Goals and highlights: Atlético Tucumán 1-1 River Plate, 2020 Superliga Argentina
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10:10 PMa year ago


10:00 PMa year ago
With this result. Boca is champion by beating Gimnasia 1-0
9:59 PMa year ago

End game

Tucumán 1-1 River
9:57 PMa year ago


Scocco's header to the goalie
9:56 PMa year ago


Martinez's Chilean that passes very close by. Almost River makes it 2-1
9:54 PMa year ago


Rojas with the header that goes off
9:51 PMa year ago


Casco leaves and Pratto enters, last change of River
9:51 PMa year ago


Final minutes and drama are present in both stadiums. River has a few minutes left if he wants to be champion
9:47 PMa year ago


Scocco fails in hand to hand and claim a foul within the area, that the whistler does not whistle
9:45 PMa year ago


De la Cruz's shot that easily reaches Lucchetti's hands
9:42 PMa year ago


Suarez leaves and Scocco enters. River goes for the second goal
9:41 PMa year ago


Head of race that takes out Armani and sends up
9:40 PMa year ago


Carrera enters and Acosta leaves, the last change in Tucumán
9:39 PMa year ago


Quintero's free throw passing near the frame
9:39 PMa year ago


Goal by Boca, goal by Tevez and with that result, River would not be champion
9:38 PMa year ago


Yellow for Acosta de Tucumán
9:36 PMa year ago


He shoots Suarez and flies her over the frame. Matias missed it.
9:31 PMa year ago


Rojas enters and Melano leaves, change of Tucumán
9:29 PMa year ago


Everything is the same until this moment:

Tucuman 1-1 River

Mouth 0-0 Gymnastics

9:26 PMa year ago


Goodbye to Pinola and Quintero enters, in the first change of River
9:26 PMa year ago


Suarez's header that goes off course
9:19 PMa year ago


Toledo center shot that rejects Armani as much as it can
9:18 PMa year ago


Center of Milan running out of steam Franco Armani
9:15 PMa year ago


Fernandez claims a possible penalty when he falls inside the area, but the whistle doesn't sound
9:14 PMa year ago


Melano's medium distance shot reaching the goalkeeper's location
9:13 PMa year ago


Fernández's free kick passing very close to the goal
9:11 PMa year ago


Tucumán with greater intensity at the dawn of the second half, but the danger plays do not arrive
9:08 PMa year ago


The second half starts
9:07 PMa year ago


Aguirre enters Heredia and leaves Tucumán
8:51 PMa year ago


Ball left in the area and is cleared, although the whistle signals a foul in favour of the locals
8:50 PMa year ago


Two more minutes are added
8:49 PMa year ago

Goal River 1-1

8:48 PMa year ago


Results on the spot:

Boca 0-0 Gimansia

Tucuman 1-1 River

These results would give the Millionaires the title

8:44 PMa year ago


Caution for De la Cruz for a strong kick
8:39 PMa year ago


Goooooooooal of River

Matias Suarez reaches second post for the 1-1

8:38 PMa year ago

Gol Tucumán 1-0

8:37 PMa year ago


Strong entrance of Fernandez and there is another warning for the locals
8:35 PMa year ago


Second warning for Tucumán. Now it's Aguirre
8:31 PMa year ago


De la Cruz's direct free kick crashes into the defensive wall and in the end, Borré falls out of position
8:28 PMa year ago


Yellow for Erbes after heavy fouling
8:25 PMa year ago


Now Suarez tries it and goes over the top
8:25 PMa year ago


De la Cruz's shot that goes over the top
8:23 PMa year ago


Gooooal of Tucumán

Toledo heads a corner and the home team wins 1-0

8:21 PMa year ago


Suarez is fouled and it will be a direct free kick for River
8:20 PMa year ago


Toledo's head goes sideways. Near Tucumán
8:16 PMa year ago


Acosta's free-kick that is not a problem and ends in a goal kick
8:15 PMa year ago


Borré Santos scores goal, but there's out of place
8:13 PMa year ago


Ortiz is injured, but will return to the field
8:11 PMa year ago


First five minutes and both in this game of River, as in that of Boca, the tie remains 0-0
8:08 PMa year ago


Aguirre's shot and Armani's great save
8:08 PMa year ago


Out of Suarez's league. Tucuman's free throw
8:06 PMa year ago


River takes possession of the ball, but so far without depth
8:04 PMa year ago


The game begins
7:59 PMa year ago
Teams take to the field on this great Saturday
7:56 PMa year ago
We're minutes away from starting the game. Great final awaits us in the Argentine Super League
7:50 PMa year ago
Tucumán declared ready to spoil River's party
7:42 PMa year ago
Stadium in perfect condition for the decisive match
7:34 PMa year ago

XI Tucumán

Lucchetti, Fernández, Ortiz, Cabral, M. Ortiz, Aguirre, Erbes, Acosta, Melano, Toledo Díaz
7:28 PMa year ago

XI River

Armani, Montiel, Martínez, Rojas, Pinola, Casco, Pérez, Fernández, De la Cruz, Suárez, Borré
7:24 PMa year ago
River's luxury line-up for the last league game
7:18 PMa year ago
Today River will play with the alternate jersey, will it be the lucky one?
7:17 PMa year ago
River have just been beaten 3-0 by Liga Quito in the Copa Libertadores, although they used an alternative team
7:09 PMa year ago
In the event of a draw, River need a draw or defeat from Boca, who will be playing simultaneously against Diego Maradona's Gimnasia
7:06 PMa year ago
That's how River arrived at the stadium for the vital duel
7:02 PMa year ago
Those directed by Marcelo Gallardo have no other choice: win or win if they want to celebrate
7:01 PMa year ago
The "D-Day" has arrived, River is playing for the whole in order to achieve the crown. Follow the game and LIVE here
7:38 PMa year ago

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Latest games

The last time River visited this stadium, they won 3-0 on May 11, 2019
7:37 PMa year ago

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Key player River Plate

The experienced Scocco will have the mission to be the leader on the offensive to secure one more title in the Marcelo Gallardo era
7:37 PMa year ago

Key player Atlético Tucumán

Goalkeeper Cristian Lucchetti could become a player to watch for the title
7:37 PMa year ago

Last lineup of River Plate

Armani, Montiel, Martínez, Rojas, Pino, Casco, Fernández, Pérez, De la cruz, Suárez, Scocco
7:36 PMa year ago

Last lineup of Atlético Tucumán

Lucchetti, Monzón, Cabral, Ortiz, M. Ortiz, Heredia, Rojas, Bravo, Acosta, Toledo, Melano.
7:36 PMa year ago

Referee Quartet

The central whistle of this Atlético Tucumán vs River Plate will be Patricio Lostau; Juan Pablo Bellati, first line; Gabriel Chade, second line; Mauro Vigliano, fourth assistant.
7:36 PMa year ago

Last result: River Plate

He missed out on the last place and drew 1-1 with Defensa y Justicia

7:36 PMa year ago

Last result: Tucumán

They come from a 1-0 loss to Gimnasia de Maradona

7:35 PMa year ago

All or nothing

River need to win if they want to win the title, otherwise they'll have to wait until Boca don't draw
7:35 PMa year ago

With nothing to play for

The home team has no chance of going down or qualifying for international places, but they will try to strike a deadly blow
7:35 PMa year ago

Kick-off time

The Atlético Tucumán vs River Plate match will be played at the stadium Monumental José Fierro, in Tucumán, Argentina. The kick-off is scheduled at 7 pm ET.
7:34 PMa year ago

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