Goals and Highlights: Paderborn 1-6 Borussia Dortmund in 2020 Bundesliga
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Full Time | Paderborn 1-6 Borussia Dortmund

With seven goals in the second half, Sancho leads Dortmund to a convincing victory against Paderborn and keeps its second position in the Bundesliga table.
12:49 PM8 months ago

90' | Dortmund GOOOOOOOAL!

With a Paderborn that has nothing left, Sancho hits them on the counter and makes his hat-trick!
12:47 PM8 months ago

89' | Dortmund GOOOOOOOAL!

Witsel crosses for Schmelzer who taps it in with some pressure from his defender.
12:46 PM8 months ago


Sancho recovers the ball and gives it to Reyna.

The youngster shoots for the far post, Zingerle denies him with his fingertips.

12:44 PM8 months ago

86' | Dortmund Substitutions

Morey and Balerdi come on instead of Can and Hakimi.
12:43 PM8 months ago

84' | Dortmund GOOOOOOOAL!

Hakimi assisted by Schmelzer. The Morrocan player scores with a low driven shot to the far post.
12:42 PM8 months ago

83' | Paderborn Substitutions

Sabiri and Jastrzembski replace Antwi-Adjej and Vasiliadis.
12:41 PM8 months ago


Drager sees the yellow card after a late challenge.
12:38 PM8 months ago

80' | Dortmund Substitutions

Gio Reyna and Schmelzer come on instead of Guerreiro and Brandt.
12:34 PM8 months ago


Hummels is cautioned after a very strong sliding tackle.
12:33 PM8 months ago

74' | Paderborn Substitution

Pröger replaces Holtmann
12:32 PM8 months ago

74' | Dortmund GOOOOOOOAL!

Dortmund strikes back immediately!

Sancho receives the ball from Guerreiro and takes a powerful shot with his left to make it 1-3.
12:30 PM8 months ago

72' | Paderborn GOOOOOOOAL!

Hunemeir with a terrific finish from the penalty spot.
12:29 PM8 months ago

71' | Penalty for Paderborn

Emre Can blocks a shot with his elbow and the ref signals for the spot.
12:27 PM8 months ago

68' | Dortmund Substitutions

Witsel replaces Delaney.
12:23 PM8 months ago

65' | Paderborn Substitutions

Michel and Zolinski come on instead of Srbeny and Mamba.
12:23 PM8 months ago

Dortmund's goals to open up the scoreboard.

12:20 PM8 months ago


Disallowed goal for Paderborn after Srbeny is caught offside.
12:18 PM8 months ago


Sancho was shown a yellow card during his goal celebration.

Collins from Paderborn is also cautioned by the referee.

12:16 PM8 months ago

57' | Dortmund GOOOOOOOAL!

Brandt makes a run inside the box and assists Sancho.

It's another easy finish for Dortmund and it's 0-2 now!

12:12 PM8 months ago

54' | Dortmund GOOOOOOOAL!

Emre Can gets inside the box and crosses. Zingerle leaves the ball down the middle and it's an easy finish for Hazard.
12:08 PM8 months ago


Zingerle with an amazing save to a good shot by Emre Can!
12:07 PM8 months ago


Antwi-Adjej and Mamba get into each other's way and fail to get a shot in.
12:03 PM8 months ago

45' | Second Half Begins

We're underway with the last 45 minutes of the match.
11:46 AM8 months ago

Half Time | SC Paderborn 0-0 Borussia Dortmund

After a very lackluster 45 minutes, we go to the break with the score still tied 0-0.
11:45 AM8 months ago


Brandt now with space has a go for goal, but his attempt is wide.
11:44 AM8 months ago


Sancho leaves the ball for Can at the edge of the box.

The shot goes over the bar!

11:41 AM8 months ago


Antwi-Adjej makes a run down the left wing and tries a shot with his left.

No luck for Paderborn.

11:38 AM8 months ago


Hakimi crosses, but again, nobody is there to tap it in.
11:36 AM8 months ago


Can attempts a header that is off-target.
11:30 AM8 months ago


Strohdiek tries to head the ball back to his keeper, but leaves it too short.

Hazard almost takes advantage of this mistake, but the ball ends up exiting the pitch.

11:26 AM8 months ago


Brandt gets into the box and leaves the ball for Guerreiro.

The Portuguese goes for goal, but the ball ends up going wide of the goal!

11:21 AM8 months ago


Midfield is highly populated with players from both sides.

As Dortmund is playing without a nominal striker, Sancho or Hazard have to make long runs to occupy that space upfront.

11:17 AM8 months ago


Hazard with a potent strike to the near post, but Zingerle responds well and makes the save!
11:11 AM8 months ago


Antwi-Adjej finds some space and shoots looking for the far post. The ball is wide!
11:10 AM8 months ago


Not a lot of clarity from either team.

Paderborn take advantage try to take advantage of Mamba's speed, while Dortmund elaborate a bit more.
11:04 AM8 months ago


First chance by Dortmund. Emre Can sends a dangerous cross that has to be cleared out by the opposing defense.
11:00 AM8 months ago

0' | Kick Off

The match between Paderborn and Borussia Dortmund is underway!
10:56 AM8 months ago
Both teams step onto the pitch and everything's set for the start of the match!
10:51 AM8 months ago
We're 10 minutes away from the start of the match!

Don't go anywhere!
10:45 AM8 months ago

This was the last time Paderborn and Dortmund faced each other.

10:40 AM8 months ago
The fight for the Champions League berths is getting fiercer by the week in the Bundesliga.

While Dortmund is currently 2nd, both Leverkusen and Gladbach are one point away and RB Leipzig is just another unit behind.

Who will qualify?

10:30 AM8 months ago
BVB  has never lost a competitive match to Paderborn.

Their record stands at 3 wins and 2 draws, and they average at least two goals per game.

10:24 AM8 months ago
With Dahoud and Haaland both out to knee injuries, Jadon Sancho and Emre Can will make their first start in the Bundesliga since the forced break due to COVID-19.
10:20 AM8 months ago
Borussia Dortmund captain Marco Reus turns 31 today.

Will his squad give him a win as a present?

10:14 AM8 months ago

SC Paderborn: Starting XI

Zingerle; Schnolau, Hunemeir, Strohdiek, Collins, Drager; Vasiliadis, Holtmann, Antwi-Adjej; Srbeny, Mamba.

10:09 AM8 months ago

Borussia Dortmund: Starting XI

Büki; Akanji, Hummels, Piszcek, Hakimi, Guerreiro; Delaney, Can, Brandt, Hazard; Sancho.

10:04 AM8 months ago

Tonight's Officiating Team

The referee for this match will be Daniel Siebert.

Florian Heft and Mark Borsch will assist him as linesmen, while Johann Pfeifer will act as the fourth official.

Dr. Matthias Jöllenbeck and Thomas Gorniak will be in charge of VAR.

10:02 AM8 months ago
The pitch at Benteler Arena looks perfect for our match.

As all leagues at this moment, we will have our match with no espectators.

10:00 AM8 months ago

LIVE Coverage Begins!

We're just an hour away from the start of the match between Paderborn and Borussia Dortmund!

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Match History

Paderborn has drawn in two of their only three Bundesliga meetings with Dortmund.

In the reverse fixture earlier this season, Paderborn had a comfortable 3-0 lead, but BVB came back and equalized it in stoppage time via Marco Reus.
8:37 PM8 months ago

Haaland unavailable

Bad news emerged after Borussia Dortmund's match with Bayern Munich as their star striker Erling Haaland sustained a knee injury during the match.

He had to be subbed out before the end of the game and will not be available for this fixture against Paderborn.

8:33 PM8 months ago

Borussia Dortmund: Last Starting XI

Bürki; Akanji, Hummels, Piszcek, Hakimi, Guerreiro; Delaney, Dahoud, Brandt, Hazard; Haaland.
8:33 PM8 months ago

SC Paderborn: Last Starting XI

Zingerle; Schnolau, Hunemeir, Collins, Jans; Vasiliadis, Gjasula, Holtmann, Antwi-Adjej; Srbeny, Mamba.


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How to watch Paderborn vs Borussia Dortmund Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are Fox Sports 1 and Fox Deportes.

If you want to directly stream it:  FOX Soccer Match Pass


If you want to follow it on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!


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Dortmund need to bounce back

After a heartbreaking loss with Bayern Munich last week, Borussia Dortmund's title hopes have slipped away.

However, they can't let their guard down as the fight for European spots is still going on at large against teams such as RB Leipzig, Gladbach and Bayer 04.

8:26 PM8 months ago

Paderborn with no margin of error

The home team will need a miracle if they want to avoid relegation to the Bundesliga 2 this season.

They currently sit last on the table with 19 points in 28 games. The closest team to them is Werder Bremen, who is 6 units away, and with only six fixtures left in the season, it seems unlikely they can avoid leaving the top flight.


8:20 PM8 months ago

Kick-Off Time

The SC Paderborn vs Borussia Dortmund match will be played at the stadium name, in Paderborn, Germany. The kick-off is scheduled at 12:00 pm ET/ 9:00 am PT.

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