Goals and Highlights: León 3-1 Pumas in Liga MX 2020
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Goals and Highlights: León 3-1 Pumas

8:02 PM22 days ago

After this win, León is the new leader with 21 points, while Pumas remain in fourth position with 15 points.

Next week, 'La Fiera' will visit America and the 'Universitarios' will host Xolos.

7:58 PM22 days ago

Finish the game!

León 3-1 Pumas
7:54 PM22 days ago


Ismael Sosa defines within the area and puts in definitive figures
7:52 PM22 days ago


Leon continues to arrive at the rival area, but has not managed to increase his advantage
7:49 PM22 days ago


Close! Menes' cross shot passes by the left visitor's post
7:41 PM22 days ago


Last change of Lion: Angel Mena leaves and Ismael Sosa enters
7:39 PM22 days ago


By double yellow cardboard, Sebastian Saucedo is expelled and leaves Pumas with ten elements
7:38 PM22 days ago


Great coverage by Yairo Moreno to prevent Juan Dinenno from shooting in front of goal
7:38 PM22 days ago


Close! Shot by Armando Leon passing just over one side of Pumas' left post
7:37 PM22 days ago


Aquino's shot that Johan rejects and sends in a corner
7:35 PM22 days ago


Goal cancelled! For offside position, Angel Mena's goal does not count
7:33 PM22 days ago


Last movement of Pumas: enter Bryan Mendoza by Leo López
7:29 PM22 days ago


Good bail out of Saldivar to keep Campbell from finishing off comfortably
7:27 PM22 days ago


Second movement of Leon: Joel Campbell enters by Ignacio Gonzalez
7:22 PM22 days ago


Great intervention by Johan Vásquez to prevent Angel Mena from hitting the target
7:21 PM22 days ago


Angel Mena's counter-attack was wasted after failing to assist Jean Meneses
7:20 PM22 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Sebastian Saucedo passing over the Leonese goal
7:18 PM22 days ago


For an infringement on Luis Montes, Favio Álvarez is also cautioned, as is Sebastián Saucedo
7:15 PM22 days ago


For claiming a fault, Leo Lopez receives the preventive card
7:13 PM22 days ago


Double change of Pumas: Sebastián Saucedo and Favio Álvarez enter by Alejandro Mayorga and Pablo Barrera
7:06 PM22 days ago


Begin the complementary part!
7:05 PM22 days ago


With this goal by Angel Mena, Leon is defeating Pumas 2-1  
7:04 PM22 days ago


Finish the first half!
6:50 PM22 days ago


Four minutes are added
6:46 PM22 days ago


First change of Leon: due to injury, Fernando Navarro cannot continue, and is replaced by Gil Burón
6:45 PM22 days ago


Unbelievable! Angel Mena doesn't hit well and misses the maximum penalty
6:44 PM22 days ago


After reviewing in the VAR, César Ramos scores a penalty for León
6:41 PM22 days ago


Cesar Ramos goes to the VAR to review a possible penalty in favor of Leon
6:39 PM22 days ago


Shot by Leo Lopez passing over the local goal
6:37 PM22 days ago


Angel Mena finishes inside the small area and returns the advantage to the home team
6:32 PM22 days ago


Almost! Aquino's head that comes out of just one side of Pumas' left post
6:29 PM22 days ago


Johan Vasquez also paints himself yellow
6:29 PM22 days ago


Carlos Gonzalez defines satin and glued to the right post to equalise the score
6:27 PM22 days ago


The first caution of the meeting is Yairo Moreno
6:26 PM22 days ago


Juan Dinenno's header passing by the side of the cabin protected by Cota
6:22 PM22 days ago


New corner kick for Leon, now for a Vasquez rebound
6:17 PM22 days ago


Fernando Navarro shoots inside the box and passes to 'La Fiera
6:13 PM22 days ago


A play by Leon that ends with a deflected shot by Jean Meneses
6:08 PM22 days ago


Corner shooting for León
6:04 PM22 days ago


Bad exit of Dimension that causes a shot of Barrier, which goes out above the local goal
6:02 PM22 days ago


Game on!
6:00 PM22 days ago

The Pumas squad is already making warm-up moves. 
5:48 PM22 days ago

Substitutes for Pumas

J. González; J. Rivas, N. Freire, S. Saucedo, J. Vigón, P. Álvarez y B. Mendoza
5:31 PM22 days ago

Substitutes for León

G. Pozos; G. Burón, R. González, J. Rodríguez, F. Ambriz, I. Sosa y J. Campbell
5:30 PM22 days ago

Pumas: lineup

A. Saldívar (C); A. Mozo, L. Quintana, J. Vásquez, A. Mayorga; I. Malcorra, L. López, A. Iniestra, P. Barrera; J. Dinenno y C. González
5:28 PM22 days ago

León: lineup

R. Cota; F. Navarro, J. Barreiro, J. González, W. Tesillo; Y. Moreno, L. Montes (C), P. Aquino, J. Meneses; Á. Mena, y A. León
5:27 PM22 days ago

León and Pumas are already in the stadium 
5:15 PM22 days ago

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12:50 PM22 days ago

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12:50 PM22 days ago

Pumas: last lineup

A. Saldívar (C); A. Mozo, J. Vásquez, N. Freire, A. Mayorga; I. Malcorra, A. Iniestra, M. García, P. Barrera; J. Dineno y C. González
12:47 PM22 days ago

León: last lineup

R. Cota; F. Navarro, J. González, J. Barreiro, W. Tesillo; Y. Moreno, P. Aquino, L. Montes (C), J. Meneses; Á. Mena, y A. León.
12:47 PM22 days ago

Pumas: team news

This was Pumas last training before traveling to Guanajuato
12:45 PM22 days ago

León: team news

As a preventive and prudent measure for the Coronavirus, Leon's team reported that the game this afternoon will be played behind closed doors 
12:44 PM22 days ago

Let's keep on surprising them

There is no doubt that Pumas are one of the teams who have been above expectations this season. For now, they are in fourth place with 15 points.

On the previous date, after making several mistakes, they were tied by America at the last minute.

12:31 PM22 days ago

They're going for the lead

Faithful to their custom since Ignacio Ambriz arrived on the bench, the León outfit has performed remarkably well, which has earned them second place with 18 points. 

Last Sunday, on their visit to Chihuahua, they beat FC Juarez 4-1 with goals from Angel Mena (2), Joel Campbell and Armando Leon.

12:30 PM22 days ago

Kick-off time

The León vs Pumas match will be played at the Estadio Nou Camp, in Guanajuato, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 9:00pm ET.
12:29 PM22 days ago

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