Highlights and goals: LAFC 3-0 León in 2020 CONCACAF Champions League
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1:05 AM7 months ago

12:58 AM7 months ago


The match ends, Leon is eliminated in the round of sixteen by LAFC, Carlos Vela scored a double
12:53 AM7 months ago


Doorman! Shot by LAFC striker Cota deflects 
12:52 AM7 months ago


Change of Leon. Sale Godinez by Jown Cardona
12:51 AM7 months ago


Change of Leon. Pedro Aquino is released by Leo Ramos
12:44 AM7 months ago


LAFC goal! Rossi shoots from the edge of the area and scores a great goal
12:41 AM7 months ago


LAFC goal! Carlos Vela appears again and pushes the ball into the area and scores his double
12:39 AM7 months ago


Change of LAFC. B. Rodriguez leaves for Adrien Perez
12:39 AM7 months ago


Brian Rodriguez's service that walks all over the area and the emeralds take that ball
12:38 AM7 months ago


Phew! Close to entering Lion's area, but defenses prevent this from happening and steal the ball
12:30 AM7 months ago


Goo...! Again the referee appears to eliminate Rossi's misplaced goal
12:29 AM7 months ago


Dangerous arrival from Leon but the local defense is attentive and avoids the danger
12:20 AM7 months ago


Good intervention by Navarro that prevents locals from shooting at doors
12:15 AM7 months ago


Sailing shot that goes over the bow
12:09 AM7 months ago


The complement starts, LAFC will look for the victory
11:54 PM7 months ago


The first half ends, Leon falls on the scoreboard of this encounter
11:53 PM7 months ago


Good intervention of Ramiro that avoids dangerous arrival from the premises
11:47 PM7 months ago


Good wall play that ends in Navarro, who shoots but his ball goes way off
11:40 PM7 months ago


Good intervention of Tesillo that avoids dangerous arrival of the premises
11:39 PM7 months ago


Auction of Brian Rodriguez who fails to give him direction
11:38 PM7 months ago


Leon has had several arrivals, but he can't define in the last line
11:33 PM7 months ago


Los Angeles goal! Carlos Vela arrives to push the ball into Cota's goal and score the first
11:32 PM7 months ago


Goo...! Offside, Carlos Vela appears to shoot inside the area after the ball hits the post and the referee calls off the goal.
11:29 PM7 months ago


Medical assistances enter to attend Palacios who has a nosebleed&nbs
11:22 PM7 months ago


LAFC! Shot by Acuesta who Cota deflects perfectly
11:18 PM7 months ago


Cota! The goalkeeper stops the ball twice and prevents LAFC from scoring
11:17 PM7 months ago


Phew! Dangerous arrival from Leon, but Vermeer gets that ball
11:06 PM7 months ago


The meeting begins in Los Angeles
11:03 PM7 months ago

It's almost on!

The teams are already on the court performing the startup protocol
11:02 PM7 months ago

León: LineUp |

R. Cota; R. González, S. Barreiro, F. Navarro, W. Tesillo; J. Meneses, P. Aquino, I. Rodríguez, L. Montes; J. Godínez, I. Sosa.
10:57 PM7 months ago

LAFC: LineUp |

K. Vermeer; T. Blackmon, D. Jacovic, E. Segura, D. Palacios; L. Blessing, E. Atuesta, M. Kaye; B. Rodríguez, C. Vela, D. Rossi.


10:40 PM7 months ago

Leon already jumps on the court to warm up before the match
10:11 PM7 months ago

The emerald team has arrived at the LAFC stadium, ready for tonight's match
10:10 PM7 months ago

LAFC dressing room ready for second leg Round of 16 clash 
10:09 PM7 months ago

León's fans are already present at the Banc of California 
8:33 PM7 months ago

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8:33 PM7 months ago

How to watch LAFC vs León Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: Fox Sports.

If you want to directly stream it: Fox Sports App.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

8:32 PM7 months ago

León: Last LineUp |

R. Cota; R. González, S. Barreiro, F. Navarro, W. Tesillo; J. Meneses, P. Aquino, I. Rodríguez, L. Montes, A. Mena; I. Sosa
8:32 PM7 months ago

LAFC: Last LineUp |

K. Vermeer; T. Blackmon, D. Jakovic, E. Segura, D. Palacios; L. Blessing, M. Kaye, F. Ginella; B. Rodríguez, C. Vela, D. Rossi.
8:31 PM7 months ago

León will go all out for the pass

The green bellies arrive at this match after beating Necaxa in the MX League, previously they beat LAFC in the first round at the Nou Camp, so they will look for tonight to continue with the advantage of two goals and go to the quarterfinals.


8:30 PM7 months ago

LAFC looking to start the season off right

The California team will start its tournament this Sunday, so today, against Leon, will seek to give a joy to their fans, after falling two goals to zero away.



8:29 PM7 months ago

Kick-off Time |

The LAFC vs León match will be played at the California of Banc stadium, in Los Ángeles, California. The kick-off is scheduled at 09:00pm ET.
8:29 PM7 months ago

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