Highlights and goal: América 0-1 Cruz Azul, 2020 Liga MX
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9:16 PM21 days ago


The match ends and the last one in the MX League for an indefinite period due to the health emergency by the COVID-19.

Cruz Azul remains as general leader by beating America 0-1.

9:13 PM21 days ago


Emanuel Aguiler misses the penalty, Jesus Corona saves the penalty.
9:11 PM21 days ago


Penalty for America.
9:10 PM21 days ago


Fernando Guerrero will review in the VAR a possible penalty in favor of America.
9:09 PM21 days ago


Bruno Valdez's shot from outside the area goes well over the goal.
9:05 PM21 days ago


Add six minutes.
9:03 PM21 days ago


Change of Cruz Azul. Pablo Ceppelini enters, Orbelín Pineda leaves.
9:02 PM21 days ago


Change of America. Andrés Ibargüen enters, Richard Sánchez leaves.
8:57 PM21 days ago


After the review in the VAR, Fernando Guerrero removes the red card and it is yellow card.
8:55 PM21 days ago


The play will be checked in the VAR.
8:53 PM21 days ago


First change of Cruz Azul. Alex Castro enters, Roberto Alvarado leaves.
8:50 PM21 days ago


Head shot by Julio Cesar Dominguez who goes off to one side.
8:49 PM21 days ago


Yellow card for Paul Aguilar for a blow to Aldrete's face.
8:47 PM21 days ago

Cruz Azul Video Goal

Jonathan Rodriguez opens the scoring and regains the lead on goals in Mexico.
8:41 PM21 days ago


Change of America. Federico Viñas enters, Giovani Dos Santos leaves.
8:40 PM21 days ago


Change of Cruz Azul. Igor Lichnovsky enters, Santiago Gimenez leaves.
8:38 PM21 days ago

64' | Cruz Azul Goal

Center by Juan Escobar, first shot by Jonathan Rodriguez.
8:37 PM21 days ago


Attempt from outside the area by Leo Suarez that goes far above the opponent's goal.
8:33 PM21 days ago


Santiago Giménez's shot on the edge of the area goes over the top of the goal.
8:27 PM21 days ago


Crossfire by Sebastian Córodova who goes wide.
8:18 PM21 days ago


Start the second half.
8:16 PM21 days ago

The statistics at half-time, clearly dominated by Cruz Azul, but the draw remains.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
8:13 PM21 days ago


The first half is over. A scoreless draw so far between America and Cruz Azul.
8:02 PM21 days ago


Yellow card for Leo Suarez.
8:01 PM21 days ago


New shortcut by Guillermo Ochoa. Elias Hernandez shot from outside the area and the America goalkeeper took the attempt.
7:59 PM21 days ago


Head shot by Luis Romo that goes over the goal.
7:53 PM21 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Elias Hernandez and cut by Guillermo Ochoa.
7:52 PM21 days ago


Great individual play inside the area by Jonathan Rodriguez shoots and makes great save Guillermo Ochoa.
7:49 PM21 days ago


Right leg shot by Sebastian Cordova passing by.
7:45 PM21 days ago


Filtered pass from Jonathan Rodriguez to Roberto Alvarado, Alvarado's shot goes sideways.
7:36 PM21 days ago


Bruno Valdez's header, which he extends to the far post, is headed in by Henry Martin at the side of the goal.
7:32 PM21 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Luis Fuentes sent by Jesús Corona from a corner kick in favour of America.
7:31 PM21 days ago


Shot from outside the box by Elias Hernandez from the side of the goal.
7:28 PM21 days ago


Escobar goes into the tunnel area, shoots, and Ochoa deflects for a corner shot.
7:23 PM21 days ago


Santiago Giménez shoots inside the area, Guillermo Ochoa stops and the defense complements to take the rebound.
7:20 PM21 days ago


Orbelín Pineda's filtered pass, Santiago Giménez shoots cross-shot and the attempt barely goes sideways.
7:17 PM21 days ago


Start the match.
7:16 PM21 days ago

America and Cruz Azul jump onto the field of the Aztec Stadium without any protocol ceremony. All this, in the middle of a heavy rain that falls in Mexico City.
7:12 PM21 days ago

Cruz Azul lineup

J. Corona; A. Aldrete, L. Romo, J. Escobar, J.C. Domínguez; R. Baca, O. Pineda, R. Alvarado, E. Hernández; S. Giménez, J. Rodríguez.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
6:52 PM21 days ago

América lineup

G. Ochoa; P. Aguilar, E. Aguilera, B. Valdez, L. Fuentes; S. Cáseres, R. Sánchez, S. Córdova, L. Suárez, G. Dos Santos; H. Martin.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
6:49 PM21 days ago

Although there is no access to the public, the official store of America within the vicinity of the Azteca Stadium, is open.
6:46 PM21 days ago

With these numbers comes America and Cruz Azul to the game. If America wins, they'll move up to second place overall. If Cruz Azul wins, they will return to the overall lead.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
6:43 PM21 days ago

These antibacterial gel dispensers have been installed at the accesses to the court.
6:40 PM21 days ago

The statue of "Nachito" in the stands of the Azteca Stadium will be the only fan to watch the Clásico Joven in the stands.
Photo: Cancha
Photo: Cancha
6:37 PM21 days ago

Forward duel tonight at the Aztec Stadium. Henry Martin for America and Jonathan Rodriguez for Cruz Azul.
Photo: Liga MX
Photo: Liga MX
6:35 PM21 days ago

These are the precautionary measures set forth by the MX League to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Photo: Liga MX
Photo: Liga MX
6:34 PM21 days ago

The street stands that had been set up are gradually being removed as the fans will no longer be present.
6:30 PM21 days ago

For the few fans who showed up at the Azteca Stadium, a taco stand was set up to satisfy their hunger.
Photo: Ricardo Cariño
Photo: Ricardo Cariño
6:25 PM21 days ago

The match is behind closed doors, but some fans are in the vicinity of the Azteca Stadium.
6:23 PM21 days ago

A few moments ago Club America arrived home to try and beat Cruz Azul in the overall standings.
Photo: Club América
Photo: Club América
6:22 PM21 days ago

Very sad panorama outside the Aztec Stadium with the empty esplanade, because the game is played behind closed doors; this as a precaution due to the Coronavirus.
6:19 PM21 days ago

The newspaper Récord says that fans traveled from Reynosa, Tamaulipas. It was a 14-hour drive until they announced that America vs. Cruz Azul is behind closed doors.
6:13 PM21 days ago

Coronavirus forces Liga MX to stop

The Mexican Football Federation announced this Sunday morning that, due to the coronavirus, this will be the last day of play until further notice.
6:08 PM21 days ago

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Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC
9:06 AM21 days ago

How to watch América vs Cruz Azul Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TUDN.

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Cruz Azul Key Player

Jonathan Rodriguez, Cruz Azul forward. A spectacular season is marking the Uruguayan striker and he paints to be the best he has since he arrived in Mexico. He has scored 8 goals in 9 games and has been the solution to the goal, which was a worrying issue before the beginning of the year in the machine. It must be effective against America, because the classics are defined only by small details.
Photo: José Acosta / VAVEL
Photo: José Acosta / VAVEL
9:01 AM21 days ago

América Key Player

Richard Sanchez, America's midfielder. One of America's most successful hires in the last year. The Paraguayan player has become a fundamental piece of this Clausura 2020 playing almost every minute so far. Against Cruz Azul he must have a perfect night, because the rival midfield, is one of the strengths that have the Celestes.
Photo: AS México
Photo: AS México
8:57 AM21 days ago

Cruz Azul last lineup

J. Corona; A. Aldrete, L. Romo, J.C. Domínguez, J. Escobar; R. Baca, O. Pineda, A. Castro, E. Hernández, R. Alvarado; J. Rodríguez.
8:51 AM21 days ago

América last lineup

G. Ochoa; P. Aguilar, E. Aguilera, L. Fuentes, J. Sánchez; F. González, R. Sánchez, S. Córdova, L. Suárez; H. Martin, F. Viñas.
8:47 AM21 days ago

The refereeing quartet

Fernando Guerrero will be the central referee for tonight's game. Alberto Morín and Miguel Ángel Chua will participate as assistants. Erick Miranda is appointed as assistant referee.
Photo: Fabián Meza / VAVEL
Photo: Fabián Meza / VAVEL
8:45 AM21 days ago

Cruz Azul, demonstrate their great tournament in one game

Many doubts had been raised at Cruz Azul prior to the start of the tournament and they were spread by the bad start they had. But now everything has changed and they have five consecutive wins that have the team in third place overall. Last week, the team showed a new good performance coming from behind against Xolos and defeating them (4-2). This Sunday comes the match that seems to be the most important of the tournament when they face America.
Photo: El Vigia
Photo: El Vigia
8:43 AM21 days ago

America, to the conquest of a new classic

It has become a speciality for Miguel Herrera, the team's coach, to play this type of match and even more so against a rival like Cruz Azul. Last week they had the first Clásico of the year, getting a three-goal draw against Pumas. The importance of this game is maximum, because if they win, they will surpass the sky-blue machine in the general table.
Photo: One Football Español
Photo: One Football Español
8:35 AM21 days ago

Kick-off time: 10:15 pm ET

The America vs Cruz Azul match will be played at the Azteca Stadium, in CDMX, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:15pm ET.
8:28 AM21 days ago

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