Goals and Highlights: Necaxa 0-3 Tigres, 2020 Liga MX
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10:31 PM21 days ago

10:28 PM21 days ago

Next week Necaxa will visit FC Juarez while Tigres will host Pachuca.
10:27 PM21 days ago

With this result, the Tigres get the first three points of the tournament and are now in first place overall.
10:25 PM21 days ago

That was the second goal on Gignac's personal account.
10:21 PM21 days ago


Finish the game! Tigers score 3-0 away to Necaxa.
10:19 PM21 days ago


Three minutes are added to the game.
10:07 PM21 days ago


After an error in Necaxa's start, Andre-Pierre Gignac takes the opportunity to score his second goal of the night.
10:06 PM21 days ago


10:02 PM21 days ago


With 15 minutes left in the game Tigres are still leading by two goals.
9:47 PM21 days ago


After an hour of play the Tigres win by two goals over Necaxa.
9:43 PM21 days ago


Corner kick for Tigres.
9:42 PM21 days ago


Gignac shot rubbing against the left post.
9:41 PM21 days ago


Free shot for Tigres.
9:35 PM21 days ago


Gol de Martín Barragán anulado por fuera de juego.
9:33 PM21 days ago


Start the second half!
9:16 PM21 days ago

Half time

Finish the first half! Tigres wins 0-2 in Aguascalientes with goals by Gignac and Vargas.
9:16 PM21 days ago

That was Edu Vargas' goal.
9:10 PM21 days ago


Great play on the left side by Javier Aquino for Edu Vargas to score the second goal of the match.
9:09 PM21 days ago


9:08 PM21 days ago


Yellow card for David Cabrera.
9:03 PM21 days ago


Vargas' shot goes off course.
9:00 PM21 days ago


Gignac shot that goes over the goal.
8:58 PM21 days ago

That was the first goal of the tournament.
8:53 PM21 days ago


Great wall between Gignac and Rodriguez but the goalkeeper cuts the feline advance.
8:50 PM21 days ago


Corcer kick for Tigres.
8:50 PM21 days ago


Shot by Guido Pizarro going off course.
8:45 PM21 days ago


8:42 PM21 days ago


Corner kick for Tigers.
8:40 PM21 days ago


Tigres begin to dominate the game but without clarity in the end zone.
8:33 PM21 days ago


Lack of Dueñas on Carlos Guzman in the middle of the field.
8:31 PM21 days ago


Start the game!
8:09 PM21 days ago

Tigres' Bench

Ortega; Salcedo, Reyes, Venegas, Torres Nilo, Sierra, Fulgencio and Fernández.
8:07 PM21 days ago

Necaxa's Bench

Fassi; González, Alcántar, Montes, Arce, Rodríguez, Zendejas, Chávez, Millán and González.
8:05 PM21 days ago

Tigres Lineup

Guzmán; Rodríguez, Ayala, Meza, Dueñas; Pizarro, Carioca, Quiñones, Aquino, Vargas and Gignac.
8:03 PM21 days ago

Necaxa Lineup

Malagón; Guzmán, Bilbao, González, Luna, Sandoval; Cabrera, Cobián, Leiva; Salas and Barragán.
7:54 PM21 days ago

The match lines are ready. We'll share them with you below.
7:54 PM21 days ago

We present you the complete team of Necaxa for this tournament Guard1anes 2020.
7:51 PM21 days ago

This will be the opening match for the Guard1anes 2020 tournament.
12:58 AM22 days ago

Don't move from here!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting line-ups of Necaxa vs Tigres, as well as the latest information from the Victoria Stadium. Don't miss out on the minute-by-minute match details and live online from VAVEL.
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Tigres Key Player

André-Pierre Gignac, forward. The Frenchman has become a club icon and perhaps the most important player in Tigres' history. The 'Bomboro' will try to add one more title with the auriazul team.
(Photo: Carlos Ruíz | VAVEL)
(Photo: Carlos Ruíz | VAVEL)
12:53 AM22 days ago

Necaxa Key Player

Juan Delgado, forward. In the previous season, the winger scored five times and added five assists, thus becoming one of the most productive elements of the red and white team.
(Photo: Fer Montañez | VAVEL)
(Photo: Fer Montañez | VAVEL)
12:47 AM22 days ago

Similarly, the Tigres presented their new armor for their debut in the Liga MX.
12:44 AM22 days ago

The Necaxa Rayos released their uniforms for the Guard1anes 2020 tournament.
12:41 AM22 days ago

Where and how to watch Necaxa vs Tigres online and live

Where and how to watch Necaxa vs Tigres online and live
The match will be broadcast on TUDN.

The Necaxa vs Tigres can be tuned from the live streams of TUDN App.

If you want to watch the game live on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option.

12:38 AM22 days ago


The Tigres team wants to continue demonstrating that it has become a tough team to beat in Mexican football. Not for nothing were the most winning club in the last decade.
12:36 AM22 days ago


After suffering major losses in their squad, the red and white team will look for ways to reinvent themselves as they do in every tournament to fight for the top positions.
12:31 AM22 days ago

The match will take place at the Victoria Stadium in the state of Aguascalientes.

The kick off is scheduled to take place at 8:30pm ET.

(Photo: Fer Montañez | VAVEL)
(Photo: Fer Montañez | VAVEL)
12:24 AM22 days ago

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