Goals and Highlights: Racing 1-0 Alianza Lima, 2020 Copa Libertadores
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6:58 PM24 days ago

Racing leads the group along with Nacional with six points
6:54 PM24 days ago

End game

Racing 1-0 Alianza Lima
6:54 PM24 days ago


Barbona's shot that deflects the defense and goes for a corner
6:52 PM24 days ago


Barbona enters and Rojas leaves. Last change of Racing
6:49 PM24 days ago


Left-handed by Rojas, but the ball didn't go in the direction of goal
6:47 PM24 days ago


Tsaracho in the area and the star on the post with his header. Racing fence
6:44 PM24 days ago


Another attempt by Zaracho to cover Butron
6:43 PM24 days ago


Wheel controlled badly and couldn't get the shot out within the area
6:42 PM24 days ago


Fertoli with the shot and a changed hand Butron took the ball
6:37 PM24 days ago


Fertoli with the half-round shot that goes over
6:33 PM24 days ago


Jaw comes out and crosses in. Change of Alliance
6:30 PM24 days ago


Fertoli with the finish, but Butron anticipates and takes away the second
6:29 PM24 days ago


Medium distance shot from Zaracho that is deflected and there is a corner shot
6:26 PM24 days ago


Arroé went in and Aguilar came out instead of Alianza
6:22 PM24 days ago


Matthias' shot too weak to cause any danger Racing still close
6:20 PM24 days ago


Foul on Reniero and the Academy will have a direct free kick
6:18 PM24 days ago


Goal of Racing 

Reniero, who had just come in from change, makes the cut and defines with power for the 1-0

6:17 PM24 days ago


Quijada, from Alianza Lima, is cautioned
6:14 PM24 days ago


Cvitanich's header passing near the goalkeeper's right post
6:12 PM24 days ago


Cvitanich claims a possible penalty that the referee ignores
6:12 PM24 days ago


Rojas's far shot that cuts off the goalkeeper
6:10 PM24 days ago


At half time, a change was made to the Alliance. Lopez left and Dario Cvitanich entered
6:10 PM24 days ago


The second half begins
6:05 PM24 days ago

Half time

Racing 0-0 Alianza Lima
5:48 PM24 days ago


One more minute was added
5:46 PM24 days ago


Center of Zaracho that is cleared by the defensive
5:42 PM24 days ago


Now it's Miranda's turn to get a shot, and the ball goes sideways
5:35 PM24 days ago


Another cross by Zaracho, although Butron with his foot saves his goal
5:30 PM24 days ago


Reds far shot covering the goalkeeper
5:28 PM24 days ago


Rejection of Rodriguez who almost ended up in an auto-goal
5:26 PM24 days ago


Dominguez's first shot, although they had already pointed out out out of place
5:26 PM24 days ago


Pillud's shot but covers the goalie after a good bailout
5:24 PM24 days ago


There is one player left lying on the field of play
5:16 PM24 days ago


Alexis Gomez's distant shot reaches the hands of Arias
5:13 PM24 days ago


Zaracho's center that arrives directly to Butron
5:12 PM24 days ago


Zaracho arrived at the baseline, but he himself, faced with the defensive marking, ended up throwing it to the side
5:10 PM24 days ago


Zaracho's shot that passes very close to the post and close to 1-0
5:08 PM24 days ago


Direct Free Kick Rejects Racing's Defensive
5:08 PM24 days ago


Center to the area that can not finish Lizandro Lopez and goes long
5:03 PM24 days ago


Comienza el partido
5:02 PM24 days ago

Racing ha emitido los métodos para que los hinchas recuperen su dinero por las entradas
4:57 PM24 days ago

We're minutes away from the start of the match, in what could be one of the last of the Copa Libertadores this month. Don't miss out on the details here
4:53 PM24 days ago

XI Alianza Lima

Butrón, Gómez, Rodríguez, Quijada, Salazar, Mora, Aguilar, Fuentes, Ballón, Beltrán, Balboa
4:45 PM24 days ago

XI Alianza Lima

Butrón, Gómez, Rodríguez, Quijada, Salazar, Mora, Aguilar, Fuentes, Ballón, Beltrán, Balboa
4:43 PM24 days ago

For their part, Alianza did not have a good debut when they fell at home
4:37 PM24 days ago

Racing wins on the first date with a 2-1 win over Estudiantes de Mérida from Venezuela
4:31 PM24 days ago

El equipo femenil se mantuvo en actividad y sacó una victoria de 3-1, ¿podrá el conjunto varonil obtener el mismo resultado?
4:26 PM24 days ago

For its part, the Alliance will stop all minor sporting activities
4:18 PM24 days ago

It should be noted that Conmebol has already indicated that the next round, to be held next week, will not be played for the coronavirus
4:16 PM24 days ago

XI Racing Club

Aris, Pillud, Sagali, Domínguez, Mena, Miranda, Garré, Zaracho, Rojas, Fértoli, López
4:13 PM24 days ago

It should be noted that the number of people of various kinds has also been restricted for this commitment, including the press department
4:05 PM24 days ago

The second day of the Copa Libertadores ends with the game between Racing vs Alianza Lima
4:02 PM24 days ago

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Latest games

This will be the first time the two clubs have met in the Copa Libertadores
10:20 PM25 days ago

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10:20 PM25 days ago

Key player Alianza Lima

A man of experience like Pedro Gallese under the three posts, with a long career in various leagues
10:19 PM25 days ago

Key player Racing

Lisandro López is still the team's top scorer and was one of the key men for their championship in the Argentine Super League 2018-19
10:19 PM25 days ago

Last lineup of Alianza Lima

Gallase, Cuba, Riojas, Godoy, Guidino, Fuentes, Quevedo, Ramírez, Rodríguez, Arroé, Affonso
10:19 PM25 days ago

Last lineup of Racing

Arias Mena, Martínez, Sigali, Pillud, Díaz, Rojas, Miranda, Zaracho, Reniero, López
10:19 PM25 days ago

The refereeing quartet

The central whistle of this Racing vs Alianza Lima will be Jose Mendez; Eduardo Cardozo, first line; Milciades Saldivar, second line; Juan Benitez, fourth assistant, all from Paraguay.
10:19 PM25 days ago

Last result: Alianza Lima

It comes from losing in the local tournament 2-0 to Universitario
10:18 PM25 days ago

Last result: Racing

Racing won in the last match of the Argentine Super League against Estudiantes

10:18 PM25 days ago

Not to be left behind

Alianza didn't have a good debut after losing 1-0 to Nacional
10:18 PM25 days ago

Keep adding up

Racing come from a major 2-1 win over Estudiantes de Merida as visitors
10:17 PM25 days ago

Kick-off time

The Racing vs Alianza Lima match will be played at the stadium Presidente Perón, in Buenos Aires, Ecuador. The kick-off is scheduled at 8 pm ET.
10:17 PM25 days ago

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