Highlights and goals: América 2-0 Toluca on 2020 Friendly Copa GNP
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11:06 PM5 months ago
11:02 PM5 months ago


Match ends, America starts GNP Cup with victory
11:00 PM5 months ago


Two minutes added to the meeting
10:53 PM5 months ago


America continue to insist on a third, but Toluca stay sharp and avoid more goals
10:48 PM5 months ago


Phew! That's a good center, but the attentive Scarlet defense keeps them from heading
10:43 PM5 months ago


Good collective play by America, but Toluca's defence is attentive and prevents further danger
10:39 PM5 months ago
These are the XI players who started Toluca's second half
10:37 PM5 months ago


Rios is encouraged to shoot long distance, but the ball goes slightly off
10:31 PM5 months ago


Abella arrived in danger, but the local defense prevents him from reaching the area 
10:29 PM5 months ago
With this lineup came America for the second half
10:24 PM5 months ago


Leo Suarez delays the ball and Sanchez arrives to finish it off but ends up flying the ball
10:22 PM5 months ago


After the changes, the match relaxed for the second half and little pressure is generated from both teams
10:16 PM5 months ago


Toluca change their line-up for the second half
10:15 PM5 months ago


It goes beyond the complementary part.  
10:15 PM5 months ago


America makes ten changes for this second part. 
9:56 PM5 months ago


First half's over! The whistle ends the first part, after the problem of the light
9:54 PM5 months ago


Within minutes of the end of the first half, the lights went out in the stadium!
9:52 PM5 months ago


America's goal! Service of Giovanni Dos Santos that Mora ends up putting in own door
9:50 PM5 months ago


Tempers are running high! Strong entrance of Sauro on Martinez and this last one does not hesitate to claim him, the whistling calms the spirits
9:46 PM5 months ago


Emmanuel Aguilera flies the ball in the collection of the free kick
9:45 PM5 months ago


After blocking Sebastian Cordova's way, the whistler admonishes Antonio Rios and another opportunity is born for America on the edge of the area
9:42 PM5 months ago


Doorman! Roger Martinez had the second, but his shot ends up being stopped by Garcia
9:40 PM5 months ago


Controversial game! Paul Aguilar falls into the box, but the referee signals that there is nothing
9:37 PM5 months ago


Action resumes, Toluca look to tie the game
9:35 PM5 months ago


There is a pause for rehydration for both teams
9:32 PM5 months ago


Excellent coverage of Pardo that prevents the 'Bone' Reyes generate danger
9:31 PM5 months ago


America is in the Toluca area and dominates the meeting
9:26 PM5 months ago


America's goal! Counter from Henry Martin, who takes advantage of Garcia's rebound and scores the first
9:25 PM5 months ago


Chalá gets the first caution of the match for a foul on Roger Martínez
9:15 PM5 months ago


Henry Martin arrives in danger, but Mora gets in the way and prevents him from shooting the bow
9:14 PM5 months ago


Luis Garcia! The goalkeeper deflects the collection of Dos Santos and saves the Devils from the first
9:13 PM5 months ago


Phew! Heavy foul on the edge of the area on Roger Martinez
9:12 PM5 months ago


Richard Sanchez's trallazo that sends to the stands
9:08 PM5 months ago


The match at the University Olympics starts! The teams return to activity after several months without playing
9:04 PM5 months ago


The meeting between America and Toluca is about to begin.
8:58 PM5 months ago

Toluca LineUp |

L. García; A. Mora, A. Chalá, G. Sauro, W. Da Silva, A. Ríos, F. Pardo, C. Engelhart, G. León, E. Triverio, A. Canelo


8:56 PM5 months ago
After Alfredo Talavera's departure, it is anticipated that Luís García will be the one to defend the goal
8:48 PM5 months ago

América LineUp |

G. Ochoa; L. Reyes, E. Aguilera, B. Valdéz, P. Aguilar; R. González, R. Sánchez, S. Córdova, G. Dos Santos; Martínez, H. Martín.
8:40 PM5 months ago
The red devils follow the protocols and customize the hydration
8:37 PM5 months ago
Toluca take to the field for pre-match warm-up
8:35 PM5 months ago
The University Olympic Stadium is already sanitized and ready to host the GNP Cup matches


8:24 PM5 months ago
Those coached by Miguel Herrera are already on the court for their warm-up
8:21 PM5 months ago
America and Toluca have not faced each other since the 2019 Apertura, where the Azulcremas won by a single goal in Hell
8:07 PM5 months ago


A few moments ago, America made Renato Ibarra's departure official, he will play with Atlas in the next tournament
8:03 PM5 months ago
Toluca have arrived at the stadium and will be looking for a good win


8:02 PM5 months ago
America has already arrived at the University Olympic Stadium, ready to make its presentation
10:58 PM5 months ago
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How to watch América vs Toluca Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TUDN, Canal 5, Azteca 7.

If you want to directly stream it: TUDN App.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

10:37 PM5 months ago

Toluca will look to emerge victorious

In addition to the inactivity, Toluca have had several losses and several additions since the departure of Alfredo Talavera and Leo Fernandez, two players who were key players in the last tournament. Names like Alfredo Saldivar and Raul Lopez have also arrived, as well as the return of Triverio


10:27 PM5 months ago

America generates expectation

With only the casualties of Luis Fuentes and the young Haret Ortega, the azulcremas will look to return to the activity with a triumph. On the other hand it added to his ranks Luis Reyes, Adrían Goransch and Emilio Sánchez.


10:15 PM5 months ago

Kick-off time

The América vs Toluca match will be played at the Olímpico Universitario, in Ciudad de México. The kick-off is scheduled at 08:00pm ET.
10:07 PM5 months ago
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