Goals and Highlights: América 3-0 Atlanta United, 2020 Concaf Champions League
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11:29 PM9 months ago


11:20 PM9 months ago

End game

América 3-0 Atlanta
11:18 PM9 months ago


Martinez's shot hits the crossbar
11:18 PM9 months ago


Three more minutes are added
11:15 PM9 months ago


González enters and Cáseres leaves. America's last change
11:12 PM9 months ago


Shot diverted from Martinez where they were asking for a possible penalty
11:10 PM9 months ago


Shot diverted from Martinez where they were asking for a possible penalty
11:06 PM9 months ago


Castro is encouraged by the shot that reaches the goalkeeper's location
11:02 PM9 months ago


They ask for a hand inside the area in favor of America, but the whistle doesn't point to anything
11:00 PM9 months ago


Boat Shot exactly to the location of Jimenez
10:58 PM9 months ago


Enter Viñas and it was all for Gio dos Santos
10:53 PM9 months ago


Jimenez deflects Martinez' shot and sends in a corner
10:52 PM9 months ago


Martin's head goes up.
10:50 PM9 months ago


Yellow for Bruno Valdez
10:50 PM9 months ago


Cordoba's first shot hits the defensive wall
10:44 PM9 months ago


Rossetto left and Castro came in instead of Atlanta
10:43 PM9 months ago


Ibarguen leaves and Cordova enters instead of America
10:43 PM9 months ago


Martinez has been injured on the field
10:40 PM9 months ago


Martinez power shot that goes over the top
10:38 PM9 months ago


Little by little Atlanta takes the ball, although it is still not dangerous
10:33 PM9 months ago


Fuentes Auction that goes sideways
10:31 PM9 months ago


The second half starts
10:16 PM9 months ago

Half time

América 3-0 Atlanta
10:16 PM9 months ago


One more minute is added
10:09 PM9 months ago

Goal of América 3-0

10:06 PM9 months ago


America's goal

Sanchez's center on corner kick and Valdez's shot for the 3-0

10:02 PM9 months ago


Font's far shot that goes sideways
9:55 PM9 months ago


Shot by Gio dos Santos going over the top
9:54 PM9 months ago

Goal of América 2-0

9:53 PM9 months ago


Great save by Jimenez that saves his frame
9:53 PM9 months ago

Goal of América 1-0

9:49 PM9 months ago


Sanchez's distant shot containing Guzan
9:47 PM9 months ago


Dos Santos shot by Guzan. Close to 3-0.
9:43 PM9 months ago


America's goal

Martin left alone to define 2-0 cross

9:41 PM9 months ago


America's goal

Suarez's long-distance shot to open the scoring on a goal

9:40 PM9 months ago


Another shot is deflected by Dos Santos, who is going for a corner. Squeeze the America
9:35 PM9 months ago


Dos Santos' shot that is blocked by the defense for a corner kick
9:34 PM9 months ago


Shot very far from Atlanta on Ochoa's frame
9:30 PM9 months ago


The game begins
9:25 PM9 months ago
Both teams take the field
9:20 PM9 months ago
We are minutes away from starting, where the entrance to the Aztec is loose this Wednesday
9:16 PM9 months ago
America will have some variations, such as the absence of Cordova and Viñas, who are on the bench
9:11 PM9 months ago
Atlanta eliminated Honduras' Motagua with a 4-1 win on aggregate
9:07 PM9 months ago

XI Atlanta

Guzan, Meza, Walkes, Adams, Mulramey, Hyndman, Remedi, Lennon, Larentowicz, Barco, Martínez
9:03 PM9 months ago
Atlanta won last weekend by beating Cincinnati 2-1
9:00 PM9 months ago

XI América

Jiménez, Fuentes, Sánchez, Cásares, Suárez, Dos Santos, Ibarguen, Valdez, Aguilera, Sánchez, Martín
8:51 PM9 months ago
America comes from a 3-3 draw against Pumas in the local tournament
8:43 PM9 months ago
The Aztec Stadium and the weather in optimal conditions for the first leg quarter-final

8:36 PM9 months ago
This is how America arrived at the Aztec Stadium
8:33 PM9 months ago
America suffered too much and eliminated the Guatemalan Comunicaciones by way of penalties
8:33 PM9 months ago
With many absences from both teams, America and Atlanta are faced with the task of taking advantage for the return game
11:06 PM9 months ago

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Latest games

These teams played the final of the Cup Champions in 2019 with victory for Atlanta 3-2
11:05 PM9 months ago

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11:05 PM9 months ago

Key player Atlanta United

Pitty Martinez, in view of Josef's departure, will have to act as the leader to command the attack
11:05 PM9 months ago

Key player América

Henry Marin returns to the starting line-up and could be one of the key men in the play-offs
11:05 PM9 months ago

Last lineup of Atlanta United

Guzan, Wyke, Meza, Walkas, Lennon, Hyndman, Remedi, Mulraney, Martinez, Barco, Jahn
11:04 PM9 months ago

Last lineup of América

Ochoa, Sánchez, Fuentes, Aguilera, Aguilar, Córdova, González, Sánchez, Suárez, Martín, Viñas
11:04 PM9 months ago

Referee Quartet

The central whistle of this America vs Atlanta United will be John Pitti (PAN); Christian Ramirez (HON), first line; Ronald Bruna (PAN), second line; Jose Kellys (PAN), fourth assistant.
11:04 PM9 months ago

Last result: Atlanta United

He won last weekend by beating Cincinnati 2-1

11:03 PM9 months ago

Last result: America

The Águilas come from rescuing the last minute 3-3 draw against UNAM Pumas

11:03 PM9 months ago

Demonstrate the level of MLS

One of the most exciting teams in recent years in MLS, Atlanta, will seek to prove they have the level to eliminate Mexican teams
11:03 PM9 months ago


The Águilas will try to assert themselves after they had to go to penalties to eliminate Communications
11:02 PM9 months ago

Kick-off time

The América vs Atlanta United match will be played at the stadium Azteca, in Ciudad de México, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30 pm ET.
11:02 PM9 months ago

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