two minutes.
9:47 PM2 months ago


Center by Barajas, finish by Renae Cuellar very deviated.
9:45 PM2 months ago


Change of Chivas. Andrea Sanchez exits, Samara Alcala enters.
9:43 PM2 months ago


Goal cancelled by misplaced Ruby Soto.
9:40 PM2 months ago


Change of Chivas. Evelyn Gonzalez exits, Miriam Castillo enters.
9:38 PM2 months ago


Last change of Xolos. Valeria Barajas enters, Inglis Hernández leaves.
9:34 PM2 months ago


Renae Cuellar fires from outside the box into the far corner of the net.
9:33 PM2 months ago


Change of Chivas. Maria Sanchez exits, Norma Palafox enters.
9:30 PM2 months ago


Change of Xolos. Vanessa Lopez enters, Yadira Toraya leaves.
9:28 PM2 months ago


Rosa Aguiar's attempt within the area and no problem stops Blanca Felix.
9:27 PM2 months ago


Center of Rubi Soto, ends up shooting with little force Evelyn Gonzalez and Itzel Gonzalez attacks.
9:26 PM2 months ago

Chivas Video Goal

With a free kick, Tania Morales scored the fourth goal for Chivas.
9:24 PM2 months ago


Free throw by Renae Cuellar, she deflects the Chivas barrier and cuts off Blanca Félix.
9:20 PM2 months ago

61' Chivas Goal

Free kick charged by Tania Morales and goes in thanks to the effect the ball has, making it difficult for Itzel Gonzalez. Mistake by the Tijuana goalkeeper.
9:18 PM2 months ago


Rubi Soto is fouled on the edge of the box and shown a yellow card by Brittany Hernandez.
9:17 PM2 months ago


Free throw charged to the first post by María Sánchez and tackles Itzel González.
9:10 PM2 months ago


Veronica Perez is fouled by Yashira Barrientos and the Chivas player gets a yellow card.
9:08 PM2 months ago


Change of Xolos. Veronica Perez enters, Oviedo leaves.
9:02 PM2 months ago


Start the second half.
9:01 PM2 months ago


The first half is over. For now, Xolos is down 1-3 to Chivas.
8:47 PM2 months ago


Auction from outside the area by Maria Sanchez going sideways.
8:43 PM2 months ago

Chivas Video goal

Yashira Barrientos took advantage of Orejel's mistake, to put the (1-3) partial
8:40 PM2 months ago

31' Chivas goal

Jocelyn Orejel loses a ball in his area, recovers Yashira Barrientos and defines the first post.
8:33 PM2 months ago


Yashira Barrientos' half turn inside the area, assists Rubi Soto. But the goal does not fall, by the great save of Itzel Gonzalez.
8:29 PM2 months ago

Chivas Video goal

Assisted by Yashira Barrientos, Evelyn Gonzalez turned the score around thanks to a definition she made with the help of a auto pass.
8:28 PM2 months ago


Series of rebounds inside Xolos' area, culminating in a deflected shot by Susan Bejarano.
8:26 PM2 months ago

Chivas Video Goal

 Maria Sanchez assisted Janelly Farias in a corner kick, before Itzel Gonzalez's miss.
8:25 PM2 months ago

Xolos Video Goal

Lucero Cuevas with a great technical quality in the definition, put Tijuana on top.
8:21 PM2 months ago


Rubi Soto enters the area from the right side, shoots and cuts without problems Itzel Gonzalez.
8:19 PM2 months ago

11' Chivas Goal

Pass filtered from midfield by Yashira Barrientos. It arrives to Evelyn Gonzalez who takes off Guzman with a pass and turns the game around.
8:14 PM2 months ago

8' Chivas Goal

Corner shot by Maria Sanchez. Itzel Gonzalez cannot cut and Janelly Farias arrives to tie the score.
8:11 PM2 months ago

7' Xolos Goal

Lucero Cuevas is left alone and defines the goal with a pumped-up shot to evade Blanca Felix.
8:09 PM2 months ago


Center by Tania Morales who ended up hitting the crossbar.
8:08 PM2 months ago


Center by Rubi Soto, does not cut well the center Itzel Gonzalez, but Chivas does not take advantage of the error of the goalkeeper of Tijuana.
8:06 PM2 months ago


Start the match.
8:01 PM2 months ago

Xolos and Chivas take to the field of the Caliente Stadium to carry out the protocol ceremony of the Women's MX League.
7:57 PM2 months ago

Chivas lineup

7:48 PM2 months ago

Xolos lineup

7:45 PM2 months ago

A big duel of the frontrunners will take place today at Mictlan. Fernandez for Tijuana and Barrientos de Guadalajara.

7:37 PM2 months ago

With these numbers Xolos and Chivas arrive to the match of this round 7.

7:29 PM2 months ago

Xolos announces promotions on tickets, food and drink for  one dollar in tonight's game.

7:16 PM2 months ago

We begin with tonight's coverage! Xolos welcomes Chivas to Caliente Stadium for the first time in history.
7:11 PM2 months ago

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Xolos Femenil vs Chivas Femenil match at Caliente Stadium.
Photo: Récord
Photo: Récord
9:21 PM2 months ago

How to watch Xolos Femenil vs Chivas Femenil Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: FOX Sports.

If you want to directly stream it: FOX Play.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Chivas Key Player

Yashira Barrientos, Chivas front. He has found Guadalajara's most dangerous attacker and is responding with goals. This season, he has won back the starting spot with Ramon Villa Zevallos and has been present so far with three goals. For Chivas to claim victory again, Yashira must be on target.
Photo: José Acosta / VAVEL
Photo: José Acosta / VAVEL
9:15 PM2 months ago

Xolos Key Player

Renae Cuellar, Xolos striker. After participating in the pre-Olympic with Mexico, Tijuana's most important player is back. She will be looking for the "9" shirt to continue her important goal streak, so Xolos can return to the path of victory.
Photo: Espartanas
Photo: Espartanas
9:09 PM2 months ago

Chivas last lineup

B. Félix; J. Rodríguez, M. García, P. Padilla, A. Sánchez; D. Godínez, I. Gutiérrez, V. Acevedo; R. Soto, G. Velázquez, Y. Barrientos.
9:05 PM2 months ago

Xolos last lineup

G. Olvera; B. Hernández, L. Zapata, E. Fernández, Y. Toraya; A. Camargo, V. Oviedo, I. Fonseca; I. Martínez, E. Verdugo, L. Cuevas.
9:03 PM2 months ago

The refereeing quartet

José González will be the central referee. As assistants Jessica Morales and Javier Ramos. Iván Salazar is appointed as fourth official.
9:01 PM2 months ago

Chivas, you must win again

It is already two days in a row that the Rojiblancas cannot taste what is a triumph. Last day also played outside Guadalajara and tied at a goal against Santos Laguna. Now with the return of Janelly Farias and possible debut of Maria Sanchez, Chivas will seek to win in their first match in history at the Caliente Stadium.
Photo: AS México
Photo: AS México
8:58 PM2 months ago

Xolos, wants to return to the liguilla stands

It has been a complicated start to the tournament for the Tijuana team due to the absences of the Mexican team that has had with Cuellar and Orejel. Now that they are back, the border team is charged with getting back to positive results. They came from a two-goal draw against Atlas, but still, Xolos is far down in the overall standings.


8:41 PM2 months ago

Kick-off time: 10:00pm ET

The Xolos Femenil vs Chivas Femenil match will be played at the Caliente Stadium, in Tijuana, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.
8:24 PM2 months ago

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