Goals and Highlights: Chivas Guadalajara 1-1 Rayados Monterrey in 2020 Liga MX
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9:56 PM22 days ago

The goals from tonight's match

9:56 PM22 days ago

Full Time | Chivas 1-1 Rayados

In a very evenly matched game, Chivas and Rayados equalize. The match lacked clarity during long periods but had excitement towards the last twenty minutes.
9:51 PM22 days ago


Last play of the match!

Nico Sánchez hits a header towards the goal, but the Chivas defense clears it just before it goes in!
9:50 PM22 days ago


Meza hits a first-time shot and hits the post!
9:47 PM22 days ago


Gallardo tries a header, but it's very easy for Rodríguez.
9:46 PM22 days ago


Banda looks for the top left corner, but the attempt is just a few inches from going in!
9:45 PM22 days ago


Meza sends a good low cross looking for Gallardo, but the ball is too strong.
9:44 PM22 days ago


Barovero easily stops a header from Briseño.
9:41 PM22 days ago


Both teams push forward looking for the winning goal.
9:40 PM22 days ago

82' | Rayados Substitution

Jonathan González replaces Dorlan Pabón.
9:38 PM22 days ago

77' | Chivas Substitution

Angulo replaces Villalpando.
9:34 PM22 days ago

Gallardo with the equalizer

9:33 PM22 days ago


Montes had sent the ball in to put Rayados in front, but the referee says he hadn't blown the whistle in the free-kick and it won't count.
9:31 PM22 days ago

70' | Rayados GOOOOOOOAL!

Despite getting fouled inside the box, Gallardo continues his run towards the box and finishes it with a great shot!
9:26 PM22 days ago


On the counter-attack, Macías manages to send a shot that ends up too high to worry Barovero.
9:24 PM22 days ago


Layún shoots looking for the far post, but his attempt is just inches away from going in!
9:21 PM22 days ago

64' | Rayados Substitution

Meza replaces Vangioni in Mohamed's team.
9:20 PM22 days ago

64' | Chivas Substitution

Madueña comes on instead of Jesús Sánchez.
9:19 PM22 days ago


It's now Molina who sees the yellow card after a tackle on Vangioni.
9:18 PM22 days ago


Banda is cautioned for a strong challenge in midfield.
9:17 PM22 days ago

60' | Rayados Substitution

Ake Loba is replaced by Eduardo Banda.
9:16 PM22 days ago


Antuna found a rebound just outside the box and sent a very powerful shot. Barovero did well to control it!
9:15 PM22 days ago


Monterrey pushes forward looking to equalize, but the Chivas defense is well-positioned to stop all attempts.
9:13 PM22 days ago


Antuna shoots looking for the far post, but his attempt is a little bit wide!
9:07 PM22 days ago


Pabón cuts inside and sends a good shot with his left, but Briseño blocks it.
9:06 PM22 days ago


Gallardo heads the ball looking for the far post, but it ends up being too easy for Rodríguez.
9:03 PM22 days ago

45' | Second Half Begins

We're underway with the last 45 minutes of the match.
9:00 PM22 days ago

Highlights at the break!

8:54 PM22 days ago

Half Time | Chivas 1-0 Rayados

We go to the break with an advantage for Guadalajara.


8:46 PM22 days ago


Carlos Rodríguez sees a yellow card after a strong challenge outside Rayados' box.
8:42 PM22 days ago


Layún shoots from long distance, and Toño Rodríguez sends it over the bar.
8:36 PM22 days ago


Carlos Rodríguez finds a rebound inside the box. His volley is not quite good and the chance is wasted.
8:35 PM22 days ago


Dorlan Pabón sends a cross looking for Layún, but the Mexican winger is unable to strike after the ball bounced too high.
8:34 PM22 days ago

Molina with the 1-0 for Chivas


8:28 PM22 days ago


Monterrey attempts to make a comeback in the game, but still finds difficulty to create chances.
8:26 PM22 days ago

20' | Chivas GOOOOOOAL!

Molina heads the ball. Barovero gets a hand to it and sends it to the post.

On the rebound, Molina pushes it in to put Chivas in front.
8:21 PM22 days ago


Good cross from Gallardo. Villalpando clears it before Loba could reach the ball.
8:14 PM22 days ago


Gallardo lays the ball off to Loba who hesitates to strike and a good chance is wasted for Rayados.
8:12 PM22 days ago


The game lacks precision near the boxes. Both teams show desire to attack, but are yet to generate a dangerous chance.
8:08 PM22 days ago


Pabón attempts a powerful shot that ends up bouncing off Mier's chest.
8:03 PM22 days ago

0' | Kick-Off

We're underway with the match between Chivas and Rayados,
8:01 PM22 days ago

Chivas is also finishing their pre-match workout. This match could mark their rise to the top four places of the league table.


7:56 PM22 days ago

The Monterrey squad is finishing up its warm up with an empty stadium as the setting. Can Monterrey accomplish their first win of the season?

7:53 PM22 days ago

Macías will try to make it four in a row

The young striker who wears Chivas' number 9 shirt has scored in the last three games for his squad. His contribution is unquestionable as said matches have ended in victory for Guadalajara.
7:47 PM22 days ago

Even the players are taking sanitary precautions to avoid the spread of the virus.


7:42 PM22 days ago

No press conferences will be held after the match in order to minimize contact between players, technical staff and journalists.
7:39 PM22 days ago

Rayados: Starting XI

Barovero; Montes, Sánchez, Medina, Layún, Vangioni; Kranevitter, Rodríguez; Pabón, Gallardo, Loba.
7:36 PM22 days ago

Chivas: Starting XI

Rodríguez; Briseño, Mier, Sánchez, Ponce; Beltrán, Molina, Villalpando; Antuna, Brizuela, Macías.

7:30 PM22 days ago

Rayados has allowed a goal in every game of the season and is one of the 3 worst defenses with 16 conceded goals.
7:21 PM22 days ago

Hiram Mier, Jesús Molina & Oribe Peralta are the men in the current squads that have defended both shirts.
7:18 PM22 days ago

Chivas has implemented a program to avoid infection among the members of the press who are attending to cover tonight's match.
7:16 PM22 days ago

Rayados' goalkeeper knows that the team must win no matter what after a very poor first half of the 2020 Clausura. With only four points in nine matches, Monterrey is the worst defending champion in the league's history.


7:11 PM22 days ago

A look at the empty exterior of Estadio Akron due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

7:08 PM22 days ago

The locker room at Estadio Akron is ready to receive the home team. Can Chivas make its home field condition matter despite not having anyone on the stands?


7:06 PM22 days ago

In the U-20 match, Rayados snatched the win from Chivas at the last minute with a penalty in the 93rd minute.
6:49 PM22 days ago

This is what Chivas' dressing room looks like for tonight's match against the reigning Mexican football champion Rayados.
6:44 PM22 days ago

We are less than an hour and a half away from the start of this exciting Chivas vs Monterrey.

We hope to have a great game tonight.

6:39 PM22 days ago

Update: Game to be played behind closed doors!

Liga MX has informed that the remaining matches for this weekend of Liga MX, Liga MX Femenil, Ascenso Mx and youth squad tournaments will be played without a live audience.

This follows the recommendations of the Government of Mexico.

12:27 PM22 days ago

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11:54 AM22 days ago

Tonight's officiating team

The referee for this match will be Diego Montaño

Andrés Hernández and José de Jesús Baños will be the assistant referees.

Alejandro Funk will act as the fourth official.

11:53 AM22 days ago

Monterrey also issued recommendations to its fans to minimize the transmission of the COVID19 virus.

Among them are not greeting with handshakes or kisses, washing hands often, covering mouth and nose while sneezing and avoiding unnecessary travel.

11:51 AM22 days ago

Mexico remains one of the few countries in which top tier sporting events have not been suspended or canceled. Nevertheless, Chivas sent out communication informing that they've taken sanitary actions to have their stadium in optimal condition for this game.

11:43 AM22 days ago

Rayados: Last Starting XI

Barovero; Montes, Sánchez, Medina, Gallardo, Parra; Kranevitter, Rodríguez; Funes Mori, Loba.
11:40 AM22 days ago

Chivas: Last Starting XI

Rodríguez; Mier, Sepúvelda, Sánchez, Ponce; Molina, Beltrán, Antuna, Brizuela; Vega, Macías.
11:37 AM22 days ago

How to watch Chivas Guadalajara vs Rayados Monterrey Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are Chivas TV's paid streams.

If you want to watch on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

11:36 AM22 days ago

Rayados will try to regain confidence for the Copa MX Final

The current Liga MX champions surely won't be able to defend their title in the next Liguilla as they have only four points after 9 matches in the tournament.

Despite their bad form in the league, Rayados was able to advance to the Copa MX final last Wednesday after they beat FC Bravos in a penalty shoot-out.

Rogelio Funes Mori is unavailable for this match as he'll be serving a one-game suspension, while Vincent Janssen is questionable due to a left thigh muscle tear.

11:35 AM22 days ago

Chivas to stay on the top part of the table!

Chivas continues to make its ascend in the Liga MX table, most recently defeating Atlas in the "Clásico Tapatio" by 2-1 at Estadio Jalisco. They currently sit fifth with 15 points.

For tonight's match, Luis Fernando Tena won't be able to count with Alexis Vega who will serve a one-game suspension, as well as Eduardo López and Juan José Vázquez who are recovering from influenza.

11:29 AM22 days ago

The Chivas Guadalajara vs Rayados Monterrey match will be played at the Estadio Akron, in Zapopan, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 11:00 pm ET.

11:24 AM22 days ago

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