Atlas 1-0 Mazatlán: Summary and goal of the match
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9:08 PM5 months ago
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8:51 PM5 months ago

93' FINAL!

Finish the game! 
Atlas with a goal by Jesus Gomez beats Mazatlan.
8:48 PM5 months ago


Three minutes are added to the regular time. 
8:47 PM5 months ago
That was the first goal Mazatlán has ever conceded and it puts them ahead of Atlas.
8:42 PM5 months ago

82' Atlas GOAL!

From a corner, Jesus Gomez heads the ball away from Fraga.
8:39 PM5 months ago


In the absence of players and without the possibility of a replacement. Mazatlán's third goalkeeper, Daniel Gutiérrez, comes in to replace injured Miguel Sansores.
8:36 PM5 months ago


The game stops. The referees dialogue with Francisco Palencia for a possible replacement. 
8:34 PM5 months ago


Mazatlan missed it!
Mistake at Atlas' start, Edgar Hernandez deflects the first shot, but on the second impact Miguel Sansores sends it over the side. 
8:32 PM5 months ago


¡Atlas vuelve a mostrar peligro! Contragolpe del equipo rojinegro que termina con un disparo desviado de Ozziel Herrera.
8:31 PM5 months ago


Mazatlan also makes modifications.
In: Aldo Rocha, Luis Mendoza and Cándido Ramírez.
Out: Ricardo Martín, Del Ángel and Iván Moreno. 
8:29 PM5 months ago


Atlas makes more changes.
In: Jeraldino, Escobar, Ortega, Gómez, Doria, Herrera, López and Barbosa.
Out: Correa, Malcorra, Isijara, Lorenzo, Conti, Zaldívar, Angulo and Márquez.
8:23 PM5 months ago


The game stops again for the hydration break. 
8:21 PM5 months ago


The opportunity for the Pacific is lost as he is rejected by German Conti upside down. 
8:20 PM5 months ago


Missing on Candido Ramirez. Mazatlán has a chance at a set-piece. 
8:17 PM5 months ago


Atlas again! Isijara's centre, Jairo Torres throws in a header, but the ball goes into the hands of the opposing goalkeeper. 
8:15 PM5 months ago


Post! Jesus Isijara arrives from behind, hitting the ball first and crashing it on the crossbar.
8:12 PM5 months ago


Now Luis Mendoza tries from the outskirts of the area, but goes out on the side of the goal. 
8:11 PM5 months ago


Attempt by Mazatlán that goes over the rival's goal.
8:07 PM5 months ago


Foul on the edge of the area in favor of the Atlas.
8:04 PM5 months ago


Atlas makes three changes for the second part:
Out: Camilo Vargas, Martín Nervo and Luciano Acosta
In: Edgar Hernandez, Brayton Vazquez and Jairo Torres.
8:02 PM5 months ago
The second half starts at Akron Stadium.
7:47 PM5 months ago
Finish the first half. Atlas and Mazatlan are unharmed and go into the dressing room scoreless. 
7:46 PM5 months ago


Now Sebastian Sosa was wrong! The Mazatlán goalkeeper almost lost the ball, but his team-mates saved it by clearing the ball. 
7:41 PM5 months ago


Javier Correa de Atlas is cautioned for claiming the referee. 
7:41 PM5 months ago


Camilo is wrong! The Atlas goalkeeper loses the ball at the start, but manages to take the opportunity away from the Mazatlán striker.
7:39 PM5 months ago


Fernando Aristeguieta's cross is headed in, but goes wide of Camilo Vargas' goal. 
7:37 PM5 months ago


Atlas' counter-attack that does not materialize and ends in a throw-in. 
7:33 PM5 months ago


Jorge Padilla is yellow carded for committing a foul on Lorenzo Reyes in midfield. 
7:31 PM5 months ago


Atlas tried! Luciano Acosta arrived in the area, dribbled past rival defenders and shot across the line. 
7:29 PM5 months ago


The team that today wears purple moves the ball in the last third of the field, without having too much pressure from the rival. 
7:27 PM5 months ago


The match resumes with a throw-in for the Mazatlán team.
7:25 PM5 months ago


The referee pauses the game to rehydrate the players. 
7:23 PM5 months ago


The Pacific team tries medium-range shots, but the aim is not the best. 
7:21 PM5 months ago


Francisco Palencia's team tried again. The forward Aristeguieta was left in front of the red-and-black frame, but he hit the ball badly. 
7:19 PM5 months ago


Mazatlán answers! The "Quick" Mendoza receives the ball in the area and shoots sending the ball through the side.  
7:15 PM5 months ago


Second black-and-red warning! The Mazatlán goalkeeper again avoids the goal by covering Javier Correa's shot.
7:14 PM5 months ago


Now answer Atlas! Victor Malcorra shoots from a set-piece and the goalkeeper deflects to two hands. 
7:11 PM5 months ago


The first one from Mazatlan! From a corner, Jorge Aristeguieta nods the ball in the air, but it is off-target.
7:10 PM5 months ago


Jorge Padilla arrives at the baseline looking to send a center, but Germán Conti sweeps up avoiding the shipment. Corner shot for Mazatlán. 
7:08 PM5 months ago


Both teams continue to settle into the field. Mazatlán takes the initiative to move the ball around. 
7:04 PM5 months ago


Center by Luciano Acosta who is rejected with his fists by Sebastian Sosa. 
7:03 PM5 months ago


Missing in favor of Atlas from the left sector.
7:00 PM5 months ago
Match begins at Akron Stadium: Atlas vs. Mazatlán!
6:56 PM5 months ago

Atlas LineUp

Camilo Vargas, Edgar Zaldívar, Germán Conti, Martín Nervo, Jesús Angulo, Jeremy Márquez, Luis Reyes, Luciano Acosta, Jesús Isijara, Ignacio Malcorra and Javier Correa.
6:53 PM5 months ago
The black and reds are already warming up on the court at Akron Stadium. 
6:49 PM5 months ago

Mazatlan Lineup

Sebastián Sosa, Jorge Padilla, Gonzalo Jara, Sebastián Vegas, Carlos Vargas, Aldo Rocha, Mario Osuna, César Huerta, Luis Mendoza, Cándido Ramírez y Fernando Aristeguieta. 
6:44 PM5 months ago
The official Atlas jersey for the 2020 - 2021 season will be presented on July 20.
6:36 PM5 months ago
In a few more minutes, we'll share the game lineups with you. 
6:36 PM5 months ago
The Mazatlán team has yet to score its first goal, so the hope of the Pacific team lies with striker César Huerta. 
6:35 PM5 months ago
Recently Atlas announced the renewal of the loan of Jesus Angulo, who could have more minutes tonight as a red-black.
6:05 PM5 months ago
Less than an hour to go before the ball rolls in the second round of the GNP Cup for Mexico.
6:59 PM5 months ago

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Where and how to view Atlas vs Mazatlan online and live

The match will be broadcast on TV through TUDN.

If you want to watch the game live on the Internet, VAVEL USA is your best option.

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Player to watch Mazatlan

Rodrigo Millar. The Chilean midfielder is one of the experienced ones, his intelligence allows the fluidity and circulation of the ball.
6:57 PM5 months ago

Player to watch Atlas

Camilo Vargas. Atlas' goalkeeper is one of the stars of the red-and-black team, due to his security under the three posts.
6:56 PM5 months ago

Mazatlan to keep on docking

The new MX League tenants are looking to continue to settle under the technical direction of Francisco Palencia.
6:56 PM5 months ago

Atlas to rebound

The team coached by Rafael Puente is looking to make up for the defeat they suffered at the hands of Chivas last Saturday.
6:56 PM5 months ago
The meeting will take place in Akron Stadium, located in the city of Zapopan, Jalisco at 21:00 hours.
6:55 PM5 months ago
Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Atlas vs Mazatlan match, corresponding to the group stage of the GNP Cup for Mexico.

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