Highlights and goals: Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas on Liga MX 2020


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10:09 PMa month ago

End of the game

The final whistle is called in Caliente Stadium. Guadalajara returns to the path of triumph at the expense of the Xolos, whom it beat by 0 - 1.

10:08 PMa month ago


Four more minutes will be played in this game.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

10:04 PMa month ago


Yellow card. Xolos' Edwin Cardona is warned.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:59 PMa month ago



Yellow Card. Chivas' Miguel Ponce is warned.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:58 PMa month ago



Substitution by Chivas.

Out: Uriel Antuna

In: Ronaldo Cisneros

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas


9:54 PMa month ago


Substitution by Tijuana.

Out: Bryan Angulo

In: Erick Torres

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:52 PMa month ago


Edwin Cardona almost takes the ball from Antonio Rodríguez, who managed to clear his box.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:50 PMa month ago


Substitution by Tijuana.

Out: Vladimir Loroña

In: Edwin Cardona

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:47 PMa month ago


Now, it is Xolos who dominates the game's proceedings.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:43 PMa month ago


Substitution by Chivas.

Out: José Juan Macías

In: Javier López

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:40 PMa month ago


Bryan Angulo takes the penalty, but puts the ball on the left post.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:37 PMa month ago


PENALTY FOR TIJUANA! Miguel Ponce fouls Christian Rivera.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:35 PMa month ago


Shot by Ignacio Rivero who crashes into the crossbar. Chivas is saved.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:34 PMa month ago


Dangerous play by Jesús Sánchez in Lajud's penalty box.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:32 PMa month ago


Change by Tijuana.

Out: Alexis Castro

In: Kevin Balanta

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:29 PMa month ago


Xolos begins to balance the scales a bit.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:28 PMa month ago


Guadalajara continues its dominance in this second half.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:23 PMa month ago

45' Second half

Start of the second period at Caliente Stadium.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:19 PMa month ago


End of the first period at Caliente Stadium.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:03 PMa month ago

45' First half

Three more minutes will be played in this first half.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

9:01 PMa month ago

40' First half

Change by Guadalajara.

Out: Jesús Molina

In: José Juan Vázquez

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:54 PMa month ago

37' First half

Yellow card. Xolos' Alexis Castro is warned.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:53 PMa month ago

35' First half

Tijuana is trying, but the weight of numerical inferiority is evident.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:50 PMa month ago

31' First half

Yellow cards. From Xolos, José Rivero and coach Gustavo Quinteros are warned.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:47 PMa month ago

30' First half

It's been several minutes since Antonio Rodríguez has had to intervene in the game.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:45 PMa month ago

25' First half

Xolos has not been able to settle in after the expulsion of Láinez.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:40 PMa month ago

22' First half

Guadalajara looks far superior to the home team.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:37 PMa month ago

19' First half

RED CARD! Mauro Láinez, from Tijuana, is ejected.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:34 PMa month ago

15' First half

Chivas is pushing too hard on the Tijuana field.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:31 PMa month ago

13' First half

Yellow Card. Xolos' Miler Bolaños is warned.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:29 PMa month ago

10' First half

Antonio Rodriguez saves his team from the draw again.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:25 PMa month ago

8' First half

Gibrán Lajud avoids the Chivas' second goal.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:24 PMa month ago

5' First half

Tijuana tries to react through Miler Bolaños, but Antonio Rodríguez stops the shot. Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:21 PMa month ago

3' First half

CHIVAS GOAL! J.J. Macías finishes off Uriel Antuna's pass.

Tijuana 0 - 1 Chivas

8:19 PMa month ago

The game starts in Tijuana!

Xolos and Chivas already play the match of day 7 at the Caliente Stadium's field.

8:15 PMa month ago

We are about to begin!

It's only a matter of minutes before the ball rolls into Caliente Stadium.

Do not miss a single detail with the VAVEL broadcast!

8:02 PMa month ago

Lineup Tijuana

These are the 11 Xolos that will face Guadalajara in the Caliente Stadium.


7:43 PMa month ago

Who you got?

Xolos and Chivas are facing each other in a game that is very important for the aspirations of both teams.

Who do you think will get the three points from the Caliente Stadium?

7:34 PMa month ago

Lineup Chivas

These are the 11 players that Luis Fernando Tena sends to the field.


7:29 PMa month ago

Xolos is the favorite

According to betting sites, Tijuana has a big advantage for this game.

If you bet on the Xolos and this team wins, you would get $20 for every $100 bet.

By contrast, a Chivas win pays $150 for every $100.

7:20 PMa month ago

Double pressure

Tijuana wants to take advantage of its situation as a local to reverse the bad step with which it has started the Clausura 2020.

On the other hand, Chivas have to start showing that the investment made in reinforcements will bring positive results.

7:15 PMa month ago

Last match between Tijuana and Guadalajara

Xolos and Chivas faced each other in Guadalajara on Round 16 of the Apertura 2019 tournament.

In that game, the score was 0-1 in favor of the border team.

7:09 PMa month ago

Follow it here

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How to watch Xolos de Tijuana vs Chivas de Guadalajara

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: Fox Deportes.

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8:10 PMa month ago

Key player Chivas

Despite the bad image left by the Guadalajara strikers, Alexis Vega has shown that he has the ability to be one of the best forwards in the league.

The 22-year-old has scored two goals in this tournament. We'll see if he iss capable of repeating this week against Tijuana, as he was the one who scored his team's only goal against Cruz Azul in Round 6.

8:07 PMa month ago

Key player Tijuana

Camilo Sanvezzo is one of the most important men in Xolos' offensive scheme.

The Brazilian has scored two goals this season and, if they neglect him, Chivas could have a hard time with this striker.

8:02 PMa month ago

They need more from Bolaños

Miler Bolaños is one of the favorite players of coach Gustavo Quinteros. In fact, the Ecuadorian has played every minute with Tijuana in this tournament.

However, the striker has not been able to regain the form he had in the Clausura 2019, where he scored seven goals. This season, Bolaños has not been able to score in any of his six games.

7:59 PMa month ago

Is Luis Fernando Tena's job in danger?

Due to the poor results achieved by Chivas, there has been much talk about the possible dismissal of their coach, Luis Fernando Tena.

If Chivas are defeated by Tijuana on Friday, it is likely that the club's top officials will run out of patience with him.

7:48 PMa month ago

In Guadalajara, they want committed players

This weekend, a video circulated of Chivas' left back, Cristian Calderón, partying in the early hours of the morning before a training session.

Although 'Chicote' made the trip to Tijuana, his team's directors sanctioned him financially. They also told him that the club needs its players to be 100% committed to sports results.

7:43 PMa month ago

The privilege of playing home

Despite the fact that the start of the season has not been as expected, the Tijuana team is one of the best home teams in the league as, playing at Caliente Stadium, it records one win, two draws and no losses.

Los Xolos are looking to extend that streak this Friday when they face Chivas de Guadalajara.

7:38 PMa month ago

Guadalajara needs its investment to count

During the preseason, Chivas caused a lot of expectation because of the quality of players that joined the team.

However, players such as José Juan Macías, Uriel Atuna, Cristian Calderón and José Juan Vázquez have been left to do their duty with the red-and-white fans.

7:33 PMa month ago

Duel at the bottom of the standing

In this match, both Xolos and Chivas want to correct the bad image they have given in this first part of the tournament.

Both teams have a total of 6 points, which has Guadalajara as the 13th team in the league, while Tijuana is in the 14th position.

7:28 PMa month ago

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the match Xolos de Tijuana vs Chivas de Guadalajara, corresponding to round 7 of Liga MX. The game will take place at the Caliente Stadium at 10:10 pm ET.

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