Goals and Highlights: Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid 2-3 (2-4), 2019/20 UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg 


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Unbelievable Stats

Some absurd stats from the match.

Liverpool more than doubled the amount of passes. Triple the amount of shots. Almost double shots on target. Five times as many corners.

And yet, they still lost. Both ties.


6:45 PMa year ago

Atletico Deserve The Win

The term "defensive masterclass" gets thrown around quite a bit now, but Atletico certainly defined it against Liverpool. The visitors went behind just before the end of the first half thanks to a Georginio Wijnaldum header. 

With the last kick of second half stoppage time, Atleti had thought they won the tie when Saul headed in a cross from a free kick. However, the linesman correctly flagged him for offside. 

Liverpool had the lion's share of chances throughout normal time, hitting the woodwork and making Atleti keeper Jan Oblak play the match of his life. 

In extra time, Roberto Firmino hit the post first and then scored the rebound for first blood. However, Atleti's subs with fresher legs made all the difference. Macros Llorente capitalized on an Adrian mistake to give the Spanish side the away goals advantage. Later, he scored another from a brilliant individual effort to seal it.  

And to really drive the dagger into the heart, Alvaro Morata broke free with a in stoppage time. 

Atletico were underdogs going into the tie and in both legs, but especially the second leg today away from home, Atletico showed their cojones and deserved to go through. 

They're on the quarterfinals of the Champions League and will join PSG, Atalanta, and RB Leipzig. The other four Round of 16 second legs will take place next week and determine the other four quarterfinalists. 

6:34 PMa year ago

Full Time

Atletico Madrid win! They advance to the quarterfinals of the Champions League

Liverpool exit after winning last year's competition, making it two years in a row the holders have exited in the round of 16, Real Madrid losing to Ajax last year

6:33 PMa year ago

120+1' Morata seals it!

Alvaro Morata gets free behind the Liverpool defense on the break and slots it home past Adrian even with Joe Gomez diving in.

Morata and all of Atleti run and celebrate with Morata, scoring in front of their traveling fans

Atletico is on to the quarters

6:31 PMa year ago

120' 2 extra minutes

2 minutes of stoppage time
6:31 PMa year ago


Saul gets a yellow for punting the ball away to stop from Liverpool taking a quick free kick
6:30 PMa year ago

119' Double yellow

Morata and Alexander-Arnold go nose to nose after Atleti take a short corner and the Liverpool defender shoves Morata to the ground

Both receive yellow cards

6:28 PMa year ago


Minamino sends in a cross. Van Dijk wins the header but knocks it straight up. Oblak jumps for it and Milner undercuts him and gets whistled for a fould 
6:26 PMa year ago


Mane curls a shot wide left after cutting in from the right side just outside the box.
6:24 PMa year ago

113' Liverpool sub

Takumi Minamino subs on for Firmino
6:23 PMa year ago

112' Origi shoots wide

Origi from the left side of the box drags the shot wide. Oblak doesn't even need to move
6:20 PMa year ago


Mane goes to ground in the box and the Kop end at Anfield screams for a penalty. Ref says no
6:18 PMa year ago


Oblak dives forward and punches out a Mane cross
6:17 PMa year ago


First ball in to Oblak, he hold on and the fans begin whistling him immediately for time wasting
6:15 PMa year ago

Beginning of 2nd Extra Time

Fabinho and Divock Origi sub on for Liverpool in place of Henderson and Wijnaldum Jose Maria Gimenez subs on for Atletico to replace Angel Correa
6:14 PMa year ago

End of 1st Extra Time

Atletico have a goal advantage and away goals advantage.

Liverpool need two to advance. 

The fans are out of it. Anfield is stunned. 

6:12 PMa year ago

105+1' Llorente again!

Marcos Llorente scores again and gives Atletico a massive lead!

Atletico break break free on the right from Morata, he dribbles into the final third, centers for Llorente. He cuts back slightly for a shooting lane around Henderson and fires for the corner.

What a goal

Liverpool players, manager, and fans stunned into silence

6:08 PMa year ago

103' Atleti sub

Alvaro Morata on for Felix
6:07 PMa year ago


Liverpool faithful try to will their team on, but to no avail so far
6:03 PMa year ago

97' Llorente scores!

Marcos Llorente hits the back of the net!

Adrian poorly clears it straight to Atletico. Felix lays it off for Llorente who shoots from just outside the box and finds the bottom corner

Atletico have the advantage now on away goals

6:00 PMa year ago

94' Firmino scores!

Roberto Firmino puts Liverpool ahead! 

Wijnaldum gets free on the right side and crosses to Firmino. He rattles the left post, but it bounces back to him and he finishes with a right footed tap

Liverpool up one on aggregate

5:58 PMa year ago

92' Save from Oblak!

Wijnaldum gets slipped it and shoots from an angle, saved by Oblak. 

Wijnaldum gets it back and cross it for Firmino who heads wide

5:56 PMa year ago

Extra Time Begins

Trippier subs off for Vrsaljko

Only change to begin the extra half hour

5:53 PMa year ago

Full Time 1-0 (1-1)

We're going to extra time!
5:51 PMa year ago

90+2 Winner from Saul! Offside!

Lodi crosses and Saul heads it into the top corner for the win. Atletico go wild!

Flag goes up and he is a yard offside. 

Assistant referee gets it spot on.

5:50 PMa year ago


Atletico's Joao Felix breaks free and gets fouled about 35 yards out and near the touchline

Last free kick and chance of the match. Free kick from Lodi

5:49 PMa year ago


Salah with a soft shot straight at Oblak just as stoppage time begins. 

2 minutes added. 

Extra time if necessary

5:46 PMa year ago

88' Mane shot

Mane again with the overhead. 

Short corner gets crossed to Van Dijk at the top of the box. He heads it straight to Mane with his back to goal. He tries again for the spectacular but misses again

5:44 PMa year ago

86' Salah high!

Salah dribbles past 3 Atletico defenders as he cuts into the box from the right and shoots high and wide
5:43 PMa year ago

85' Mane for the spectacular! Miss!

Milner sends a great cross to the far post. Wijnaldum heads back to the center and Mane tries for the bicycle, but hits it way over the bar
5:42 PMa year ago

84' Shot save

Save from Oblak! 

Wijnaldum shoots from a tough ankle, and Oblak gets a hand to it just in case

5:39 PMa year ago

82' Liverpool sub

Milner subs on for Oxlade-Chamberlain
5:38 PMa year ago


Robertson blasts it wide

Liverpool take a short corner, send it back into the corner and a cut back cross finds Robertson at the top of the box, but he blasts it far over the bar

5:38 PMa year ago


Mane wins the outlet off Trippier and sends a switch all the way to across to Salah, but Felipe breaks it up
5:37 PMa year ago


Saul well wide on the volley

Trippier released Llorente on the right side and found Felix in the middle. The ball falls to Ñiguez who ambitiously shot 

5:35 PMa year ago


Llorente flagged for offside.

The tension is building on the field and in the stands. 

5:31 PMa year ago


Two long balls into the Atleti box bring Oblak off his line, but nothing serious to threaten the goal from either one
5:26 PMa year ago


Oxlade-Chamberlain blasts from an angle and Oblak dives and saves. 

A follow up is deflected out for a corner

Corner leads to nothing.

5:26 PMa year ago


Oblak almost knocks it into his own goal. 

Comes out to get a cross, punches it, but it falls towards the back post. 

Cleared by a defender

5:24 PMa year ago

67' Robertson header off the post!

The Scot heads it off  the cross bar.

A Salah shot was deflected up into the air and Robertson ran on it and struck it well, just inches too high

5:23 PMa year ago


Neither side has shown an urgency to score the past few minutes. 

Not complacency for extra time, but not desperation either. 

With 25 minutes left, each team remains rather calm.

5:20 PMa year ago


Saul shoots from 65 yards to catch Adrian off his line, but it's well wide
5:18 PMa year ago

61' Double Save From Adrian!

Atletico come on the counter, Joao Felix shoots and Adrian muffs the save. Correa comes on for a second chance, but Adrian meets him at the same time to save it. 

Liverpool survive a scare

5:18 PMa year ago

60' Save from Oblak!

Firmino volleys another shot from close range. Denied by Oblak again. 

Handball call on Thomas leads to a free kick from the right side just outside the box.

Alexander-Arnold sent in the cross to the back corner

5:14 PMa year ago


Joao Felix with a very soft shot that eventually makes its way to Adrian. 

First sort of attack by Atletico in the second half

5:13 PMa year ago

55' Atletico sub

Diego Costa subs off for Marcos Llorente

The Brazilian born Spanish striker is livid with the decision for getting subbed off for a midfielder. 

5:12 PMa year ago


Oblak comes off his line to attack a free kick in the box. Punches it clear
5:11 PMa year ago

54' Shot from Ox

Oxlade-Chamberlain cuts across the middle outside the box and shoots for the bottom left corner. Oblak dives and gets a strong palm to it
5:10 PMa year ago

52' Ox shoots high

Salah slips in Oxlade-Chamberlain into the box, he turns and shoots, but gets under it and skies it
5:08 PMa year ago

50' Save from Oblak! Offside!

Oxlade-Chamberlain floats in a cross towards Mane at the back post. He volleys and Oblak makes a great reaction save. 

But the flag goes up anyways for offside on Mane.

5:05 PMa year ago

48' Salah Shot

Salah makes a run behind the defense with Wijnaldum finding him over the top

Salah shots, but right at Oblak, easy save.

5:03 PMa year ago


Liverpool kick off the second half with no changes for either side
4:54 PMa year ago

Half Time 1-0 (1-1 agg)

Liverpool get a huge goal before the end of the half from Georginio Wijnaldum. Up to that point, Atletico had frustrated the Reds with a solid set of two blocks of four. Exactly what everyone expected. 

And as the half wore on, Liverpool became ever more frustrated with the night. They did have several good chances, including one from Oxlade-Chamberlain and one from Firmino. But without a goal, they were starting to feel the pressure.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been the spark in Liverpool's attack tonight. He's slipped in good passes, he's made good runs, and he got free behind the defense and sent in the cross for the goal. 

Atletico had everything go to plan for over 40 minutes. Their defense stood tall and made it difficult for Liverpool to pass through. Yes, they surrendered shots on goal, 4, but Liverpool were flustered.

At different points, Atletico even retained possession and passed out of pressure side to side, not forward, and kept Liverpool off the ball. 

With 45 minutes to go, Atletico must want  to push for a goal. An away goal means Liverpool have to score two more, a difficult task with how Atleti are playing. 

Another tactical half is ahead with a spot in the quarterfinals on the line. Both teams will feel the pressure. Fans at Anfield will feel the tension. 

Don't go anywhere.

4:44 PMa year ago

43' Liverpool Goal! Wijnaldum!

Wijnaldum head Liverpool back into!

Oxlade-Chamerlain cuts to the byline and sends in the cross to spot. 

Wijnaldum heads down and hard to the bottom left corner and level the score on aggregate at 1. 

4:43 PMa year ago


Oxlade-Chamberlain shoots wide from outside the box
4:42 PMa year ago


Tempers flaring

Alexander-Arnold with a fair, hard challenge on Felix and knocks it out. As the Portuguese is on the ground, Alexander-Arnold yells at him. 

Atletico players run towards him, but it ends there. 

Tempers flaring as the half comes towards a close

4:40 PMa year ago


Oblak punches out for a throw after the corner gets a second chance.
4:39 PMa year ago


Salah released by Oxlade-Chamberlain, but Atletico defense pick his pocket and send it out for a corner
4:37 PMa year ago

36' Save from Oblak!

Firmino with the one time from close range, Oblack saves with his hands. 

Cross picks out the Brazilian just on the edge of the 6 yard box. He'll wish he angled his shot more to even the aggregate score.

4:35 PMa year ago

34' Save by Oblak

Salah wins the ball on the right side off Lodi and comes on the counter

He centers to Mane he doesn't quite strike it well enough. Oblak bobbles the save, but it's comfortable in the end. 

4:33 PMa year ago


Lodi sends in a cross from the left for Diego Costa, easily headed out for a corner by Van Dijk.

Simeone happy with his team's performance so far claps them on. 

4:32 PMa year ago


Henderson bends down and screams at Joao Felix, accusing him of diving to win a free kick.

The Liverpool players ask the ref to check VAR, but he does not. 

4:30 PMa year ago

29' Boos from the crowd

The Liverpool faithful rain boos down on Jan Oblak for time wasting as the Atletico keeper collected and held on to a ball in the box
4:26 PMa year ago


Alexander-Arnold sends in a cross from the right side and it's headed out. Liverpool get a second chance with another cross. Van Dijk's header goes nowhere.
4:25 PMa year ago


Oxlade-Chamberlain crosses into the box to Firmino, who can't get it out of his feet and Atletico clear it
4:23 PMa year ago


Joao Felix offside

Atletico try to play over the top, but the Portuguese can't hold his run

Diego Costa picks up the ball and throws it to the side to prevent Liverpool from taking a quick free kick. Fans boo him loudly
4:21 PMa year ago


A second straight corner into the box, headed by Mane and blocked. Cleared out after a bit of a scramble.
4:20 PMa year ago


Robertson sends in a corner from the left side, takes a couple awkward bounces and gets cleared.
4:18 PMa year ago


Atletico corner in to Felipe, heads it wide of goal and out past the byline
4:18 PMa year ago


Correa sneaks in behind on a free kick and Van Dijk clears it for a corner

First for Atleti today

4:15 PMa year ago

14' Diving save!

Oxlade-Chamberlain blasts a shot, diving save by Oblak!

He parries it wide, thankfully not landing at a Liverpool player's feet

4:12 PMa year ago


Henderson half volley wide left.

Oxalde Chamberlain once again open on the right, crosses. It's headed out and Henderson tries to half volley from outside the box, but misses.

4:11 PMa year ago


Salah shoots high and wide


Mane tracks back and wins the ball off Correa. He turns, dribbles toward goal and then across the middle. Passes to Salah who shoots far from goal.

4:09 PMa year ago


Training ground set piece almost converts for Atletico.

Koke short free kick to Thomas who sends a long cross to the back post for Trippier. He connects, but unthreateningly hits the side netting.

4:07 PMa year ago


Salah tries to slip in Firmino, but it's cut out by Atletico and the build up ends.
4:06 PMa year ago

5' Shot Saved!

Save from Oblak!

Alexander-Arnold crosses from right side to Wijnaldum near the spot. Headed to the corner, but caught by Oblak.

4:04 PMa year ago


Both sides have settled a bit, but neither getting control of the early few minutes. 

Still, very aggressive starts from each side

4:01 PMa year ago


15 seconds in, Atleti pla through Liverpool's press and Diego Costa shoots wide


Fast start to the game

4:01 PMa year ago


Atletico kick us off and Liverpool apply pressure immediately
3:56 PMa year ago

Liverpool About Set

3:56 PMa year ago

Atletico Is Warm And Ready

3:31 PMa year ago

Century Mark

Congratulations to Joe Gomez, making his 100th appearance for Liverpool tonight



3:11 PMa year ago

Atleti's Shot Stopper

Jan Oblak is simply magnificent between the sticks for Atletico

3:09 PMa year ago

Anfield Is Lit

European nights at Anfield are special, they say.

The fans are certainly doing everything they can do make tonight another one.

3:00 PMa year ago

Atletico XI

Diego Simeone's warriors for today's huge match at Anfield


2:59 PMa year ago

Liverpool XI

Jurgen Klopp's XI for tonight's do or die second leg


2:59 PMa year ago

We're live!

We're live ready to bring you the game from Anfield

@LivEchoLFC is stoked as well

10:17 PMa year ago

Key Match Ups To Watch

Of course, the elephant in the room is how Adrian will do in net for Liverpool. After that, the Atletico Madrid back line up against a lethal Liverpool attack is the best match up to watch. 

Outside of that, look at the midfield battle. Since Fabinho returned from a two month injury, he hasn't been the player he was at the beginning of the season, not dominating and destroying as he was before.. How will he fair against Atletico? Will they try to exploit him?

Atletico will certainly try to hit on the counter attack. How will Liverpool's defenders, who generally play a back line cope with that? Will it backfire?

A very high tempo game from Liverpool vs the slow-it-down, grinding out results set up of Atletico should provide some fireworks in a critical and tense second leg.

10:14 PMa year ago

Simeone's Comments

Simeone's prematch quotes are exactly what we expected from him. He said about the match, "We'll need to suffer at certain moments, but we'll get our chances too. You've seen over the past eight years what we can do, and we'll need to show what we are capable of."
10:13 PMa year ago

Klopp's Comments

Liverpool Jurgen Klopp is optimistic about his side's chances of overturning the deficit. About the second leg, he said, "It's half time – that’s the best news. For us, half-time in a normal game we use in a pretty good way. We learn from the first half, we show the boys a few situations, and very often we improve."
10:09 PMa year ago

Atletico Madrid Squad Notes

Atletico Madrid's Alvaro Morata and Thomas Lemar are doubts for the match. 

Ex Tottenham right back Kieran Trippier is expected to be fit after missing the first leg with an injury. 

Joao Felix is recovered from an injury, evidenced by his appearance at the weekend. He should also be fit for Wednesday's match.

10:07 PMa year ago

Liverpool Squad Notes

Liverpool were dealt a massive blow recently when start keeper Alisson was ruled out with a hip injury. Adrian will deputize in goal. 

Captain Jordan Henderson though is expected to be fit and available for selection.

Andy Robertson missed the weekend's encounter with Bournemouth as a precaution and should be fit for the match with Atleti.

9:57 PMa year ago

Atletico Recent Form

Atletico Madrid have drawn their last two matches, against Sevilla and Espanyol in league. Before that, a win over Villarreal and the win over Atleti.

Alvaro Morata and Joao Felix scored the two goals in their weekend draw, something Atletico has struggled with in front of net. Felix has had a tough first season at Atletico and hasn't quite found his feet yet. 

Atletico will certainly have to put in a bulldog-like performance to defend and try to hit on the counter and get that key away goal.

9:51 PMa year ago

Liverpool recent form

It's been a rough 2020 for Liverpool so far. Since their "winter break" in England, Liverpool have won only three of six matches across all competitions, but not put in one good performance in any of those matches. Plus, they lost out on the invincibles pursuit when they lost to Watford and crashed out of the FA Cup last week when they lost to Chelsea. 

They did beat Bournemouth this past weekend at home 2-1, but had to come from behind to do so. 

Liverpool need a strong attacking performance to come back and advance.

9:36 PMa year ago

First Leg Review

Atletico hosted the first leg back in February and won in a snatch and grab. Saul Ñiguez scored on a loose scramble ball in the box in the 4th minute and Atleti never looked back. 

After that, the home side sat back, had little possession, and put in a solid, hard-fought defensive effort, a classic Diego Simeone's Atletico performance. 

Liverpool played their part on the night also, not registering a single shot on target throughout the 90 minutes. 

9:32 PMa year ago

Match Info

Liverpool's Anfield will host the match on Wednesday March 11th with kick off scheduled for 4 pm ET. 

Atletico have a 1-0 lead on aggregate thanks to a Saul Ñiguez first half goal.

Away goals is the first tie breaker, then extra time, and penalties if needed. 

The game is available to watch on TNT. 

9:30 PMa year ago


What's up everyone, welcome to VAVEL's live coverage of the UEFA Champions League last 16 second leg tie between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid. 

I'm Drew Pells and I'll be your host for the game providing prematch news, starting line ups, and play by play coverage.