Highlights and goals: Toluca 3-4 Xolos Tijuana on 2020  Copa MX
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12:01 AM9 months ago
11:57 PM9 months ago


The match ends, Xolos qualifies for the MX Cup grand final.
11:55 PM9 months ago


Change of Toluca. Enter Javier Hernández for Kevin Castañeda
11:53 PM9 months ago


Change of Tijuana. Enter Édgar López by Bryan Angulo
11:51 PM9 months ago


Güémez tries to shoot from the edge of the area, but the visiting defence blocks his shot
11:49 PM9 months ago


Shot by Kevin Castañeda who Higuera retains well
11:48 PM9 months ago


Leo Fernandez tried to sneak in among three visitors, but they managed to get the ball out
11:40 PM9 months ago


Change of Xolos. Christian Rivera leaves for Edwin Cardona
11:39 PM9 months ago


Goal by Xolos! Barbieri takes advantage of the fact that the ball stays alive inside the area and scores the fourth for the visitors
11:35 PM9 months ago


Excellent sweep by Aldo Cruz prevents Toluca from making a dangerous move
11:34 PM9 months ago


Change of Toluca. Enter Juan Gamboa for Felipe Pardo
11:33 PM9 months ago


Goal by Xolos! Jordan Silva counters Gonzalez's center and increases the advantage in the global
11:29 PM9 months ago


Goal by Xolos! Rivera inlays the ball into the bottom of Talavera's nets
11:22 PM9 months ago


Change of Xolos. Erick Torres leaves and Mauro Lainez enters
11:19 PM9 months ago


Toluca goal! Kevin Castañeda shoots from outside the area and scores his double and a goal
11:14 PM9 months ago


Rivera's finish that goes over the Talavera's arch
11:12 PM9 months ago


The second part starts in Toluca
10:57 PM9 months ago


First half ends, Toluca win it, but go down on aggregate 
10:51 PM9 months ago


Phew! Rivero took a shot, but the ball went off the side of Talavera's goal
10:50 PM9 months ago


Near Xolos, but Sauro deflects that ball and avoids the second of the visitors
10:44 PM9 months ago


Toluca goal! Kevin Castañeda enters the area alone and scores the second for the locals
10:39 PM9 months ago


Goal by Xolos! After a series of bounces and rebounds inside the area, Leandro Gonzalez appears and ties the ball back
10:33 PM9 months ago


Güémez dared to shoot, but the ball leaves without generating danger
10:32 PM9 months ago


Good move by Toluca, but Pardo ends up handing the ball to Xolos
10:24 PM9 months ago


Cross-shot by Kevin Castañeda that goes way off target
10:21 PM9 months ago


Good start by Talavera, who, after a free kick, takes advantage and keeps that ball
10:15 PM9 months ago


Pardo's stroke that goes far above the arch
10:08 PM9 months ago


Nemesio Diez starts, Toluca looking to come back to sneak into the final
10:03 PM9 months ago
The startup protocol is now in place at the Nemesium Ten! Impressive reception for tonight's duel in Toluca
10:03 PM9 months ago

Xolos: LineUp |

C. Higuera; M. Barbieri, J. Silva, L. González, O. Mendoza; J. Rivero, C. Rivera, A. Cruz, L. Gamíz; B. Angulo, E. Torres.
10:00 PM9 months ago

Toluca: LineUp |

A. Talavera; A. Mora, A. Chala, G. Sauro; W. Da Silva, J. Güémez, F. Pardo, L. Fernández, K. Castañeda; M. Estrada, G. León.


9:39 PM9 months ago
Locals are already warming up before the duel vs Xolos
9:38 PM9 months ago
The Tijuana team is already on its way to the stadium to play the second leg
9:29 PM9 months ago
Toluca have already reached the Nemesio Diez for the return semi-final, where they will be looking to come back
9:27 PM9 months ago
The scarlet dressing room is ready for tonight's meeting
9:17 PM9 months ago
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9:16 PM9 months ago

Xolos: Last LineUp |

C. Higuera; M. Barbieri, J. Silva, O. Mendoza; C. Rivera, A. Castro, A. Cruz, M. Lainez, L. Gamíz; M. Bolaño, B. Angulo.
9:16 PM9 months ago

Toluca: Last LineUp |

A. Talavera; O. Tobio, R. Ruíz, G. Sauro, R. Salinas; D. Rigonato, F. Mancuello, K. Escamilla, K. Castañeda; E. Gigliotti, G. León.
9:16 PM9 months ago

Xolos is claiming his hobby

Tonight, the Tijuana team will try to continue with the advantage they have in the final, to make up for the bad tournament they are having in the MX League, the last one League game, Xolos went down four goals to two.


9:15 PM9 months ago

Toluca will seek to resurface |

The Red Devils arrive at this match after an exciting one goal draw against Queretaro in the MX League, so they arrive well to this duel.


9:15 PM9 months ago

Kick-off time |

The Toluca vs Xolos match will be played at the Nemesio Diez stadium, in Toluca. Estado México. The kick-off is scheduled at 11:00pm ET.

9:15 PM9 months ago
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