Goals & Highlights: Coppa Italia Final: Napoli 0-0 Juventus (4-2 penalties)
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We thank you for joining us for this great Coppa Italia Final, in which Napoli were crowned champions after winning on penalties. Stay safe and until next time!
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Gattuso wins his first managerial trophy!

Napoli win the Coppa Italia for the first time since 2014!

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4:10 PMa year ago

Buffon's great save in the final moments but it was all for nothing

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Politano - Goal

Milik - Goal

Insigne - Goal

Maksimovic - Goal



Ramsey - Goal

Bonnuci - Goal

Dybala - Missed

Danilo - Missed 

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Napoli have guaranteed themselves European football for the next season. 
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Napoli 4 - 2 Juventus - Penalties 
4:06 PMa year ago

Penalties| Napoli 4 - 2 Juventus

Napoli - GOAL - Milik
4:05 PMa year ago

Penalties| Napoli 3 - 2 Juventus

Juventus - GOAL - Ramsey 
4:05 PMa year ago

Penalties| Napoli 3 - 1 Juventus

Napoli - GOAL - Maksimovic 
4:04 PMa year ago

Penalties| Napoli 2 - 1 Juventus

Juventus - GOAL - Bonnuci 
4:03 PMa year ago

Penalties| Napoli 2- 0 Juventus

Napoli - GOAL - Politano
4:03 PMa year ago

Penalties| Napoli 1 - 0 Juventus

Juventus - MISSED - Danilo 
4:02 PMa year ago

Penalties| Napoli 1 - 0 Juventus

GOAL - Insigne
4:01 PMa year ago

Penalties| Napoli 0 - 0 Juventus

MISSED - Dybala
3:59 PMa year ago

Penalties| Napoli 0 - 0 Juventus

3:57 PMa year ago
3:57 PMa year ago
This is the first time since 2009, when the Coppa Italia is decided on penalties!
3:56 PMa year ago

Full Time - Napoli 0 - 0 Juventus - Penalties to Come!

Penalties to come shortly as there is no extra-time.
3:56 PMa year ago
Napoli were so close to winning the Coppa Italia but Buffon denies them.
3:56 PMa year ago


Buffon could well be a hero in tonight's game. The corner is swung in and he saves a strong header and then there is a goal-line scramble which sees the ball hit onto the post and then cleared by Juventus.
3:54 PMa year ago


Napoli have a corner after the ball is poorly defended by Juventus.
3:53 PMa year ago
3 minutes added time 
3:52 PMa year ago


Koulibaly with a strong header away and Ramsey attempts a volley from a great distance away, which goes way over.
3:51 PMa year ago


Dybala's shot is deflected in the box and it goes out for a Juventus corner. 
3:50 PMa year ago

87|Substitution - Napoli

ON: Elmas

OFF: Zielinski

3:49 PMa year ago


Still nothing separating the two sides and we get ever closer to a penalty shootout. Just a reminder that there is no extra-time and it will go straight to penalties if neither team scores.
3:47 PMa year ago

84|Substitution - Juventus

ON: Ramsey 

OFF: Cuadrado 

3:46 PMa year ago


A half-chance for Napoli. A cross to the back post finds Insigne but his shot goes just over. He was fully-stretched when taking the shot.
3:45 PMa year ago

82| Yellow Card - Juventus

Dyabal is shown a yellow card following a late challenge.
3:45 PMa year ago


A great floated ball into the box by Napoli finds the head of Politano but he cannot get enough connection on the ball and Buffon comfortably collects the ball.
3:44 PMa year ago


The game is becoming a little scrappy with both sets of players not wanting to lose.
3:43 PMa year ago

79|Substitution - Napoli

OFF: Mario Rui 

ON: Allan

OFF: Fabian Ruiz 

ON: Hysaj

3:40 PMa year ago

76| Yellow Card - Napoli

Mario Rui is shown a yellow card after a late challenge on Dybala.
3:38 PMa year ago


Only 15 minutes left to play and there is nothing separating the two sides. 
3:37 PMa year ago

73|Substitution - Juventus

OFF: Pjanic 

ON: Bernardeschi

3:35 PMa year ago


Milik wastes a very good chance for Napoli. Juventus switched off for a second and the ball fell to Milik inside the box but his shot goes over. Chance wasted by Napoli.
3:33 PMa year ago


A free kick is swung in by Juventus and once again Meret is there for Napoli and he punches the ball away. 
3:32 PMa year ago


ON: Politano 

NOT: Lozano 

3:31 PMa year ago


A shot from Politano is well held by Buffon 
3:29 PMa year ago

66|Substitution - Napoli

OFF: Mertens

ON: Milik

OFF: Callejon

ON: Lazano

3:28 PMa year ago

65| Substitution - Juventus

OFF: Douglas Costa 

ON: Danilo 

3:27 PMa year ago


A side-to-side build-up by Juventus ends with a shot by Bonnuci from at least 35 yards but it goes straight down the middle into the keepers arms.
3:26 PMa year ago


The initial shot by Juventus is blocked and the re-bound falls to Dybala, who cannot keep his curling effort down.
3:25 PMa year ago
3:24 PMa year ago


The approach play is nice from Napoli and Fabian Ruiz has a half-chance and takes his shot but it goes just wide of the post.
3:20 PMa year ago


The play is stopped for a player down injured, this time a Napoli player. Demme clashed with Dybala and is receiving treatment. However, he will be fine to continue and play is resumed.
3:18 PMa year ago


Play resumes and Sandro looks fine to continue.
3:18 PMa year ago


Alex Sandro is down with a knee injury. He twists his knee awkwardly and is receiving treatment at the moment. 
3:17 PMa year ago


A great solo counter attack from Ronaldo who cuts back and lays the ball off to Betancur but his shot is really poor. 
3:15 PMa year ago


A short corner by Napoli which sees Callejon on the corner of the box in a good position but his shots is poor and goes wide. Callejon has not performed to the best of his ability so for in the final.
3:14 PMa year ago

50| Yellow Card - Bonnuci

Bonnuci is show a yellow card after he pulls Fabian Ruiz to the ground and prevents the counter attack.
3:12 PMa year ago


The corner is headed away and falls to Matudi but his attempts goes way-way over.
3:11 PMa year ago


Juventus have a corner following a blocked cross from Costa.
3:10 PMa year ago


Napoli worked the ball very well and Callejon almost puts the ball past Buffon but is goes over. However, it would not have counted as he was offside. But a good start from Napoli.
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Second Half

We are back underway!
3:07 PMa year ago


The second half is almost here, they players are making their way back onto the pitch.
2:57 PMa year ago
An exciting final five minutes in the Coppa Italia Final with both teams coming agonisingly close to scoring. Meret makes a great interception to stop the ball falling to Ronaldo who would have slotted the ball away. Then moments later Sandro heads the ball off the line and Buffon makes two great stops to prevent Napoli from taking the lead. It is set to be a great second half! 
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Napoli 41% - 59% Juventus


Napoli 4 - 4 Juventus

Shots on Target

Napoli 2 - 2 Juventus

2:52 PMa year ago
2:52 PMa year ago

Half-Time | Napoli 0 - 0 Juventus

Just before the referee blows his whistle for half-time, Dybala goes down inside the box and appeals for the penalty but the referee says no and then blows for half-time.
2:50 PMa year ago


Alex Sandro with a dangerous cross but it is just cleared by Napoli.
2:48 PMa year ago

2:47 PMa year ago


The ball is headed out and falls to Insigne about 25 yards out. A diving save from Buffon prevents it from going in. A very dangerous spell for Napoli.
2:46 PMa year ago


Multiple chances for Napoli!! The first is headed off the line by Sandro and then seconds later Buffon pulls off a great save which goes out for a Napoli corner.
2:44 PMa year ago


Once again Meret speeds off his line; this time he beats Ronaldo to the ball. He timed his dive perfectly, otherwise the ball would have fallen to Ronaldo with an open goal.
2:43 PMa year ago


A free-kick from Juventus is crossed in and meets the head of Alex Sandro but his glancing header goes wide.
2:40 PMa year ago


Di Lorenzo serges forward with the ball but his pass goes straight to Bonnuci's feet and Juventus come away with the ball. Both sides have lacked the cutting-edge pass.
2:38 PMa year ago
2:36 PMa year ago


Juventus once again unable to find a player with a cross following a long but patient build-up play. 
2:33 PMa year ago


Meret does well to win the ball after a ball over the top is closely contested by Dybala.
2:32 PMa year ago


The corner is flicked away by Koulibaly but Juventus re-gain the ball and have possession on the half-way line.
2:31 PMa year ago


Good build-up play by Juventus, which sees Sandro cross the ball and it is blocked for a corner.
2:29 PMa year ago


POST. Insigne takes the free-kick and it rattles the outside of the post. Buffon looked like he may have had it covered but that is the closest either side has come to scoring!
2:28 PMa year ago


Bentancur gives away a free-kick in a dangerous are for Napoli. Juventus appeal but the referee gives it. It is about 25 yards out. 
2:27 PMa year ago
2:25 PMa year ago


Callejon once again gives away possession in the same area of the pitch. This time Ronaldo picks up the ball and lays off Bentancur who shoots from the edge of the area but it is comfortable for Meret.
2:23 PMa year ago


Juventus are continuing to apply pressure to the Napoli defence but are unable to find away through
2:19 PMa year ago


The corner is headed away by Douglas Costa and a Napoli player goes down very easily following a challenge but the referee instantly waives it away. Juventus counter attack quickly but lose the ball and Napoli have re-gained possession.
2:18 PMa year ago


Napoli have won a corner following a series of quick passes. 
2:16 PMa year ago


After 10 minutes in, Napoli have been unable to maintain possession. They have tried on numerous occasions to start a counter attack but have lost the ball every time. Juventus are happy at the moment to pass the ball and wait for an opportunity.
2:13 PMa year ago


A good start from Juventus, who are controlling possession so far.
2:11 PMa year ago


Good save by Meret following a shot from Ronaldo, just on the edge of the box. The ball is given away by Callejon in the Napoli half, which is capitalised on by Dybala. But Ronaldo's shot is pushed away. First good chance!
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Virtual Crowd

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The corner does not go past the first man and is in the keepers hands.
2:07 PMa year ago


Corner for Juventus, following numerous step overs from Ronaldo. First chance potentially!
2:05 PMa year ago


We are underway in the 2020 Coppa Italia Final!!
2:01 PMa year ago
The players are lined-up and the Italian national anthem is being sung!
1:58 PMa year ago

Almost Time!!

The players are just about to make their way onto the pitch!
1:52 PMa year ago

Under 10 Minutes Until Kick-Off!!

Do not go anywhere!! It is almost time for kick-off in the 2019/2020 Coppa Italia Final!!
1:49 PMa year ago

Drama Guaranteed

The two sides met last in January and Napoli came away 2-1 winners. There were two goals in the final five minutes and with Napoli being underdogs coming into the game, they will be wanting to prove their doubters wrong. However, Juventus will do all that they can to ensure they are lifting their fourteenth Coppa Italia!
1:44 PMa year ago

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2018/2019 Coppa Italia Final Hightlights

In last year's Coppa Italia, both Juventus and Napoli were knocked-out at the quarter-final stage. The final was between Lazio and Atalanta and Lazio came away 2-0 winners. Watch the highlights from last year's final here:

1:34 PMa year ago

Juventus players making their way onto the pitch to warm-up

1:28 PMa year ago

Players Checking the Pitch Prior to Kick-off

1:24 PMa year ago

Gattuso already tasted Coppa Italia glory

The Napoli manager, Gattuso, once lifted the Coppa Italia, all they way back in 2003 when he was playing for AC Milan. He will be hoping he can manage his team to lift the trophy for the first time since 2014!
1:18 PMa year ago

Searching for Glory

Both Gattuso and Sarri are searching for their first managerial trophy in Italian football. Who will get their hands on tonight's trophy?
1:13 PMa year ago

Khedhira Injured

Juventus have confirmed that midfielder, Khedira, suffered muscle discomfort in his adductor in the last training session and will not take any part in tonight's final. His injury will be assessed tomorrow!
1:09 PMa year ago

Juventus Starting XI

1:06 PMa year ago

Mertens Boost

Napoli's announced earlier that all time top goal scorer, Dries Mertens, has signed a contract until 2022!!

1:04 PMa year ago

The Stage is All Set!

1:01 PMa year ago

Napoli Starting XI

1:01 PMa year ago

Live Coverage Begins!

We are an hour away from kick-off in the 2020 Coppa Italia Final between Napoli and Juventus!

Do not go anywhere, we will bring you all of the pre-match build up!

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Tune Back in Tomorrow!

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and line-ups for this Coppa Italia Final fixture between Napoli and Juventus.
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How to Watch Napoli vs Juventus Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN+

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Juventus: Predicted Line-up

Buffon; Danilo, Bonucci, De Ligt, Sandro; Bentancur, Pjanic, Matuidi; Dybala, Ronaldo, Costa.
1:05 PMa year ago

Napoli: Predicted Line-up

Meret; Di Lorenzo, Maksimovic, Koulibaly, Rui; Ruiz, Demme, Zielinski; Callejon, Mertens, Insigne. 
1:04 PMa year ago

Juventus: Team News

Gonazalo Higuain missed the second-leg of Juventus’ semi-final against Inter Milan due to a thigh problem and it is unlikely that he will feature in the final. However, he has been included in the 27-man squad. Juventus will more than likely be without Chiellini, who is struggling with match fitness, however, like Higuain, he has been included in the 27-man squad.

1:04 PMa year ago

Napoli: Team News

Napoli will be without goalkeeper, David Ospina, as he picked up a yellow card against AC Milan in the semi-final. This means that Alex Meret will be starting in goal for Napoli and will making his debut in the starting XI. Manolas and Malcuit are both doubtful for the final and manager, Gattuso will be closely monitoring both players fitness before tomorrow’s match.  

1:03 PMa year ago

Highlights from the semi-final second-leg between Napoli and Inter Milan

1:03 PMa year ago

Highlights from the semi-final second-leg between Juventus and AC Milan

1:02 PMa year ago

How did each team reach the Coppa Italia Final?

Round of 16:

Napoli 2-0 Perugia

Juventus 4-0 Udinese



Napoli 1-0 Lazio

Juventus 3-1 Roma



Napoli vs Inter Milan (1-0 / 1-1) (2-1 aggregate)

Juventus vs AC Milan (1-1 / 0-0) (1-1 aggregate – Juventus won on away goals rule)

1:00 PMa year ago

Juventus Must Remain Compact

Juventus manager, Sarri spoke to the media today and spoke highly of Napoli. Sarri said “they are a difficult team to face” and “they know how to play at a high level”. Sarri briefly spoke about how Juventus may tactically set-up in the final as he claimed “Napoli are a team of dribblers” and Gattuso’s style of play is “straightforward and direct”. Sarri explained how Juventus “must remain compact”.  

12:59 PMa year ago

Napoli's Record Signing Told to Leave Training

It has been reported today that Napoli’s record signing Hirving Lozano was told to leave training on Monday, by manager Gattuso, for not putting enough effort in. The winger who was only signed in the summer has only managed to score three goals this season and there are serious question marks surrounding the players future in Naples.

12:57 PMa year ago

Kick-off Time

The Napoli vs Juventus match will be played at the Stadio Olimpico, in Rome, Italy. The kick-off is scheduled at 3:00pm ET.
12:56 PMa year ago

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