Highlights and goal: Atlético San Luis 0-1 Puebla, 2020 Liga MX
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6:03 PM22 days ago


Finish the game. Atletico de San Luis falls 1-0 at home to Puebla.
5:51 PM22 days ago


Center by Luis Reyes, Ibáñez finishes and the defense of Puebla serves from one side.
5:48 PM22 days ago


Add four minutes.
5:46 PM22 days ago


Nicolás Vikonis saves the penalty charged by Nicolás Ibáñez.
5:45 PM22 days ago


After the review in the VAR, the referee Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán gives a penalty in favor of Atlético de San Luis.
5:44 PM22 days ago


The referee will check this play in the VAR.
5:43 PM22 days ago


Vikonis drops a ball in his area, but the defence manages to get the ball out to avoid damage to his goal.
5:42 PM22 days ago


Last change of Puebla. Cristian Menéndez enters, Angel Zaldívar leaves.
5:40 PM22 days ago


Change of Puebla. Enter Osvaldo Martinez, exit Omar Fernandez.
5:33 PM22 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Alan Acosta that goes through the side of the goal.
5:32 PM22 days ago


Shot in half turn by Angel Zaldívar stopping Vikonis.
5:25 PM22 days ago


Change of Atletico de San Luis. Oscar Macias enters, Anderson Julio leaves.
5:24 PM22 days ago


Change of Puebla. Alan Acosta enters, Santiago Ormeño leaves.
5:13 PM22 days ago


Out of area test Ian Gonzalez, but the attempt goes over the top of the goal.
5:07 PM22 days ago


Shot from outside the box by Omar Fernandez with no direction in goal.
5:05 PM22 days ago


The second half starts at the Alfonso Lastras.
5:01 PM22 days ago


Two changes by Atlético de San Luis. Juan David Castro and Ian Gonzalez enter, Camilo Mayada and Javier Cortes leave.
5:01 PM22 days ago


The first half is over. Result at the moment: Atlético de San Luis 0-1 Puebla.
4:45 PM22 days ago


Head shot by Nicolás Ibáñez that goes above the goal.
4:43 PM22 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Anderson Julio that goes off the side of the goal.
4:42 PM22 days ago


Center of Matías Catalán, Germán Berterame finishes off with his head and Vikonis takes a shot.
4:37 PM22 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Javier Cortés going over the top of the goal.
4:27 PM22 days ago

Puebla Video Goal

Angel Zaldívar opened the scoring for Puebla.
4:22 PM22 days ago

13' | Puebla Goal

Corner shot from the right, extends the defense to the second post and only pushes Angel Zaldívar. 
4:14 PM22 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Omar Fernandez diverting Rodriguez to the post. Then the defense serves.
4:13 PM22 days ago


Santiago Ormeño's forced shot and San Luis' defense manages to pull out.
4:12 PM22 days ago


Anderson Julio steals the ball at the start, but his shot goes low and is stopped by Nicolas Vikonis.
4:10 PM22 days ago


Matías Catalán's dangerous centre from the right, but neither Berterame nor Ibáñez manage to finish off.
4:09 PM22 days ago


San Luis gradually takes control of the game, but still has no clear goal-scoring options.
4:05 PM22 days ago


Start the match.
4:00 PM22 days ago

This is how the warm-up was done in the Alfonso Lastras Stadium without an audience in the stands.
3:51 PM22 days ago

Puebla lineup

N. Vikonis; J. Paganoni, D. Arreola, M. Perg, S. Reyes; J. Zavala, J. Salas, P. González, O. Fernández; S. Ormeño, Á. Zaldívar.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
3:46 PM22 days ago

Atlético de San Luis Lineup

F. Rodríguez; L. Reyes, L. León, D. Escalante, M. Catalán; L. Gallegos, J. Cortés, C. Mayada, A. Julio; N. Ibáñez, G. Berterame.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
3:42 PM22 days ago

With these numbers comes Atletico de San Luis and Puebla for this afternoon's game. 
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
3:32 PM22 days ago

Duel of goalkeepers this afternoon. Felipe Rodriguez for San Luis and Nicolas Vikonis for Puebla.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
3:24 PM22 days ago

Outside the Stadium's ticket offices, there is a press release issued by the MX League which mentions that the matches will be played behind closed doors.
Photo: María Luisa Chagoya / VAVEL
Photo: María Luisa Chagoya / VAVEL
3:19 PM22 days ago

This is what the accesses to the Alfonso Lastras Stadium look like, with no fans and only security personnel for those people who are not informed that the game is behind closed doors.
Photo: María Luisa Chagoya / VAVEL
Photo: María Luisa Chagoya / VAVEL
3:13 PM22 days ago

A few minutes ago, this is how Atlético de San Luis arrived at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium.
3:11 PM22 days ago

Before putting the games behind closed doors, the Puebla fans made the trip to San Luis Potosi. This is how they support from outside the stadium.
3:07 PM22 days ago

Just a few hours ago, the MX League announced that this day will be played without an audience due to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
3:04 PM22 days ago

We started the coverage of the Matchday 10 game between Atlético de San Luis and Puebla.
3:01 PM22 days ago

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Atlético de San Luis vs Tigres match at Alfonso Lastras Stadium.
Photo: Milenio
Photo: Milenio
11:30 PM23 days ago

How to watch Atlético de San Luis vs Puebla Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN.

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN Play.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Puebla Key Player

Christian Tabó, Puebla forward. As the tournaments have gone by, the skillful Uruguayan has taken on greater significance with Puebla. Now he is not only a fundamental piece to be able to create and finish dangerous plays, but he has reached such a degree of importance that in some matches he has been captain. In the Alfonso Lastras Stadium, Tabó will have to take advantage of his speed to be able to generate dangerous plays in Felipe Rodríguez's goal.
Photo: Rodrigo Peña / VAVEL
Photo: Rodrigo Peña / VAVEL
11:27 PM23 days ago

Atlético de San Luis Key Player

Germán Berterame, forward of Atlético de San Luis. This 2020 has been the tournament of consolidation for the Argentinean striker. Taking over the starting line-up alongside Nico Ibáñez, Berte has played almost every minute with 796 minutes and four goals. Against Puebla, the aim must be fine, because the rival team prevents many opportunities of danger.
Photo: El Sol de San Luis
Photo: El Sol de San Luis
11:23 PM23 days ago

Puebla last lineup

N. Vikonis; S. Reyes, D. Arreola, M. Perg; J. Salas, P. González, O. Martínez, J. Zavala, O. Fernández; C. Tabó, D. Abella.
11:19 PM23 days ago

Atlético de San Luis last lineup

F. Rodríguez; A. Portales, L. León, U. Bilbao, L. Reyes; L. Gallegos, J. Castro, C. Mayada, D. Hernández; G. Berterame, N. Ibáñez.
11:17 PM23 days ago

The refereeing quartet

Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán will be the central referee for the match. Enrique Bustos and Jessica Morales are assigned as assistants. Finally, Alan Martinez will be the fourth referee.
Photo: Fabián Meza / VAVEL
Photo: Fabián Meza / VAVEL
11:15 PM23 days ago

Puebla, take a stable road

This Clausura 2020 has been a rather irregular tournament for the team coached by Juan Reynoso. Last week at home they failed to take advantage and drew without a goal against Tigres. With 11 points, they are not yet out of the tournament, but must start adding up if they are to qualify.
Photo: Yahoo Noticias
Photo: Yahoo Noticias
11:13 PM23 days ago

Atlético de San Luis, return to the top

It's been two games in a row that the Potosi people don't know victory. After a resounding home defeat, they went to Monterrey last weekend to draw level with Rayados by two goals. Ranked 11th overall with 13 points, if Guillermo Vazquez's team wins, they would be back in the group stage.
Photo: ABC Noticias
Photo: ABC Noticias
11:10 PM23 days ago

Kick-off time: 4pm ET

The Atlético de San Luis vs Puebla match will be played at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium, in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:00pm ET.
11:04 PM23 days ago

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