Goals and Highlights: Xolos Tijuana 3-2 Pachuca, 2020 Liga MX
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10:15 PM23 days ago

End game

Xolos 3-2 Pachuca
10:08 PM23 days ago


Angulo tries to surprise from afar, but Ustari returns to his goal in time
10:06 PM23 days ago


Five more minutes are added
10:03 PM23 days ago


Rubens' center but De la Rosa can't connect the ball
10:02 PM23 days ago


Jara wants to make the cut, but he's missing the ball
9:59 PM23 days ago


Now Lainez retires and enters the Cube Torres
9:58 PM23 days ago


After a big crash, Lainez is taken care of and leaves the field
9:56 PM23 days ago


Castro leaves and Sanchez enters
9:53 PM23 days ago


Hernandez re-enters the field blindfolded
9:52 PM23 days ago

Goal of Pachuca 3-2

9:48 PM23 days ago


Cardona leaves and Silva enters in order to tie up the result
9:46 PM23 days ago


Goal by Pachuca

Jara steals the ball from the goalkeeper and makes the difference

9:42 PM23 days ago


De la Rosa's center shot that goes all over the small area and Jara can't close
9:41 PM23 days ago


Richards leaves and De la Rosa enters
9:40 PM23 days ago

Goal Xolos 3-1

9:35 PM23 days ago


The Burrito Hernandez is cautioned
9:33 PM23 days ago


Goal of Tijuana

After Ustari's save, Castro arrives with the head for the 3-1

9:31 PM23 days ago


Change of Pachuca. Cueva enters and Figueroa leaves
9:30 PM23 days ago


Gonzalez Pires is reprimanded for claiming
9:28 PM23 days ago

Goal of Xolos 2-1

9:28 PM23 days ago


Goal of Tijuana 

Lainez takes advantage of the rebound and hits it with power so that the ball hits the post and goes in

9:23 PM23 days ago


Cardona power shot on a large Ustari cast
9:20 PM23 days ago


Out of Jara's place
9:18 PM23 days ago


Start second half
9:17 PM23 days ago

Half time

Xolos 1-1 Pachuca
9:01 PM23 days ago


Three more minutes are added
8:58 PM23 days ago


Lainez's shot, Ustari's deflection and the ball hits the crossbar
8:57 PM23 days ago

Goal of Xolos 1-1

8:56 PM23 days ago


Tijuana goal

Barbieri defines within the area to the defensive bewilderment for 1-0

8:48 PM23 days ago


Angle shot and great save by Ustari who sends the ball into the corner
8:47 PM23 days ago

Goal Pachuca 1-0

8:42 PM23 days ago


Angle is not enough to take the header and the ball drifts
8:39 PM23 days ago


Goal by Pachuca

Franco Jara defines cross for 1-0

8:37 PM23 days ago


Cardona is reprimanded for kicking
8:35 PM23 days ago


Iturbe fouled and the referee makes a penalty mark for Pachuca
8:32 PM23 days ago


Pachuca had the first one, but Jara blew it into the area and missed it
8:32 PM23 days ago


Richards' shot where Barbieri saves over the line
8:31 PM23 days ago


Sambueza center shot that Higuera controls without bouncing
8:30 PM23 days ago

Rivero was claiming a foul on the edges of the Iturbe area, but the whistler says... play
8:27 PM23 days ago


Out of place for Xolos in an auction that had already brought out the "Burrito" Hernandez
8:24 PM23 days ago


Cabral's header on a fixed tactical move that goes sideways
8:20 PM23 days ago


Xolos center that easily reaches Ustari
8:17 PM23 days ago


Filtered pass too long where Franco Jara can't reach
8:13 PM23 days ago


The game begins
8:12 PM23 days ago

A bad entrance to see the Xolos vs Pachuca
8:10 PM23 days ago

At this time the teams take the field in the MX League protocol
8:07 PM23 days ago

Edwin Cardona may have minutes against his ex-team
8:04 PM23 days ago

In a very peculiar way, Pachuca advises to wash your hands constantly
8:02 PM23 days ago

The Xolos have just beaten Toluca 4-3 to secure their place in the Copa MX final
7:52 PM23 days ago

That's how the Tuzos arrived at the Caliente stadium
7:45 PM23 days ago

For their part, Pachuca could make the jump to fourth place overall with a combination of results
7:40 PM23 days ago

If Xolos wins he will stay in the same position, but he will be close to six points of qualification zone
7:39 PM23 days ago

This is the hand in hand between Xolos and Pachuca
7:34 PM23 days ago

XI Pachuca

Ustari, Cabral, Murillo, Álvarez, Sambueza, Aguirre, Hernández, Figueroa, Richards, Iturbe, Jara.
7:29 PM23 days ago

XI Xolos

Higuera, Barbieri, González, Loroña, Rivero, Rivera, Castro, Cruz, Lainez, Angulo, Cardona
7:25 PM23 days ago

The Xolos also give a series of recommendations to prevent the spread of coronavirus
7:19 PM23 days ago

A little over an hour before the game starts. We begin with LIVE coverage of Tijuana vs Pachuca
7:17 PM23 days ago

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Latest games

Xolos has dominated the last five games at the border, winning three, drawing one and losing one
7:08 PM23 days ago

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7:08 PM23 days ago

Key player Pachuca

Franco Jara, the historic goalscoring leader, remains the goal man and the key player in the offensive
7:08 PM23 days ago

Key player Xolos

The "Cubo" Torres has regained a great level and has become a good assistant on the front line
7:08 PM23 days ago

Last lineup of Pachuca

Ustari, Álvarez, Cabral, Murillo, Tapias, Ibarra, Hernández, Sambueza, Aguirre, Kazim-Richards, Jara.
7:07 PM23 days ago

Last lineup of Xolos

Lajud, Cruz, González, Silva, Loroña, Lainez, Balanta, Rivero, Sepúlveda, Castro, Torres.
7:07 PM23 days ago

The refereeing quartet

The central whistle of this Xolos Tijuana vs Pachuca will be Marco Ortiz; Jose Martinez, first line; Eduardo Acosta, second line; Jesus Lopez, fourth assistant.

7:07 PM23 days ago

Last result: Pachuca

The Tuzos win 1-0 at home to Santos

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7:07 PM23 days ago

Last result: Xolos Tijuana

The Xolos lost their last game 4-2 to Cruz Azul

7:06 PM23 days ago

Climbing positions

Pachuca have regained the mystique, although they barely have a win in their four visits

7:06 PM23 days ago

That the Copa MX serves as a motivation

After getting their pass to the MX Cup final, the Xolos will be looking to bring joy to their fans, after they only have one victory
7:06 PM23 days ago

Kick-off time

The Xolos Tijuana vs Pachuca match will be played at the stadium Caliente, in Baja California, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 11:10 pm ET.
7:06 PM23 days ago

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