Messi says that Neymar would like to return to Barcelona and would reconcile with the fans
Photo: Eric Alonso / Getty Images

In an interview with "Mundo Deportivo" on Thursday (20), Messi commented on the possibility of a possible return of Neymar to Barcelona. The transfer between the PSG soccer player and the Spanish team has almost been completed this season.

"He's eager to return. He was always sorry. He did a lot to come back, and that (asking for forgiveness) would be the first step in trying to get", said Messi.

Neymar went to PSG and reached a historic value in the transfer market. However, before that, he had asked Barcelona for a large bonus amount and that didn't please the fans. Lionel analyzed how people would react to Neymar's possible return.

"It's normal for people to see it that way, by the way he's gone. It also bothered me in a moment, we tried to convince him not to do that. But in the end, we all want to win and have the best on the side. Us and the fans. As I said before, it's one of the best and it brought us a lot in the field. But it is understandable that people think so, since it came out in a way that didn't please".