Goals and Highlights: Santos 2-1 Necaxa, 2020 Liga MX
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7:09 PM21 days ago

End game

Santos 2-1 Necaxa
6:56 PM21 days ago


Shooting the crossbar that diverts Orozco
6:56 PM21 days ago


Five minutes are added
6:52 PM21 days ago


Ochoa left and Chavez entered instead of Necaxa
6:51 PM21 days ago


Double yellow and expulsion to Baeza
6:47 PM21 days ago


Alvarez enters and Doldan leaves. Another change from Necaxa
6:45 PM21 days ago


Change of Necaxa. Leyva went out and Madrigal came in
6:43 PM21 days ago


Orrantia leaves and Cervantes enters instead of Santos
6:42 PM21 days ago

Goal of Santos 2-1

6:35 PM21 days ago


Shot by Quiroga passing by on the side. Again near Necaxa
6:33 PM21 days ago


Valdes' shot that goes over the top
6:31 PM21 days ago


Goal of Santos

Furch leaves the ball to Brian Lozano, who hits it with power for the 2-1

6:30 PM21 days ago


Claudio Baeza is cautioned for a midfield foul
6:27 PM21 days ago


They mark Delgado out of order
6:25 PM21 days ago


Van Rankin is cautioned
6:23 PM21 days ago


Quiroga's solo header and he throws it away on a big play that was lost
6:22 PM21 days ago


Counter-attack shot by Delgado saves Orozco
6:21 PM21 days ago


Aguirre leaves and Valdes enters instead of Santos
6:19 PM21 days ago


Quiroga's head goes off course
6:18 PM21 days ago


Lozano's distant shot that gets Gonzalez off as best he can
6:16 PM21 days ago


Sandoval blows it up on a delayed diagonal and saves Santos
6:14 PM21 days ago


Lozano's service that is cleared by the defense. Santos has taken over the ball at the start of the second half
6:13 PM21 days ago


Orrantia reaches second post, but the ball goes over
6:07 PM21 days ago


The second half starts
6:05 PM21 days ago

Half time

Santos 1-1 Necaxa
5:49 PM21 days ago


Lozano lowers it into the area and takes out the cross shot that goes slightly sideways. Santos fence
5:46 PM21 days ago


Strong entrance and Ricardo Chavez is cautioned
5:43 PM21 days ago


Necaxa tries more, but is ineffective in the last third of the field
5:39 PM21 days ago


Poor control within Quiroga's area and Orozco steals it
5:34 PM21 days ago


Rodriguez commits foul outside the box and concedes a direct free kick
5:33 PM21 days ago


Rivas becomes the first cautioned player of the match
5:31 PM21 days ago

Goal of Necaxa 1-1

5:27 PM21 days ago


Furch's long shot going over the goal
5:26 PM21 days ago


Noya's header that easily reaches the goalkeeper
5:24 PM21 days ago


Goal by Necaxa. Dangerous centre where Torres sends it towards its own goal
5:20 PM21 days ago

Gol Santos 1-0

5:19 PM21 days ago


Gorriarán shot that saves Hugo González
5:19 PM21 days ago


Santos' goal.

Rodriguez takes advantage of the goalkeeper's rebound to make it 1-0 after Gorriarán's long shot

5:15 PM21 days ago


One more fault. Now from Doldán to Aguirre
5:14 PM21 days ago


The match has been cut short with constant fouls
5:11 PM21 days ago


The whistle confirms the out of place
5:09 PM21 days ago


Santos' goal that is pointed out as out of place. The play will be reviewed by the VAR
5:08 PM21 days ago


Necaxa tries to squeeze and block Santos' exit
5:07 PM21 days ago


The game begins
5:03 PM21 days ago

Teams have taken to the field already without league protocol
5:01 PM21 days ago

We're minutes away from the start of the game. Don't miss out on all the details through VAVEL
4:57 PM21 days ago

In 1996 these teams played the final, where Santos won their first league title
4:52 PM21 days ago

This is how the Rays warm up before the start of the game
4:45 PM21 days ago

Without people, that's how you experience the match preview at the TSM Corona

4:41 PM21 days ago

XI Necaxa

González, Doldán Sandoval, Noya, González, Leiva, Chávez, Baeza, Cobián, Quiroga, Delgado
4:29 PM21 days ago

XI Santos

Orozco, Van Rankin, Torres, Arteaga, Rodríguez, Orrantia, Gorriarán, Lozano, Rivas, Furch, Aguirre
4:27 PM21 days ago

The TSM Corona pitch is in impeccable condition for this match
4:24 PM21 days ago

If Necaxa wins this afternoon he could climb to sixth position if he scores several goals this afternoon
4:21 PM21 days ago

If Santos gets the three points, he could climb up to fifth position
4:17 PM21 days ago

Both teams are currently out of the group stage, so they need to win
4:14 PM21 days ago

This is how Santos arrived at this compromise
4:05 PM21 days ago

The MX League announced this afternoon that the league will be suspended. For that reason, this will be one of their last games to be played
4:03 PM21 days ago

Santos-Necaxa will play the penultimate match of round 10 of the MX League
4:02 PM21 days ago

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10:35 PM22 days ago

Latest games

Since 2010 they have met five times in Torreon, with Santos leading with three wins, one draw and one defeat.
10:35 PM22 days ago

How to watch Santos vs Necaxa Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options is: FOX Deportes

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10:35 PM22 days ago

Key player Necaxa

Mauro Quiroga didn't score in the last game, but he has a great nose for goal since he arrived at the Rayos
10:35 PM22 days ago

Key player Santos

He wasn't called up for the Pre-Olympic, but Eduardo Aguirre has taken on a great level and has already taken over the title
10:35 PM22 days ago

Last lineup of Necaxa

González, Chávez, González, Doldán, J. González, Delgado, Baeza, Cortés, Álvarez, Quiroga, Salas.
10:35 PM22 days ago

Last lineup of Santos

Orozco, Arteaga, Flores, Rodríguez, Van Rankin, Lozano, Gorriarán, Rivas, Orrantia, Aguirre, Furch.
10:34 PM22 days ago

The refereeing quartet

The central whistle of this Santos vs Necaxa will be Jorge Rojas; Mario Lopez, first line; Jimmy Acosta, second line; Abraham Quirarte, fourth assistant.
10:34 PM22 days ago

Last result: Santos

The Guerreros couldn't get to Pachuca and fell 1-0

10:33 PM22 days ago

Last result: Necaxa

Necaxa comes from losing 2-1 at home to Monarcas Morelia

10:33 PM22 days ago

Be more regular

Inconsistency is one of the great characteristics of the Rayos this season, although a win could return them to the qualifying zone.
10:33 PM22 days ago

Return to victory

Outside the group stage, Santos will try to return to winning ways at home, where they are undefeated in the 2020 Clausura
10:32 PM22 days ago

Kick-off time

The Santos vs Necaxa match will be played at the stadium TSM Corona, in Torreón, México. The kick-off is scheduled at 8 pm ET.
10:32 PM22 days ago

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