Goals and Highlights: Tigres 3-2 FC Juárez, 2020 Liga MX
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8:14 PM22 days ago

End game

Tigres 3-2 FC Juárez
7:59 PM22 days ago


Sierra is admonished by a slap on the wrist
7:57 PM22 days ago

Goal of Juárez 3-2

7:52 PM22 days ago


Six more minutes are added
7:52 PM22 days ago


Goal of Juarez

Rolan takes off the goalie and defines to squeeze things in the end 3-2

7:47 PM22 days ago


Carioca leaves and Sierra enters. Change of Tigers
7:45 PM22 days ago

Goal of Tigres 3-1

7:42 PM22 days ago


Goal of Tigres

Vargas remains only in the area and defines with comfort for the 3-1

7:38 PM22 days ago


Lezcano leaves and Sagal enters the last change of the Bravos
7:35 PM22 days ago


Aquino enters and leaves Valencia instead of Tigres
7:32 PM22 days ago

Gol Tigres 2-1

7:30 PM22 days ago


Mendieta leaves and Santos enters. Change of Juarez
7:29 PM22 days ago


Gignac's shot that this time goes over the top
7:28 PM22 days ago


Center of Gignac, looking for Vargas and is rejected by the defensive
7:27 PM22 days ago


Lack of Castro and is admonished
7:26 PM22 days ago

Goal of Tigres 1-1

7:21 PM22 days ago


Goal of Tigres

Gignac makes the cut and sends the shot for the 2-1

7:20 PM22 days ago


The VAR checks the play and determines that there is no red for Gignac and only yellow
7:19 PM22 days ago


Red to André-Pierre Gignac for a strong entrance
7:15 PM22 days ago


Goal of Tigres

Valencia center, goalkeeper's error and Quiñónes' shot for the 1-1

7:13 PM22 days ago


Intriago has been reprimanded
7:12 PM22 days ago


Great Owners' Sweep in what looked like the 2-0
7:10 PM22 days ago


Valencia crosses his head too much and goes sideways
7:08 PM22 days ago


The second half starts
7:07 PM22 days ago

Half time

Tigres 0-1 FC Juárez
6:50 PM22 days ago


One more minute is added
6:49 PM22 days ago


Another shot by Gignac that fails to pass the barrier
6:49 PM22 days ago


Gignac's free shot that crashes into the barrier
6:47 PM22 days ago


Gignac shot where they claim a possible hand, but again it will be a corner kick
6:42 PM22 days ago

Goal Juárez 1-0

6:38 PM22 days ago


Valencia shot with power, but without much placement that saves Vazquez
6:36 PM22 days ago


Shooting center of Olivera that passes by without finding a recipient
6:35 PM22 days ago


Goal of Juarez 

Great service where Lezcano takes off the goalkeeper and defines for 1-0

6:32 PM22 days ago


Close to the auto-goal. Velázquez shoots the ball and passes very close to his goal
6:26 PM22 days ago


Romo leaves and Castro enters instead forced by Juarez
6:19 PM22 days ago


The ball is behind Valencia and can no longer make good contact
6:17 PM22 days ago


Bruno Romo gets stuck and is left lying on the pitch due to a strong clash with Valencia
6:15 PM22 days ago


Lezcano's distant shot that cuts easily to Guzman
6:14 PM22 days ago


Mendieta's filtered pass that easily reaches Nahuel's territory
6:12 PM22 days ago


Match severely cut short at the moment due to fouls by both rivals
6:08 PM22 days ago


Tigres has started with a slight dominance. It should be noted that Meza has already been cautioned
6:06 PM22 days ago


Party starts
6:04 PM22 days ago

There's no protocol and the teams already jump into the field
5:59 PM22 days ago

Nahuel Guzmán, a leading figure in the last few games of the Felinos
5:46 PM22 days ago

If Bravos wins and loses America, along with other results, it could go up to third place
5:39 PM22 days ago

With no audience, the Tigres took the field
5:39 PM22 days ago

Tigres if you win and with a combination of results, you will be able to climb to the qualification zone
5:29 PM22 days ago

XI Juárez

Vázquez, Olivera, Romo, Velázquez, Jiménez, Esquivel, Intriago, Rolán, Mendieta, Fernández, Lezcano
5:24 PM22 days ago

XI Tigres

Guzmán, Rodríguez, Ayala, Meza, Dueñas, Fulgencio, Carioca, Pizarro, Quiñónes, Gignac, Valencia
5:23 PM22 days ago

For his part, Juarez had the opportunity to advance to the MX Cup final, but was eliminated by Rayados de Monterrey
5:12 PM22 days ago

Tigers and Juarez have only played one game in the history of the MX League
5:04 PM22 days ago

Both teams are coming off mid-week activity. Tigres got a great 1-0 win against New York RB, although the Concachampions League was also cancelled
5:03 PM22 days ago

Without people because of the measures taken by the league, Tigres receives Juarez on a somewhat strange date
5:02 PM22 days ago

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Latest games

In the 2019 Apertura they faced each other in Juarez with a 2-1 victory for Ricardo Ferretti's team
9:25 PM23 days ago

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9:25 PM23 days ago

Key player FC Juárez

Diego Rolan will have the debt after failing the penalty at midweek and will try to add to get the victory
9:25 PM23 days ago

Key player Tigres

Undisputed leader and top scorer, Gignac continues to build his legend with the cat team
9:25 PM23 days ago

Last lineup of FC Juarez

Vázquez, Jiménez, Velázquez, Romo, Olivera, Intriago, Esquivel, Fernández Mendieta, Sagal, Lezcano.
9:24 PM23 days ago

Last lineup of Tigres

Guzmán, Dueñas, Meza, Ayala, Rodríguez, Aquino, Pizarro, Carioca, Fulgencio, Gignac, Valencia.
9:22 PM23 days ago

The refereeing quartet

The central whistle of this Tigres vs FC Juarez will be Fernando Hernandez; Michel Morales, first line; Enedina Caudillo, second line; Louis Vielmas, fourth assistant.
9:22 PM23 days ago

Last result: FC Juarez

FC Juarez lost at home in the last 10 minutes 4-1 to Leon

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9:22 PM23 days ago

Last result: Tigres

The Tigres drew 0-0 with Puebla a week ago

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9:21 PM23 days ago

Change page

FC Juarez was eliminated from the Copa MX in the middle of the week, so they will have to leave that game behind to focus on the league tournament
9:20 PM23 days ago

Winning back home

The Tigres have been strong at home and so a win could bring them closer to qualifying places
9:20 PM23 days ago

Kick-off time

The Tigres vs FC Juárez match will be played at the stadium Universitario, in Nuevo León, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 9 pm ET.
9:20 PM23 days ago

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