Goals and Highlights: Caracas FC 1-1 Boca Juniors, 2020 Copa Libertadores
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9:21 PM9 months ago


The game is over in Venezuela. Caracas FC and Boca Juniors are tied at one goal, to start their Copa Libertadores journey in Group H with a point.
9:19 PM9 months ago


Osei receives pass inside the area, shoots and stops Andrada.
9:17 PM9 months ago


Add four minutes.
9:15 PM9 months ago


Yellow card for Buffarini.
9:13 PM9 months ago


Last change from Caracas. Luis Ramirez enters, Richard Celis leaves.
9:06 PM9 months ago


Second change by Caracas. Bonsu Osei enters, Contreras leaves.
9:04 PM9 months ago


Free kick for Boca Juniors for a foul on Capaldo.
8:59 PM9 months ago


Last change of Boca Juniors. Julio Buffarini enters, Jara leaves.
8:54 PM9 months ago


Great save by Flores that avoids the goal before the shot of 'Pol' Fernández.
8:53 PM9 months ago


Double change of Boca Juniors. Pol Fernández and Júnior Alonso enter, Sebastián Villa and Carlos Zambrano leave.
8:51 PM9 months ago


Free throw charged by Añor and stops Andrada.
8:50 PM9 months ago


Zambrano's foul and there's a danger ball for Caracas.
8:48 PM9 months ago


Mas is yellow carded for a foul on Hernandez.
8:46 PM9 months ago


First change from Caracas: Andreutti enters, Echeverría leaves.
8:44 PM9 months ago


Wanchope Ábila's shot is bounced off by the Caracas goalkeeper.
8:42 PM9 months ago

55' Caracas Goal

Free shot by Hernandez and places it in the right fork. Caracas ties the game.
8:40 PM9 months ago


Yellow card for Ivan Marcone of Boca Juniors. Dangerous free kick for Caracas FC.
8:35 PM9 months ago


A shot by Robert Hernandez that passes very close to the goal defended by Andrada.
8:31 PM9 months ago


The second half starts. No changes for Caracas FC or Boca Juniors.
8:26 PM9 months ago
So far in 2020, Wanchope Ábila has already scored seven goals in the first half.
Photo: Boca Juniors
Photo: Boca Juniors
8:23 PM9 months ago
Such was the celebration of the goal by Wanchope Ábila.
Photo: Boca Juniors
Photo: Boca Juniors
8:17 PM9 months ago


The first half is over. For the moment, Boca Juniors beat Caracas FC 1-0 in Venezuela thanks to a goal by Ramon 'Wanchope' Abila.
8:16 PM9 months ago


Add one minute.
8:15 PM9 months ago


Se agrega un minuto.
8:11 PM9 months ago


Wanchope Ábila's goal cancelled out for offside.
8:10 PM9 months ago


Three shots from outside the area by Caracas, but the Boca Juniors defence blocked all attempts.
8:10 PM9 months ago

Boca Juniors Video Goal

Wanchope Ábila was in charge of opening the score after assistance from Villa.
8:07 PM9 months ago


Jorge Echeverria's shot goes over the top of Boca Juniors' goal.
7:59 PM9 months ago


Yellow card for Richard Celis for a foul on Capaldo.
7:57 PM9 months ago


Capaldo's head shot that stops the Caracas goalkeeper.
7:55 PM9 months ago

24' Boca Juniors Goal

Villa crosses in from the right side and Wanchope Ábila finishes off with his left leg to open the scoring.
7:54 PM9 months ago


Boca Juniors gradually began to take control of the domain and Caracas sought to counteract by committing fouls.
7:45 PM9 months ago


Contreras' foul on Mas and a free kick on the edge of the area in favour of Boca.
7:40 PM9 months ago


Centre shot by Bernardo Añor and Esteban Andrada has to be thrown in to avoid the Caracas goal.
7:39 PM9 months ago


Mas' foul on Hernandez and a dangerous free kick for Caracas.
7:35 PM9 months ago


Clash between Boca Juniors' defender Izquierdoz and two players from Caracas.
7:34 PM9 months ago


Villanueva hand and there will be an offensive free kick for Boca Juniors.
7:29 PM9 months ago


Start the match.
7:27 PM9 months ago
Caracas FC and Boca Juniors are already on the pitch at the protocol ceremony for the Copa Libertadores.
7:19 PM9 months ago
Little by little, the stands of the Olympic Stadium are beginning to be more crowded.

7:02 PM9 months ago
Everything is ready in the Caracas dressing room for the players to change and wear the red shirt.

6:51 PM9 months ago
We begin with the coverage that starts the activity of Group H of the Copa Libertadores. Boca Juniors visits Caracas FC in Venezuela.
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Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Caracas FC vs Boca Juniors match.
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How to watch Caracas FC vs Boca Juniors Live TV and Stream

The match between Caracas and Boca can be seen on Fox Sports and will also be broadcast on Fox Play.
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Boca Juniors Key Player

Guillermo Fernandez, Boca Juniors midfielder One of the reinforcements that arrived for this first semester of 2020 is slowly raising his hand to become an important player of the team. He arrives motivated 'Pol' to the midweek game, because he scored in Friday's match in the Super League.
Photo: Mundo Deportivo
Photo: Mundo Deportivo
9:30 PM9 months ago

Caracas FC Key Player

Beycker Velázquez, goalkeeper of Caracas FC. One of the keys to the Venezuelan team's chances of claiming points in the Copa Libertadores. With international experience, Velazquez must remain safe under the three posts and not make any mistakes when faced with a dangerous attack by Boca Juniors.
Photo: Titans Sports
Photo: Titans Sports
9:25 PM9 months ago

Boca Juniors Last Lineup

E. Andrada; F. Fabra, J. Alonso, C. Izquierdoz, J. Buffarini; J. Camupzano, S. Villa, G. Fernández, E. Salvio; C. Tévez, F. Soldano.
9:23 PM9 months ago

Caracas FC Last Lineup

Beycker Velásquez; Luis Casiani, Javier Maldonado, Diego Osío, Sandro Notaroberto; Diego Castillo, Anderson Contreras, Luis Ramírez, Jorge Echeverría; Richard Celis y Rodrigo Febres.
9:20 PM9 months ago

Central Referee

For Tuesday's game at the Caracas Olympic Stadium, Esteban Ostojich Uruguay will be the central referee.
9:12 PM9 months ago

Boca Juniors, no hesitation in starting the Cup

A love affair between Boca Juniors and the Copa Juniors is renewed for this 2020 to seek to conquer the continent once again. The Xeneize team is coming along nicely after a 4-1 defeat of Colon. The Argentine team will have to work hard on the game to be able to get the victory in a complicated playground.
Photo: Radio Huancavilca
Photo: Radio Huancavilca
9:06 PM9 months ago

Caracas FC goes for the surprise

Despite being at home at the start of the Copa, Caracas will be looking to spring a surprise in Group H when they host Boca Juniors. The team drew 1-1 with Puerto Cabello at the weekend, going two games without a win in a row.
Photo: Balonazos
Photo: Balonazos
8:56 PM9 months ago

Kick-off time:5:30pm ET

The Caracas FC vs Boca Juniors match will be played at the Caracas Olympic Stadium, in Caracas, Venezuela. The kick-off is scheduled at 5:30pm ET.
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